13 October 16


No matter who the presidential debaters are, each side will claim victory after the debate.  I use the word debate with trepidation because there is normally a clear winner based on the presentation of facts, in a real debate.  The October 9, 2016 was won decisively by Hillary Clinton, only the brain dead would disagree.

  • Donald Trump harped on the fact that Hillary used a private server even though there is no evidence that it was hacked but it was vulnerable.
  • Donald Trump has no major newspaper endorsements but he claims to have been endorsed by a governmental agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Government agencies never ever endorse political candidates in any party.  HE LIED!
  • Trump said he did not urge people to “check out a sex tape” featuring Miss Universe Alicia Machado. HE LIED!!
  • Trump stated that health care costs are going up 68%, 59% and 71% even though the national estimates are less.  All of the quoted percentages cannot possibly be correct.  HE LIED AGAIN!!
  • Trump said Clinton acid washed her e-mails when she used an app called bleach bit. She didn’t but he got his coaching wrong since bleach is an acid. HE LIED AGAIN!!
  • Trump said Clinton got a man accused of raping a 12 year old girl off his charges. Now she is accused of being an effective lawyer who did not render the verdict.  HE LIED AGAIN!!
  • Trump said Clinton does not know whether Russia hacked the DNC, however the U. S. Intelligence said that they likely did the hacking.  HE LIED AGAIN!!
  • Trump said Clinton laughed at a child rape victim.  HE LIED AGAIN!!
  • Trump said Clinton “viciously attacked” four women, this is unsubstantiated.
  • Trump said his 2005 “locker room” recording did not describe sexual assault but grabbing a woman’s pussy is a sexual assault.  HE LIED AGAIN!!
  • Trump said Clinton’s campaign started the “birther movement”.  HE LIED AGAIN!!
  • Trump said Clinton wants a single payer healthcare.  HE LIED AGAIN!!
  • Trump said the San Bernardino shooters’ neighbors saw bombs in their apartment.  HE LIED AGAIN!!
  • Trump said that the U. S. can’t screen Syrian refugees.  HE LIED AGAIN!!
  • Trump said he was against the Iraq war.  HE LIED AGAIN!!
  • Trump said that he does not know Vladimir Putin after saying the opposite before 2015. One of the stories is a lie.  HE LIED AGAIN!!
  • Trump says Clinton will raise middle class taxes.  HE LIED AGAIN!!
  • Trump said Ms. Obama was in an ad attacking Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary.  HE LIED AGAIN!

Donald Trump slithered around the stage constantly and he tried to hover over Hillary thereby asserting his authority derived from being a man.  He was constantly on the move while Hillary was talking.  A couple of times he was pointing his finger at Clinton as she sat on her stool; the graphics looked terrible.  He was rude and crass even before he appointed himself chief jailer after he wins the presidency.  This sounds like third world politics to me since the loser goes to jail or is executed by the winner.

Donald Trump really thinks he is running for U. S. dictator since he will not need congress or the judiciary since he will move against the Mexican heritage federal judge who is sitting on the Trump University case. You know he is a Mexican and therefore cannot be fair to the bogus university founded by Trump says Trump.  Time to dismiss this mofar now not later!!  YOU CAN’T WIN A DEBATE WITH LIES.


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6 October 16


I played football and baseball in high school and college hence I spent years in locker rooms and buses.  First of all we were single and gaga about girls on campus but we were dependent on our rap and guile not our ability to grab a girl’s crotch.  In our own little sphere, we were stars on campus but we would not have chanced losing our full scholarships for grabbing any part of a woman’s anatomy.  I have always believed that it was wrong and crass to touch any woman in a way or place where she doesn’t want to be touched.  A man’s freedom ends where a woman’s body begins. Donald Trump was not indulging in locker room banter but raucous, bawdy behavior by two dreamers.  I will say dreamer because no woman has stepped up to say” Donald Trump grabbed my pussy” or he grabbed another part of my anatomy.  So for now that is boisterous talk .  Unwanted kissing  also has not been corroborated by a woman who experienced this so it remains in the dream category.  The words indicate possible malicious intent so pass the Tic Tacs because Donald cannot control himself.

Imagine a lecherous man like skunk Trump owning a beauty pageant (like the fox owning the chicken coop) who takes that ownership as the right to walk into contestants’ dressing room where all women are in a state of getting dressed.  The flat chested contestants were not appealing to the beauty contest owner.  This sounds creepy to me since he should not have been allowed in the females dressing room in order to survey the chattel as though they were cattle.  We have been given a glimpse of Donald Trump’s lechery but remember nobody respect women like he does but he allows potty mouth Howard Stern to say that “his daughter is a piece of ass” go figure.

The man appears oblivious to his charade called Trump University where he duped people by not offering a real educational experience.  Once again he was trading on his name and pseudo celebrity.  He is being sued by most of the people who registered at this fake unlicensed university.  Many of those gullible people borrowed money to go to this intended diploma mill.  As we all know Donald Trump will be on trial soon regarding his [sic] university.  Of course he has done nothing wrong according to him and his compliant surrogates.

The Attorney General of New York State has forbidden the Trump Foundation to collect money in New York State.  Records indicate that Donald Trump has not funded the foundation since year 2008 and that the misuse of revenues is being investigated by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for possible civil or criminal charges.  Evidence that foundation money has been used for personal items contrary to IRS regulations and due to the fact that it never registered to do so.  Donald sent a check for $25,000. to the campaign of the Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi who at the time was investigating allegations of fraud against Trump University; she eventually closed the case without action.  The IRS fined the Trump Foundation $25,000.  Trump was self-dealing which means he used tax free funds given for a charitable purpose to benefit himself or his companies, not to help those in need.  Crooked Trump spent $30,000. on two portraits and $12,000. for a Tim Tebow helmet. PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES!!!


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29 September 16


Anyone who knows the principles of debating will understand that it is impossible to win a debate with a torrent of outright lies.  The first objective of a debate is the introduction of facts, not suppositions or fiction; just the facts.  Well Donald trump stood on the Hofstra University stage in front of 84 million Americans and unashamedly lied over and over again.  He has overextended the meaning of the truth and honesty to such an extent that minor percentage of Americans believe and hang on every word.  Except when his lies are fact checked and debunked, he just moves on to another town in order to tell the same lie again and again.  Remember he was the only human being who saw Muslims celebrating the collapse of the World Trade Center, in Jersey City, NJ.  If you ask him the question today, he would surely repeat the lie that he has absorbed into his feeble mind.  No such celebration occurred but he still owns that lie.  His memory is short and selective because he and his father were sued for excluding Black renters and they were punished despite Trump’s claim that this was a class action suit, it was not.  I heard him say that many others were also being sued by FHA, hence he was not the only one, therefore it is not too bad.  I have been to his construction sites where you see a few Blacks who are members of the union (not Trump Employees) but there are no Black sub-contractors, superintendents or foremen.  In actuality Donald Trump is a figurehead and not a contractor, he is not the out sized builder.  He carps on and on about finishing the Wollman skating rink in Central Park yet HRH builders of the Empire State Building, was the general contractor while Trump got all of the publicity and they were not mentioned.

If the truth was known about his taxes he would probably be a mental midget.  One way to judge a candidate is by his vocabulary usage.  Donald Trump rarely if ever speaks above a third grade level which he probably learned from the Inquirer tabloid which catalyzes his intellectual reckoning.  My guess is that Donald Trump is leveraged and mortgages surround him like an octopus.  His bankers stated that they allowed him to escape personal bankruptcy so they could have some leverage in dealing with him.  If he goes bankrupt personally and with his corporation, he would be completely out from under the bankers’ thumb or heel.  He had no choice.  The Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, is ceasing operation today as other casinos continue to thrive.  Why are the Trump Casinos failing while the other casinos are operating?  Could Donald Trump be a poor businessman because he can lose 1 billion dollars in one year, giving him an 18 year write-off.  You can bet the rent that this write-off is not the reason they are auditing him at this time, there is something else that he tried to write-off.  Being under audit does not prevent you from releasing your taxes and I know from experience.  Check the record and you will see that Donald Trump ran the Eastern Airlines Boston/New York City/Washington, DC, shuttle into a ditch because he took a lean airline carrier and saddled it with debt and unnecessary gaudy decor.  He is a figment of his own imagination which does not dovetail with the reality of the situation.  BE SURE TO VOTE AGAINST THIS IDIOT & SEND HIM TO PASTURE!!!


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22 September 16


The fireworks start this week when empty head Donald Trump will venture to match brain power with Hillary Clinton on a stage in Hempstead, New York at Hofstra University. Do not expect to hear anything but the tired rhetoric of Donald Trump about crooked Hillary who is not one iota the sleazy slug that Donald Trump is and always will be.  Remember that you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.  This sleaze ball has the nerve to go to Flint, Michigan to visit a non-operating water works.  He does not realize that no matter how many black churches he visits, he will not increase his share of the Black vote in his lifetime.  We are not all living in ghettos, inner cities or poverty; we are not dodging bullets in the streets; all of our schools are not failing; has Donald heard of charter schools in the inner city?  We do attend good schools albeit in a smaller percentage.  We also do not require a wage increase instead we need a level playing field where everyone including women can have equal access to success.  Trump, due to his ignorance tends top think that all Blacks are fighting to stay alive.  Donald Trump has never hired a black architectural firm to design an outhouse even though many of his buildings are shit with his name plastered on the facade as a brand.  I can assure you that he does not know a Black architectural or engineering firm in New York City.  He is a Northeast cracker who ignores our existence unless he is facing a white complicit audience whom he is trying to prove that he is not racist in spite of his appeal to skinheads, Ku Klux Klan along with their Former Grand Wizard David Dukes and the numerous militias running around the woods playing war games.  He has not repudiated one of these sinister groups after claiming that he did not know who David Dukes is. HE LIED AGAIN!

Donald Trump claims the endorsement of 200 admirals and generals yet not one newspaper has endorsed him, no matter how conservative the newspaper is, Trump claims he knows more than all of them.  The admirals and generals should be checked for being “shell shocked” to endorse a man who thinks he will be king and cannot act unilaterally & America be damned.  America should see Trump’s stewardship of the nuclear arsenal as a disaster.  He uses the word disaster often in his verbal ramblings; everything is a disaster including the candidate and his campaign.  The generals and admirals have coached him but they can’t sharpen his ability to think on his feet.

I still predict that he will not get the Black vote, the Islamic vote, the Hispanic vote, the Asian vote, the LGBTQ vote, the Veteran vote or the Jewish vote.  The rest of the registered voters are not enough to elect him and he will convincingly know this on November 8, 2016 around 10 PM.  He has driven a wedge between Americans who buy his message of gloom and doom and systematic racism.  His campaign theme is a lie.  America is the greatest & most powerful country on the face of the earth.  Our nuclear arsenal is as lethal as it has ever been and the nuclear triad is watching over us 24 hours each day.  The united States has just commissioned the largest most potent aircraft carrier on the seas while submarines are deployed secretly around the world’s oceans.  GOD BLESS THE 200 ADMIRALS & GENERALS WHO ARE DUMBER THAN DONALD TRUMP.


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15 September 16


What we are calling debates, do not fit the academic definition of what debate is at all.  In a debate all information presented should be accurate  and the debaters should demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the issue and should discuss all points that best supports one’s case.  Each debater should give a responsive answer to questions. During the debate the debater should have facts at his/her fingertips and have counter arguments ready to go.The arguments made during the debate should be logical and demonstrate a clear analysis of the issues.  Appropriate emphasis should be placed on the strongest arguments but a debater should not harp too long on a single point.  Finally a debater should demonstrate that he/she has heard and understood the opponents arguments. The debaters should speak confidently and with conviction.  The debate should not be skewed to the debater who is loudest, boorish or a serial liar. Because a debater interrupts another, that is not debating, that is shade tree arguing.  Inaccurate statements and outright lies should be discounted and rendered inert.  Debaters are asked a question which should not become a monologue that has no relationship to the question.  That tactic should  be treated as a non-responsive answer.  Questions are researched and asked to elicit answers that will enlighten the voting public.  Theatrics have no place in a debate while fact is not a debate creation, it should be the linchpin of the debate.  A debate is not a place for random talking points but a forum for a debate moderator to ask questions that will allow the voting public to make an informed decision.  If each debater is allowed to digress from questions then the moderator is not necessary at all; the debate should not have interruptions, more than one person talking at one time; It should not feature known lies or racist points of view.  This is the American public’s opportunity to make a clear comparative analysis based on each voter’s knowledge and interest in election issues.  No debater should be declared the winner if his answers were all lies.  We, the American People, are cheated of our time, when we sigh and gasp at the lies from the Trump campaign that are told with sincerity and conviction although they know there is an audio/visual tape being cued up.  I think the assumption is that Democrats will forget the awful words that comes out of Trump and his surrogates’ mouths like Katrina Pierson, Rudy Giuliani, Jeff Sessions, Ben Carson, Pam Bondi, Mark Burns and other lesser known assholes.  Reverend Burns sticks out because he lied about the college he attended, he lied about what fraternity he joined in college, he lied about what seminary he attended and he lied about his military service and this man wants us to believe that he is a man of God whose calling is to tell the truth no matter the circumstances “THOU SHALL NOT LIE”.  He should be completely ashamed of himself for who would follow his counsel.  I guess it is appropriate to represent Lucifer 2016.  So let the debates begin and allow the Republican lies to proliferate unabated and call the pack of lies a victory while knowing better.  The choice is a debate or a free-for-all masquerading as truth or non fiction. BEING LOUD AND BOORISH DOES NOT TRUMP COMMON SENSE AND DECENCY!!!


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8 September 16


Americans no longer have to wait on news at the cinema to find out what a presidential nominee espouses; instead we can hear politicians in real time with our own ears and lying eyes.  I am puzzled how people can look another person in the eyes and say “I am voting for Trump because he is super rich and a successful businessman”.  Why are his supporters ignoring the six bankruptcies? Why are his casinos failures in Atlantic City while other casinos remain open for business and contributing to the Atlantic City economy.  Why would any woman with a hint of dignity, vote for a man who has, in his own voice, said women are pigs, etc.?  However if you are a women who sees yourself as a pig then Donald Trump is your man sent from heaven.  If you don’t feel racist, why in heaven’s name could you side with the white militia, Ku Klux Klan, Grand Master David Duke and the Tea Party?  Black people who think before voting would never ever vote congruently with those racist haters who form the basket of deplorables as known to all Americans. But we must remember that there are colored Republicans who are happy and honored to be one of few handkerchief heads who are just happy to be sitting by the door.  They will be few and far between and they will be proud of their sparseness.  Why would a truly Hispanic person forget that Donald Trump lumps them together and paints them with all with a broad stroke of raping, stealing, murdering with a smattering of good people?  Trump thinks that his break in the dike will be closed by building an insurmountable, impenetrable wall that America would not pay for but Mexico would be forced to pick up the tab. Why?  Because Donald Trump says so!! The core Trump supporters are so filled with hate that if Donald Trump became president and did not build the wall, he would be impeached.  A scenario that America never deserves to experience. All of my objections to Trump are based on words that I have heard emanating from his mouth in real time.  I don’t need spin artist albeit liars to tell me what I heard with my own ears.  How could any LGBTQ person vote for a Donald Trump whose vice-president doesn’t want LGBTQ people living in Indiana; how is the Republican Party treating LGBTQ people from Florida over to Arizona?  Can you look in the mirror and say “I am voting for my best interests and not from my fear?  Donald Trump and the Republican Party will not lift a hand to assist LGBTQ Americans reach equality.  How on earth could a Muslim American or Muslim immigrant cozy up to a demagogue intent on taking negative actions executive against them after changing his concept a few times?  At first all Muslims would be barred from the United States, including Indonesian and Pacific Rim nations; then it was Muslims from countries compromised by terrorist attacks on their soil, ie Turkey & France.  Yet there will be a handful of Muslims who will ignore what they have heard with their own ears. It is high time to register voters, drive handicap, senior and infirm voters to the polls.  All of the “Never Trump” voters should be organizing to get the ground game going because you know the opposition or pro-Trump vote will be aggressive.  VOTE BECAUSE YOUR LIFE WILL DEPEND ON IT!!!


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1 September 16


I was born in July of 1940 before America had joined the war and 17 months later the Japanese Air force attacked Pearl Harbor.  America was already a great country that was witnessing an animated debate about neutrality and isolationism from the war clouds scudding in Europe.  We absorbed the attack at Pearl Harbor and put ourselves on an unprecedented war footing.  We instituted rationing, stopped manufacturing cars and other non-essentials, instead we began manufacturing jeeps and tanks.  All able bodied men were drafted into a segregated military force.  Women went to work in the defense industries and the production of airplanes and bombers was accelerated so much that we exceeded the military equipment status of Germany and Italy.  The Axis Forces were defeated because America came together  to produce all of the armaments and munitions required while the husbands sons and fathers were fighting in Europe.  WAS AMERICA GREAT???

The Korean War began when North Korea invaded South Korea and the United Nations with the United States came to the aid of South Korea.  China, with the assistance of the Soviet Union came to the aid of North Korea.  The Soviet Union declared war on Japan per an agreement with the United States and they liberated Korea North of the 38th Parallel.  The U. S.  suffered 36,574 deaths, 450,742 soldiers were wounded & 7,926 are missing in action (MIA). WAS AMERICA GREAT???

Nikita Khrushchev was stealthily deploying missiles and launchers on Cuban territory just striking distance from major cities in the United States including Washington, DC.  The United States instituted  a naval blockade of the island of Cuba until 20 November  with the following results: a.  The missiles were withdrawn from Cuba, b. America agreed to never invade Cuba without direct provocation, c. U. S missiles were removed from Turkey and Italy and d. a nuclear hotline between the Soviet Union and the United states was established and remains today.  WAS AMERICA GREAT???

The Vietnam War was fought in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia from 1 November 1955 to 30 April 1975 when Saigon fell and Americans left.  This resulted in a North Vietnamese victory; withdrawal of American led forces from Indochina; Communist governments took power in South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.  The United States suffered 58,315 deaths and 303,644 wounded solders. WAS AMERICA GREAT IN THE FACE OF NON-SUPPORT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE???

This was followed by a period of detente which was the relaxation of tension between the United States and the Soviet Union.  Anyone but a Trump devotee would not see that the United States was great then hence we were equal in power.  I never heard any sane person describe America as a second rate power except in men’s soccer and even that is changing.

Since Donald Trump is going to make America great again, does that mean that he will get rid of Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Muslims and LGBTQ people and re-whitening America thus making America great again.  Jobs will be galloping back across our borders to take their place in making America great again sayeth Donald Trump.  Donald Trump is not presidential material for any country especially a great nation like the United States of America.  Send this skunk back to Trump Towers.


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25 August 16

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  We recited this lie each day standing in our segregated school and city.  Here we are in the year 1950 firmly embedded in the dark side of a segregated society.  Whites were not breaking any laws since segregation was legal and enforceable by law.

  • One nation under God:  The biggest lie ever told, even Sunday is not a day when we are one nation;  Sunday 11:00 AM was and still is the most segregated time of the week.  We were two or more nations under God.
  • Indivisible:  The country is divisible into, not two divisions but many divisions based on race, creed and color.  Our voting, in the most sensible years is 51-49 at best on most issues.  We would be guilty of self-deception if we didn’t realize that we are a divided nation.
  • With liberty and justice for all: This was not true the day it was initially uttered.  It was a bold face lie since the word all was not inclusive of Negroes; we didn’t receive the memo due to revolutionary logistics.  To this day Black Americans are still chasing that mirage called justice.  We cannot get justice when the police are the defenders and we serve inordinately long prison sentences while whites receive a slap on the wrist.  In  many states a prison sentence precludes one from ever voting again.  After we pledged allegiance to the flag in our segregated classrooms.  We sang the national anthem which was filled with words that rang hollow to us because we were experiencing racism every hour of every day of every month.
  • We made ourselves further delusional by singing that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  First of all, no negro was free and he or she is being shackled by the white portion of our society.  Since when did bravery and racism become co-linear.
  • The third stanza, fifth sentence which reads “No refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave: and the Star Spangled Banner in triumph doth wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.  From 1958 to 1964, I stood with my college teammates during the national anthem without thinking how fallacious it was; to me it was simply a prelude to the on-field violence to follow, the words did not mean a hill of beans. They could have played Amazing Grace for better effect.
  • I moved to NY City where I ceased standing for the national anthem from 1964 to 2006.  It was such a ringing lie especially poignant given the atmosphere in 1964 with the Civil Rights marches, protests and the dogs/fire hoses of Bull Connor and the racist Birmingham municipal government.  I wholeheartedly support Colin Kaepernick’s right to to not stand and his reason is my reason but in the end most embedded racism was there when the country was founded by racists for racists.  Negroes were not an afterthought in any way.  The national anthem serves to memorialize the bigotry of the founding crackers.


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18 August 16


When Donald Trump stated that President Obama was the founder of ISIS the terrorist group responsible for the beheadings of Americans and lethal attacks around the world.  He also stated that Hillary Clinton was the co-founder.  It is wildly inaccurate to to say President Obama of Hillary Clinton “co-founded” ISIS since the group’s roots predate the Obama presidency and Clinton role as Secretary of State.  ISIS has used several names since 2004 when Al-Zarqawi established Al-Qaida in Iraq also known as Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) and more recently ISIS.

  • Trump said, “if she gets to pick her judges – nothing you can do, folks”. Although the Second Amendment people.  Maybe there is, I don’t know.  I interpreted that to be a suggestion that someone might shoot Hillary Clinton.  You might notice that Donald Trump does not finish sentences often times.
  • The business tax will also end job killing inversions and cause trillions in new money to come pouring into our country and, by the way, into titties like right here in Detroit.  Yes titties is what he mistakenly said.
  • Trump’s question “why can’t we use nuclear weapons”?  If you need this explained, that should be an automatic life time disqualification for the presidency.
  • Donald Trump said, “I always wanted a Purple Heart,  this was much easier”.  Donald Trump received a Purple Heart as a gift from a retired Lieutenant Colonel and supporter.  He received deferments from the Vietnam draft so he was not that interested in getting a Purple Heart the hard way.
  • Donald Trump said “Vladimir Putin is not going into the Ukraine, of, just so you understand he is not going into Ukraine, alright”.  You can mark it down.  You can put it down – knucklehead Trump was totally unaware that the Russians had annexed Crimea two years ago.
  • Muslim lawyer Ghazala Khan whose son died in Iraq in 2004, stated that Donald trump has sacrificed nothing for America.  Donald Trump’s reply included the sacrifice of very, very hard work.  When pressed he could not elaborate on one sacrifice that he has made. Poor fellow.
  • Donald Trump will continue to make an ass of himself as he did during his appeal to Black people.  He reminded us that “y’all ain’t doing too well”, plagued by poor schools, poor housing and joblessness.  I resent that as a picture cross-section of Black people.  Trump does not understand that all Black people are not unemployed, in fact many of us are employers.  We are all, not on the public dole as all white people are not on the public dole but some of both groups are .  The lie that 58% of Black youths are not working; no assh….e they are in school as they should be plus retirees don’t count unless one is trying to distort the figures.  In short Donald Trump has no credibility among Black people.
  • Donal Trump has studiously avoid addressing Black groups like the NAACP which hosted George Bush and Mitt Romney.  Trump cannot run for the presidency without discussing Civil Rights and police brutality.  Trump missed a chance to provide a window to his racial policies plus a view of his heart and character.  He is, I am proud to say, being out polled among Blacks 93% Clinton to 1% simply because he does not know or respect the Black Community.
  • Donald Trump has chosen to make his Black pitch before a lily white audience while turning down the National Urban League’s invitation to speak to their National Convention in Cincinnati this week.  This was an opportunity for Donal Trump to speak to 10,000 voters since he predicts that he will get 20% of the Black vote.

No matter how you frame this because Trump should take the loss of the Black vote for granted; hence he should concentrate on some other minority group that he has insulted and try to pivot at their expense.  Remember that when one pivots 180 degrees, he is lying before or after the pivot he can’t have both sides judged as true.  DAVID DUKE’S CANDIDATE IS OFF LIMITS FOR US.


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11 August 16


Donald Trump gave his rambling speech which was over billed as a major economic speech in a beleaguered city called Detroit, where he once again distorted the facts.

  • He claimed that Hillary Clinton wanted to raise taxes on the middle class when the Tax Policy Center says the bottom 95% of the taxpayers would see little or no change because of her plan.
  • He claimed that Hillary Clinton would tax many small businesses up to 50%.  The only tax increase she has proposed is a 4% tax on household income above 5 million.
  • Trump said he will repeal the Estate Tax even though fewer than 5,000 people had to pay any estate tax in 2014. So how does this help the common man?
  • He falsely claimed that he could save 2 million American jobs by repealing the Affordable Care act.  The American People would not have insurance coverage because the Republicans and for sure Donald Trump do not have an alternate plan.
  • He was factually incorrect that today’s household income is $4,000. less than the year 2000.  No proof of this anywhere.
  • Trump alters the facts by alleging that that 14 million people are outside of the labor force and he includes teenagers, retirees and stay at home moms.  This akin to cooking the facts.
  • Trump claims that one in five American households do not have a single  member in the labor force hence the 5% unemployment figure is bogus.  The unemployment rate was 4.9% in July not 5%,  it is compiled by a reputable federal agency not by President Obama.  The unemployment rate does not include people who have given up in frustration, who have retired or they are caregivers.
  • Trump proposed a new tax deduction for income used for child care expenses; this does not recognize that you have to have the money to spend before you can take advantage of the deduction.  Suppose one does not have the money for child care, the deduction doesn’t matter one iota.  The standard tax deduction is $9,300. for 2016 but people who spend more on mortgage interest, hospital bills or child care.  They can itemize these expenses and claim a larger tax deduction. Some economic plan and not a panacea.

Being rich is not the same as a Master’s Degree in Economics and being educated in economics should remind everyone that Economics is not a science.  Instead economics is influenced by human behavior which is erratic at best.  There was nothing in the Trump speech that was new or substantive but it is glaring in its erroneous information presented, to the American public, as fact chiseled in stone.  This plan has no bones or flesh because it is not even skeletal.  This plan has nothing that will enhance my life as an American, or anybody who is not a high earner.  WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED OR DISAPPOINTED?

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