20 April 17


NATO is no longer obsolete after Donald Trump first declared it obsolete before changing his opinion .  NATO has not taken any corrective action except to have lightweight Trump talk to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg face to face.  It was Politics 101.  “I said it was obsolete”  Trump said. “It’s no longer obsolete.  He really thinks he is king Trump without an imperial court or queen.

The Republicans are at it again by being Republicans first and Americans second.  They prattle on and on about national security as it relates to any country except Russia or Vladimir Putin.  The House Intelligence Committee is reportedly not spending much time on the Russian Hacking or election interference with no full time workers on the case.  The Republicans will sweep the Russian Influence Investigation under a rug found large enough.  These same House Representatives refuse to subpoena the presidents tax returns.  They see this as too invasive but the Black guy had to produce his birth certificate  before the protests ended.  That protest was led by Donald Trump who has something very damaging in his tax returns.  He gets an “F” grade for lack of transparency due to his withholding his tax returns.  The audit is a lie & excuse!!!

How disingenuous can Trump be to talk about revising the tax code when we have no idea whether his proposals are benefiting him and other billionaires. Congress should not hold a vote or consider this bill until Trump shows his entire history of tax filings including those long past audit; this is just a smokescreen.  The only consolation we have is the fact that the FBI is continuing its investigation; Director Jim Comey will not be able to hide the sky with his hands and pretend the Trump/Russian never occurred.  Trump will not survive the Russian investigation after General Flynn gets squeezed; you only need one domino to fall before cascading dominoes fall.

We must be diligent here in the U. S., not because of national security but we must battle this Republican onslaught with all of our might into the centuries ahead of us.  This administration is careening toward its 100th day in power without anything to show except court embattled executive orders, travel bans, the repealing of every Obama executive order in sight and failure to repeal the ACA.  They have lost in the courts during the first 100 days which according to Trump we should be sick and tired of winning so much.  Well, we see how that is going!!  It apparently does not take much to make America great again as Trump emotes.  He is a nincompoop who thinks the presidency is not subject to checks and balances by the legislature and the Judiciary.  His greatest failure is to prolong a nasty fight with the fourth estate albeit the press.

The tax structure has not been mentioned for the typical Trump voter;  our memory is so short that the Republicans have forgotten that unfunded tax cuts for the rich was partially the reason we are emerging from a deep recession.  The republicans presented one sheet of paper that did not contain plans for revising the thousands of provisions of the Tax Code.  If the effort is to abolish many of the provisions valued by Trump voters and others is the mortgage interest and the deductibility of state and local taxes.  If loop holes are not closed, the same corporations paying zero will continue paying zilch for federal taxes under the new proposal.  The people who voted for trump will be paying more taxes than they do now. The farmers who voted for Trump are now beginning to realize that we need a guest worker program because their crops are taken in by immigrants under harsh conditions which most Americans will avoid. Failure to address the harvest could likely result in higher food prices and I mean level where only the upper middle class can afford.  This class of people did not vote for Donald Trump but his policies will help them but not his constituency in Appalachia.  We will soon face reality.

Trump’s 100th day will occur on Saturday the 29th day of April.  Go to the Penn Relays and be happy.


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13 April 17


We are treated to the disgusting specter of Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer who inspires even the most jaded to watch his silly and incomprehensible statements in defense of his boss’ foibles thus magnifying the collective stupidity and ineptness.  he thinks Adolph Hitler was not as cruel as Assad because Hitler did not use chemical agents on his own people.  He is apparently unaware that there were Jews native to Germany and Austria.  He said” instead Hitler brought the Jews into holocaust centers; how civilized?

Donald Trump flip flopped by his actions in Syria since he publicly said ” What I am saying is stay out of Syria and this was his advice to President Obama.  This is just one of his flip flops since he stated that NATO is obsolete and out of step in these troubled times; he stated this idiocy more than once only to eat his words after meeting with the Secretary-General of NATO who apparently deprogrammed a president who has no moral compass.  He had railed against China being a currency manipulator but all was forgiven and forgotten after sitting for dinner with Xi Jinping at his Mar-Largo Club.  They are no longer currency manipulators.  This is just a smoke screen since many of his products are made in China, Mexico and other countries.  So I guess he wants the Chinese to buy American because he is not a generator of American products going to China from the U. S.  He is a f..king hypocrite of the worst kind since he is saying one thing and violating that public stance.

In keeping with his flip flopping, he changed his mind about Janet Yellin as the chair of the Federal Reserve Bank after disparaging her earlier.  He also flip flopped on North Korea after a lesson from Xi Jinping about the history of Korea and China; information in the State Department which was readily available to him.  He changes his stupid mind based on the last person that he talked to.  He truly did not understand that North Korea is not a puppet and therefore not easy to control by anybody.  We have a clown driving the clown car with a Learner’s Permit. He has no clue to what he is doing or what he is responsible for.

The Senate confirmed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court after employing the “nuclear option” which requires a majority vote rather than a 60 vote threshold.  This will surely backfire on Republicans if Democrats assume control of the Senate in the future.  Most Democrats strongly opposed Gorsuch out of fear of holding on to their seats like Joe Manchin (D-WV).  In a little publicized action, Trump ended the Bar Association’s role of evaluating judges for the Federal Court system giving Trump free reign to stuff the court with unqualified and un-vetted judges

As Trump stumbles around looking for a cause, his travel bans will cost America 7.0 to 8.0 Billion in revenues which will cause loss of jobs in the hospitality industry; that will represent job losses by a president who is going to create so many jobs until we will be awash in jobs, while claiming he has already created 600,000 jobs; a number pulled out of his ass.  I guess global warming is still a hoax perpetuated by China.  The United Sates is “being run by an idiot” according to ISIS and I wholeheartedly agree as much as it pains me to agree with a horde of assh..les.


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6 April 17


The Trump Administration is clearly indulging in three card Monte because they are creating diversions daily.  He accused President Obama of wiretapping his telephones at Trump Towers on Fifth Avenue; a charge that was debunked by the FBI and intelligence agencies.  Ironically this knucklehead Trump does not have the balls to say I was wrong, instead he tried to play with semantics by saying he was indeed the victim of surveillance rather than wiretapping which is a radical departure.  It is becoming clearer that something occurred between the Russians and the Trump campaign; why were campaign officials maintaining contact with representatives of the Russian Government?  Why was a United States General Michael Flynn cozy with the Russians?  You can be assured that he knows enough to sink Trump’s boat.  Congress is still not willing to subpoena the IRS for Trump’s tax return; it is a blatant lie that all of his filings are under audit simultaneously forever.  The man who masquerades as president is stonewalling the American public.  How could he justify putting Steve Bannon on the National Security Council; a man pledged to “deconstruct the American bureaucracy” and those are his words?  The Trump strategy is to bait and switch by raising one blockbuster ruse after another to divert our attention from his treasonous association with Russia.

A new Supreme Court justice was confirmed thanks to Democrats like Joe Manchin (D-WV) who often votes Republican. With Joe Manchin as a friend, you don’t need enemies and that is more than I can say for Devin Nunes (R-CA) who sucked up to Trump prompting a chorus of jeers for his complicity and subsequent recusal from any house committee investigation of Trump’s relationship with the Russian Government.

Assad (Syrian) Government apparently dropped bombs on their brothers, sisters and children which was televised as children lay writhing for the world to see.  As a result the United States, after warning the Russians who warned the Syrian military put on a fireworks display by firing 59 Tomahawk missiles that did little damage to the targeted airfield runways.  Allegedly planes were using the runways to takeoff and bomb their citizens repeatedly after the fireworks display.

The White House has virtually isolated some of their own challenged supporters by appearing to govern by executive orders in the face of a draconian budget which I assume is meant to punish everyone who voted against Donald Trump;  apparently none of his voters needs pap smears, breast exams, AIDS testing, examination for uterine or cervical cancer or STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).  If you notice I did not mention  birth control or abortion.  This kind of stance places doctors who perform abortions in mortal danger by the anti-abortion fanatics; they love and treasure their guns and violence but I have never heard a ground swell for adopting the children to lessen abortion, instead the Republicans elect to follow fat Donald into infamy.


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30 March 17


Day by day the noose is tightening around the Trump campaign and pseudo-presidency regarding the Russian hacking during the 2016 elections .  Slowly the notion that the White House rookies are striking out daily and they are subverting the root function of the White House which is governance.  The Trump presidency is still unable to accept the fact that they won the election no matter how tainted.  We do not know the extent of the taint but we do know that Representative Nunes (R-CA) is literally doing the White House’s bidding.  Everybody in the Trump cabal is under scrutiny and more and more of their scurrilous activities will surface.  General Michael Flynn was fired because of his tendency to lie with a straight face when a lie is not necessary.  Of course the Trump Campaign has to explain its numerous interfaces with the Putin government.  I am convinced that the intelligence agencies could tell these liars just what they said in various meetings and trysts.  There is a fire that will rear its destructive head soon this Russian-Trump love affair will come out of the dark soon and everybody’s doubts will be put to rest.  General Flynn, in one of his flippant campaign stops in 2016, said “anyone who request immunity from prosecution has something in his or her testimony that could lead to a criminal prosecution.  Flynn’s lawyer alleges that General Flynn has a story to tell.  The Senate Intelligence Committee is investigating the Trump-Russia relationship together with the FBI, NSA, CIA, and all intelligence agencies. Donald Trump is being aided by representatives refusing to subpoena Donald Trump’s tax records which are in perpetual audit @ IRS.  Every intelligent American knows that trump’s failure to release his tax records is bulls…t

Donald Trump has a huge black cloud hanging over his head with an overture of gross incompetence.  Why would he be allowed to choose a Supreme Court Justice after the Republican refusal to grant an audience to Judge Merrick Garland.  At the same time Donald Trump is trying to push Judge Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court.  The lines of resistance are forming in the halls of congress.  Republicans are being promised a filibuster of this judicial nomination.  Republicans will call for a cloture vote and threaten the nuclear option which is drastic.  There is a clear reluctance in the house to move against Donald Trump but believe me somebody is going to get to the bottom of this brewing scandal.

Meanwhile the administration is rolling back every Obama executive order; the promised next step is tax reform which is just as complicated.  Tax cuts landed this bus in the ditch before.  How do you pay for wealthy tax cuts since that would greatly reduce the revenues, where is the money coming from, the money will come out of the hide of the gullible Trump voter.  The Trump coterie includes a bunch of wall street regulars and military elite officers.  Trump has no experience governing which is different from managing a corporation that is not a public corporation.

The Trump/Russian relationship is known to the Intelligence Community and it will be revealed soon for all Americans to judge for themselves.  Donald Trump is dastardly, dishonest limp brain peckerwood from Queens who golfs more than President Obama.


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23 March 17


The Affordable Care Act has been given a new lease on life; if you listen to any politician who has an R in front of his name will loudly proclaim that Obamacare is in the process of imploding and failing.  They will all report the same tired lie in lockstep, over and over again.  The new Republican plan has not taken shape despite fifty plus votes to repeal Obamacare.  They were counting on the racial animus against President Obama and anything that President Obama stood for.  The Republicans had 7 years to fashion a new health plan but repeal was as deep as their puny minds could think.  The Democrats did not have to lift a finger because the opponents fought one another and Democrats were not wooed.  How could any sane politician vote for a bill  that drops 24-30 million Americans off of health care and instead politicians touted a plan without care for women’s health, lessens Medicaid coverage, does not cover mental health services, does not cover preventative care, sets up health savings accounts with tax credits.  Remember you have to spend the money to get a tax credit.  The parties do not have the guts to deal with doctors’ compensation; in Scandinavia a doctor’s pay is similar to that of a teacher.  These doctors are rich Millionaires and the pharmaceutical companies are not jacking the price of drugs and medications.  One of the main drivers of medical expenses is doctor’s compensation in the United States.  The second driver is the insurance company stockholders and as long as their pursuit of corporate profits is the main goal, medical costs will continue to increase.  All you can accomplish with the present health care debacle, is to slow the rate of growth.  People are living longer and needing care longer.  The choices are simple.  Single payer without private insurance companies with the U. S. Government being the single payer.  The other choice is to put everyone out in the market like automobile insurance where you choose the insurance carrier who closely fits your economic status without government participation just like automobile insurance.  There are many concepts between these two extremes where you get ideas of tax credits, subsidy and Health Savings Accounts.  Americans are wary of anyone taking away their health care no matter that the law occurred under the Obama Administration.  It is working for many Americans as indicated by the fervor expressed in town hall meeting after town hall meetings.  The Republican bill also provided for tax cuts for middle and upper (1%) category; This will have the net effect of increasing the deficit which is detested by the Freedom Caucus The American Health Care will blow a hole in our economy, especially when coupled with massive tax cuts.  Therefore, we have a money shortfall and a trillion dollar infrastructure program which will provide jobs but there will not be any low pay-low skill jobs.  For the most part infrastructure bills will put many machine operators to work and there will be very few shovels or flags for unskilled workers.  Remember union workers will benefit most as welders, steelworkers, crane operators, oilers and cement workers.  This is not building the railroads across the West or bridges, these are highly skilled jobs and high paying jobs which will do nothing to create jobs.  I am sure the infrastructure program will cause a job shift and fewer new jobs.  This country needs hundreds of new welders, where do they come from?

Let’s watch the Tax Code Revision in which loopholes are provided for wealthy taxpayers and corporations.  Let us see whether a flat tax for corporations is proposed as a lower tax obligation.  If the loopholes remain we will chaos.  Stay tuned and ignore Trump tweets.


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16 March 17


The pace of incompetence has engulfed the Trump Administration for they are bouncing off walls and stubbing their toes.  Their modus operandi is to go from one crisis to another taking advantage of America’s short attention span.  The nation is severely divided and the Trump cabal is intent on governing Trump’s own voters only.  Non-Trump voters be damned.  The regulations for the executive branch prohibits nepotism but alas Donald Trump has his daughter in the West Wing and her husband is there also.  Nepotism is defined as “favoritism shown to relatives” so the Trump charade is in violation of the rules against nepotism,  Ivanka is also getting a security clearance!!! WTF!!!

  • The South Dakota pipe line will be made of American steel (says Donald Trump) yet the pipe has already been purchased years ago and it sits piled for installation and it is from China.  Steelworkers be reminded that the steel is from China; how does that grab you.  Your president erroneously did not know that the material had been purchased and stored for installation.  Trump voters must learn to listen with both ears because he talks out of both sides of his mouth.  The Trump Administration leaks like a sieve with information like Trump’s 2005 tax return (front & back page) was thrown over the transom at the home of a Syracuse University professor.  Any fool knows that the first and last page are just proof that Trump filed.  The devil is in the schedules and attachments.  That fiasco was a ruse to change the subject yet again.
  • The Trump Administration leaks like a sieve with information like Trumps 2005 tax return (front & back page) was thrown over the transom at the home of a Syracuse University professor.  Any fool knows that the first and last pages are just proof that filed.  The devil is in the schedules and attachments.  That fiasco was a ruse to change the subject yet again.
  • The Attorney General Lucifer Sessions has recused himself from all matters that pertain to the investigation of Vladimir Putin, the Trump Campaign and the Trump Transition Team.  It is a proven fact that where there is smoke there is fire; this is too much smoke to be ignored, there is a fire.  Many republicans are taking a protectionist stance but once you tug on that stray string, the whole fabric unravels every time.  We will know the facts sooner than later.  The truth will be known around the world.

This numbskull has fashioned another Muslim ban with Iraq being left off the list of countries whose citizens are banned.  The first ban was an unmitigated disaster, so sad; it was hammered in the courts and so will the newest Muslim ban.  Donald has not realized that he cannot govern by executive orders; he will have to deal with a highly dysfunctional congress, Freedom Caucus and various caucuses.

  • The congressional Black Caucus has met with Trump to hip him to the fat that Blacks are not monolithic and we don’t all live in ghettos or dangerous communities and that some of us are middle to upper class.  Trump has no idea of how to talk to Black people since he only knows Rastus & Stepin Fetchit, Mike Tyson and Don King.  He is their president and shit eating friend.  They have nothing in common except oxygen inhalation.
  • Donald Trump’s approval rating sits on solid ground; with a rating in the 30% range, believe he is only appealing to voters who are mentally incapable of making a critical analysis of the hocus pocus being marketed by the Trump Administration.

Strange to have a Secretary of State surrounded by a virtual news blackout.  We Americans have no idea what the Secretary of State is doing or not doing; what is he accomplishing in his news vacuum.  He does not answer questions or take inquires.  Trump voters must be so excited that they can now drink water purified by coal ash?  How is the environment treating you?  HE WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT!!!


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9 March 17


The unfettered investigation of the pro-Russian  activities of the Trump cabinet officials is going to be hard fought because Republicans only had the guts to fight a Black president at every juncture.  They laid down on the job and only arose to go home, they are now trying to fashion a workable health care plan instead of improving what we have now in the ACA.  Why is it okay or prudent to strip 20-25 million Americans off of ACA health care .  They are talking the non-nonsensical health savings plans, tax cuts, for the upper 1% of the American population to be paid for by working class Trump supporters.  Many Trump voters have stated in town hall meetings that they face death upon losing their ACA health coverage and I have heard people saying that at every town hall meeting.  I does not matter that many are in a life or death situation because it is a campaign promise that was irrational at its inception.  The coal miner of West Virginia has been rewarded with an executive order allowing coal ash to be dumped in fresh water streams.  Now, that is horrifying because of the possibility of polluting drinking water.  These good ole boys might find the local fishing holes polluted and fish dying in masse.

The technique for Donald Trump is to always keep sh..t happening and changing the subject daily so yesterday’s idiotic decisions will have a short shelf life.  First, he accused President Obama of tapping his phones but his minions have tried to walk it back to the point that tapping is in quotation marks which was cited as listening in any medium include the microwave spectrum.  That would make President Obama a felon which would please the Trump team.  His contacts with Kremlin operatives is very shaky,  Why were Trump  campaign officials meeting Soviet operatives in various foreign capitals.  There is too much smoke to ignore the underlying fire; the Russian participation in the election hacking is serious and it is so serious that many, many Republican congressmen & congresswomen are not urging the president to reveal his taxes and they definitely are fighting to stymie any investigation of the Trump relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russian Oligarchs.  We will find out in due time just like we did with Watergate despite Richard Nixon’s denial.  Trust your common sense, the Russian interference goes beyond the supplying of prostitutes & drugs.  I guess people realize that they go together.  General Flynn is not an isolated incident since authorities are aware that there were numerous meetings and trysts by several Trump campaign employees.  This cabal is woefully short of experience, moral principles and human decency.  Sadly the most ignorant MoFar is colored and stuck in the early 1900s before his birth.  Dr. Carson is proof that a medical education does not always travel well.  This Stepin’ Fetchit thinks Black people came to America in the bottom hold of a ship looking for opportunities to emigrate to slavery which flourishes today.  A man this dumb should be in the operating room separating co-joined twins.  Dr. Carson thinks that Blacks came to America as immigrants to enjoy the American Dream.  Per Donald Trump “so sad”.

Remember those Wall Street Bankers who Trump connected to Hillary Clinton?  Guess where they work now and for whom; they work in the halls of government which some of them seek to abolish.  Get ready to pretend that everybody who wants health insurance can get it because Trump is committed to honoring his campaign promises even though the vast majority of Americans did not vote for his fallacious nonsense; to hell with governing all of America, Black, Brown, White, Red or Yellow.


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2 March 17


Donald Trump has apparently forgotten that his mother albeit Ivanka’s grandmother arrived in the United States on 17 May 1930 at the age of 18.  Her father Malcolm was a fisherman on the Isles of Lewis where he raised a large family.  Trump’s mother’s name was Mary Anne MacLeod; she met Frederick Christ Trump whom she married in 1936.  She became a naturalized citizen on 10 March 1942 after which they settled in Jamaica , Queens which has a haven for Western European immigrants. Donald Trump’s grandfather emigrated to the United States in 1885 from the Kingdom of Bavaria where he made a fortune in the Klondike Gold Rush.  So you see Donald Trump is a first generation American hence it is so strange to see his stance on immigration.  His family members are direct descendants of recent immigrants.  I suspect Trump has no problem anticipating the influx of Northern Europeans.

The word immigrant has been skewed to mean undocumented Mexicans or people from Central America.  They are considered perilous, criminals and rapists; the same was said of Irishmen when they were the niggers of the Northeast hence any Irishman who is racist has forgotten his Irish History like Donald Trump has forgotten or never knew that Irishmen and women were unable to find decent work, housing or recreation in a decent non-Irish neighborhood.  It always amazes me how groups of people become assimilated and forget where they came from in spite of the trials and tribulations.  Whoopee!!!  The Muslim Ban has been challenged and soundly defeated only to be rewritten containing the same ole bulls…t.  Muslims are not nearly as violent as the Christian Right who burns Black churches with impunity while leaving Trump graffiti.  They are daring America!!  The unbridled terrorists are right here in the good old USA in full view of federal and state enforcement officials.  The new Muslim ban will not make Black people safer because we are the victims of white terrorism and white supremacists who have a representative sitting next to the most incompetent, ill-tempered nincompoop  to ever occupy the Oval Office.  Hey Trump voters, what are you going to do when Trump and republicans repeal the America Care Act.  How is that Medicare going to serve you in the future, especially when you cannot afford this wonderful unbelievable health care .  You Trumpers must be ecstatic that you can buy insurance across state lines similar to auto insurance which is mandatory without complaint; you must be excited to fund another tax cut for the rich Trump cabinet; how is the bromance with Wall Street now that Hillary Clinton has faded into the shadows.  The billionaire cabinet will surely look out for their friends; no regulations here, just the Wild Wild West.

How many Trump voters benefited from the job increase in February 17, 2017, but who cares because Donald is sure the job number is fake news.  The unemployment number is 4.6% which is a number disdained by Trump as false or misleading, of course since they are positive Donald Trump will be lapping up the notoriety.  Donald Trump’s support in West Virginia will be a barometer of his support which will hover around 39% and those are dyed in the wool supporters down into the embers.


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23 February 17


One has to be ignorant, naive and  delusional to send an official from the White House to the Department of Justice asking for the suppression of evidence against the Trump administration.  That is unprecedented and further reason that Attorney General Sessions should recuse himself since he was intimately involved in the Trump campaign from its inception and he has the talent and audacity to lie to our faces.  Pairing Jefferson Sessions with civil rights is like pairing Adolph Hitler with Judaism; they just don’t go together in any stretch of the imagination. Shut up and let the Justice Department investigation give the American people the facts, we will know what to do with it.  The majority population which voted against Trump anxiously await the truth of the Russian connection.  Where are the Donald Trump voters on this one or are they with Russia also?  Blind loyalty depends on an impacted mind with no introspected thoughts.

Have you noticed that Trump likens his administration to a smooth running machine in spite of the fact that his cabinet is not in place yet.  Not to mention that most of his cabinet choices are real head scratchers.  I think we should relax and let the wheels on the Trump Clown Car fall off.  Last week the congress went home to their constituents and to their surprise a common theme repeated itself in almost every town hall.  Every one of these people voted against their best interest.  Many of these people say they will die without the care they now get from Obamacare.  How are you trump voters doing with your new jobs that are on the boat back to America.  They can wait at the pier to claim their job.  Good luck with those jobs!!!  Most of the congressmen are trapped between their constituency and the Republican Party.  I am open for bets  on how long the Trump voters will need jobs instead of racist assemblies; just look at the color of Donald Trump’s crowds, all white yet they are not represented in the Trump cabinet.  He made a campaign about Hillary Clinton speaking to Wall Street operatives and now he has named 4 to his cabinet from the very wall street firms that he railed against.  Trump lied to his base again because nobody in his cabinet represents his base voters. Hey Trump voters, you have been had and badly.  How can a billionaire be sensitive to poor Trump voters’ needs.  Good luck with your new Trump health care plan since you will be paying out front and receiving a tax credit; if you don’t have money be damned.  You are up the creek without a paddle if you do not have out front money.

We need a tax cut like like a dead horse need a shell to its head.  We did the tax cut for rich people before and you know how that ended up.  Why would this nincompoop suggest a tax cut while building a wall across the Southwest, spending a trillion dollars on infrastructure and cutting corporate taxes without closing the loopholes in the tax code; you have to close the loopholes if you cut corporate taxes.  Talk is cheap but deficits are real as the Republicans prattled on and on about during the Obama administration’s deficit. I guess Republican deficits are okay.



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16 February 17


America is on everybody’s lips among my European Family and friends because of the immigration issue and all of the other right wing edicts.  Immigration is a mechanism for replenishing and supplying the labor force with H-1b Visas because our universities do no graduate enough students to obviate the need for educated engineers, scientist, mathematicians and technologists.  This is increasingly important because jobs are not coming back from Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and points east.  The brain drain is suffered by many of these countries because a portion of their graduates leave to come to the USA (Silicon Valley & New York City) for high paying jobs while their poorer brothers take on the jobs from America which are lower paying than American jobs.  Jobs that were sent abroad because we can’t afford products made in America.  You cannot have it both ways; low paying jobs will not be returning to these shores.  Forget it !  The coming years will be demanding skilled workers to program and repair robots rather than be replaced by the robot.  The president has talked about increasing jobs for the middle and lower classes but retraining coal miners and career interrupted people, has not been mentioned .  Where are the jobs Trump? You will only get credit for the job production above the Obama monthly job reports.  Instead of creating jobs , Trump is having rallies as though he is still campaigning; he has talked about the size of his crowds at the hangers.  His speech at CPAC included a monologue about the election results against Hillary Clinton; frankly, I think Trump is having trouble believing he has been elected illegitimately as president of the United States of America.  I want to see the day he is marched out of the White House in disgrace.

The knucklehead wants to unilaterally rip up the NAFTA Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico.  To charge tariffs by the border thus driving the price up with our largest trading partner Canada and Mexico.  The  last thing this economy needs is a trade war with our friends.  We are also trying to tamp down the ruckus in NATO caused by Trump’s statement that NATO is obsolete and is a social organization filled with 23 countries who are freeloading by not paying 2% of their GDP to NATO.  They have until May to pay up their membership requirement.  Putin and Trump must align on this because Putin does not want NATO or the European Union to exist.  Some of the NATO nations like Latvia share a border with Russia.  Putin does not want NATO defensive weapons on the Russian border.

The Republicans are still dithering about not wanting to dig into the Trump-Putin interaction because we must know the truth.  Evidence will set us all free; the truth is going to come out because we are going to be free because the truth will set us free.

Trump has given the go ahead to finish the South Dakota pipe line; this is totally against the Indian Tribe in the area.  trump is trying to govern by executive action.  Not one bill has been triggered by Donald Trump or anybody he knows.  This man is ill-equipped to be the leader of the Fifth Avenue Merchants Association much less the free world.


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