25 August 16

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  We recited this lie each day standing in our segregated school and city.  Here we are in the year 1950 firmly embedded in the dark side of a segregated society.  Whites were not breaking any laws since segregation was legal and enforceable by law.

  • One nation under God:  The biggest lie ever told, even Sunday is not a day when we are one nation;  Sunday 11:00 AM was and still is the most segregated time of the week.  We were two or more nations under God.
  • Indivisible:  The country is divisible into, not two divisions but many divisions based on race, creed and color.  Our voting, in the most sensible years is 51-49 at best on most issues.  We would be guilty of self-deception if we didn’t realize that we are a divided nation.
  • With liberty and justice for all: This was not true the day it was initially uttered.  It was a bold face lie since the word all was not inclusive of Negroes; we didn’t receive the memo due to revolutionary logistics.  To this day Black Americans are still chasing that mirage called justice.  We cannot get justice when the police are the defenders and we serve inordinately long prison sentences while whites receive a slap on the wrist.  In  many states a prison sentence precludes one from ever voting again.  After we pledged allegiance to the flag in our segregated classrooms.  We sang the national anthem which was filled with words that rang hollow to us because we were experiencing racism every hour of every day of every month.
  • We made ourselves further delusional by singing that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave.  First of all, no negro was free and he or she is being shackled by the white portion of our society.  Since when did bravery and racism become co-linear.
  • The third stanza, fifth sentence which reads “No refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave: and the Star Spangled Banner in triumph doth wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.  From 1958 to 1964, I stood with my college teammates during the national anthem without thinking how fallacious it was; to me it was simply a prelude to the on-field violence to follow, the words did not mean a hill of beans. They could have played Amazing Grace for better effect.
  • I moved to NY City where I ceased standing for the national anthem from 1964 to 2006.  It was such a ringing lie especially poignant given the atmosphere in 1964 with the Civil Rights marches, protests and the dogs/fire hoses of Bull Connor and the racist Birmingham municipal government.  I wholeheartedly support Colin Kaepernick’s right to to not stand and his reason is my reason but in the end most embedded racism was there when the country was founded by racists for racists.  Negroes were not an afterthought in any way.  The national anthem serves to memorialize the bigotry of the founding crackers.


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18 August 16


When Donald Trump stated that President Obama was the founder of ISIS the terrorist group responsible for the beheadings of Americans and lethal attacks around the world.  He also stated that Hillary Clinton was the co-founder.  It is wildly inaccurate to to say President Obama of Hillary Clinton “co-founded” ISIS since the group’s roots predate the Obama presidency and Clinton role as Secretary of State.  ISIS has used several names since 2004 when Al-Zarqawi established Al-Qaida in Iraq also known as Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) and more recently ISIS.

  • Trump said, “if she gets to pick her judges – nothing you can do, folks”. Although the Second Amendment people.  Maybe there is, I don’t know.  I interpreted that to be a suggestion that someone might shoot Hillary Clinton.  You might notice that Donald Trump does not finish sentences often times.
  • The business tax will also end job killing inversions and cause trillions in new money to come pouring into our country and, by the way, into titties like right here in Detroit.  Yes titties is what he mistakenly said.
  • Trump’s question “why can’t we use nuclear weapons”?  If you need this explained, that should be an automatic life time disqualification for the presidency.
  • Donald Trump said, “I always wanted a Purple Heart,  this was much easier”.  Donald Trump received a Purple Heart as a gift from a retired Lieutenant Colonel and supporter.  He received deferments from the Vietnam draft so he was not that interested in getting a Purple Heart the hard way.
  • Donald Trump said “Vladimir Putin is not going into the Ukraine, of, just so you understand he is not going into Ukraine, alright”.  You can mark it down.  You can put it down – knucklehead Trump was totally unaware that the Russians had annexed Crimea two years ago.
  • Muslim lawyer Ghazala Khan whose son died in Iraq in 2004, stated that Donald trump has sacrificed nothing for America.  Donald Trump’s reply included the sacrifice of very, very hard work.  When pressed he could not elaborate on one sacrifice that he has made. Poor fellow.
  • Donald Trump will continue to make an ass of himself as he did during his appeal to Black people.  He reminded us that “y’all ain’t doing too well”, plagued by poor schools, poor housing and joblessness.  I resent that as a picture cross-section of Black people.  Trump does not understand that all Black people are not unemployed, in fact many of us are employers.  We are all, not on the public dole as all white people are not on the public dole but some of both groups are .  The lie that 58% of Black youths are not working; no assh….e they are in school as they should be plus retirees don’t count unless one is trying to distort the figures.  In short Donald Trump has no credibility among Black people.
  • Donal Trump has studiously avoid addressing Black groups like the NAACP which hosted George Bush and Mitt Romney.  Trump cannot run for the presidency without discussing Civil Rights and police brutality.  Trump missed a chance to provide a window to his racial policies plus a view of his heart and character.  He is, I am proud to say, being out polled among Blacks 93% Clinton to 1% simply because he does not know or respect the Black Community.
  • Donald Trump has chosen to make his Black pitch before a lily white audience while turning down the National Urban League’s invitation to speak to their National Convention in Cincinnati this week.  This was an opportunity for Donal Trump to speak to 10,000 voters since he predicts that he will get 20% of the Black vote.

No matter how you frame this because Trump should take the loss of the Black vote for granted; hence he should concentrate on some other minority group that he has insulted and try to pivot at their expense.  Remember that when one pivots 180 degrees, he is lying before or after the pivot he can’t have both sides judged as true.  DAVID DUKE’S CANDIDATE IS OFF LIMITS FOR US.


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11 August 16


Donald Trump gave his rambling speech which was over billed as a major economic speech in a beleaguered city called Detroit, where he once again distorted the facts.

  • He claimed that Hillary Clinton wanted to raise taxes on the middle class when the Tax Policy Center says the bottom 95% of the taxpayers would see little or no change because of her plan.
  • He claimed that Hillary Clinton would tax many small businesses up to 50%.  The only tax increase she has proposed is a 4% tax on household income above 5 million.
  • Trump said he will repeal the Estate Tax even though fewer than 5,000 people had to pay any estate tax in 2014. So how does this help the common man?
  • He falsely claimed that he could save 2 million American jobs by repealing the Affordable Care act.  The American People would not have insurance coverage because the Republicans and for sure Donald Trump do not have an alternate plan.
  • He was factually incorrect that today’s household income is $4,000. less than the year 2000.  No proof of this anywhere.
  • Trump alters the facts by alleging that that 14 million people are outside of the labor force and he includes teenagers, retirees and stay at home moms.  This akin to cooking the facts.
  • Trump claims that one in five American households do not have a single  member in the labor force hence the 5% unemployment figure is bogus.  The unemployment rate was 4.9% in July not 5%,  it is compiled by a reputable federal agency not by President Obama.  The unemployment rate does not include people who have given up in frustration, who have retired or they are caregivers.
  • Trump proposed a new tax deduction for income used for child care expenses; this does not recognize that you have to have the money to spend before you can take advantage of the deduction.  Suppose one does not have the money for child care, the deduction doesn’t matter one iota.  The standard tax deduction is $9,300. for 2016 but people who spend more on mortgage interest, hospital bills or child care.  They can itemize these expenses and claim a larger tax deduction. Some economic plan and not a panacea.

Being rich is not the same as a Master’s Degree in Economics and being educated in economics should remind everyone that Economics is not a science.  Instead economics is influenced by human behavior which is erratic at best.  There was nothing in the Trump speech that was new or substantive but it is glaring in its erroneous information presented, to the American public, as fact chiseled in stone.  This plan has no bones or flesh because it is not even skeletal.  This plan has nothing that will enhance my life as an American, or anybody who is not a high earner.  WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED OR DISAPPOINTED?

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4 August 16


Happy birthday to my only brother who like I have fewer tomorrows than yesterdays.  I am praying for your continued good health and personal prosperity.  I pray you will leave your legacy to the Gambian people whose lives you have touched.  I hope you have imbued that East Texas spirit of improving existing social conditions with grit and hard work.  We might not say it often enough but Marva, Rhenee and I are very proud and privileged to be your siblings.  Only we can appreciate the limited economics that we grew up with and we always overcame whatever obstacle that was placed in our path.  We shared the positive experience of a loving Christian home where the Ten Commandments were a governing factor.  We grew up with a father and mother who loved us and each other; I was always encouraged by their love for each other and I was comfortable that dad was the most important person in the house.  We always knew our family would be intact and functioning on all cylinders year after year.  It is rather humorous that you are involved in agriculture since you were never an avid participant on the farm.  Grandma Golden always sent you for water since you were more that likely tossing rocks or doing nothing.  I guess that is where you began to strategize about your way to earn a living without working your fingers to the bone.  We, Marva, Rhenee and I hope that you understand that today is our brother’s day into eternity.


Mr. President, you share a birthday with my brother Bilal Robinson.  Our lives have changed because of your election to the Presidency of the United States because the change is as dramatic as Jackie Robinson’s ascendancy to Major League Baseball thus allowing every Black boy in America to dream of being a baseball player.  I thought the presidency would be a cool undertaking but after eight years of daily, not intermittent hate that was spewed by the Republican Senate and the Republican House of Representatives.  I have learned that the racist attitudes of the Republicans has stymied the growth of this country for years to come.  Never has a President of the United States been subjected to such vile and racist treatment.  I am dismayed that the opposition has been so overt that the government has been shut down at a time when we needed continuity.  I am mindful that  your  presidency was part of a long journey to get to that more perfect union where we will all have a chance to honor America with our civil and social service.  The Republicans tend to forget that the terrorists are always watching us for they have media just like we do and the NY Times arrives everyday on flights to Europe, Asia and Africa.  The government was taken through a series of cliff hangers which did little to make America remain great.  The fact that the opposition to your Supreme Court nominee has taken the form of total intransigence and obstinacy.  Like Jackie Robinson you have been thrown curves and junk pitches but yo have homered many times and you will be judged by history as a great president not just a good president.  keep those birthdays coming.

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28 July 16


The Republican Nominating Convention was hate Hillary exercise without establishing any positions beyond those stated in their 66 page party plank.  Contrast this with the Democratic strategy to not mention Donald Trump by name during the speeches.  Nobody called for Donald Trump to be sent for psychological evaluation in mass unlike the arrest Clinton nuts.

  • The first night was highlighted by the speech of First Lady Michelle Obama who gave a stirring and uplifting speech regarding the America that we love and have fought for.  She reminded us that the house that she wakes up in every morning was built with slave labor that was contracted out to the builders of the white house with the slave owners garnering the bulk of the money earned by the slaves.  Our History is pockmarked by instances of human exploitation and denigration; much of this continues today in spite of a Black president who is challenged by the haters like we all are.  Bernie Sanders preceded Michelle Obama with a speech that sought to spur on the revolution that he thinks he is leading.  With friends like Bernie Sanders, who need enemies; he has been a democrat only a few years, fewer years than Donald Trump has been a Republican.  The Democratic Party was hijacked by Bernie Sanders just like the Republican Party was hijacked by Donald Trump with different results.  I will not forget that Bernie had to be dragged off the donkey since he would not exit after the clinching of the nomination by Hillary Clinton.  His followers were loud and vocal and generally poor losers and they were not Philadelphia Phillies’ fans since they came from all corners of the United States.  Phillies are not the only fans who can boo a ham sandwich and be satisfied.  He correctly called for the uniting of the party to elect Hillary Clinton but what else could he say at a Democratic National Convention.
  • The second night was marked by Tom Harkin, Alison Lundergan, Governor Terry McAuliffe, Nancy Pelosi and a video message from President Jimmy Carter and they were followed by lesser known Democrats such as:  Thaddeus Desmond, A Philadelphia child advocate social worker; Dynah Haubert who works for a disability rights organization; Kate Burdick, a staff attorney at the Juvenile Law Center; Anton Moore who administers a non profit group that educates youth on gun violence; Dustin Parsons who is a 5th grade teacher in Arkansas; Jelani Freeman who grew up in foster care and is a former Hillary Clinton intern and law degree recipient; Donna Brazile who is the DNC vice chair; Eric Holder former U. S. Attorney General and Madeline Albright who is a former Secretary of State.  The topping on this cake was President Bill Clinton after his introduction by Actress Meryl Streep.  His speech was stirring, inciteful  and factually sound regarding his life with the nominee and how they forged their relationship into the anvil that it is today.
  • The third day was highlighted by a parade of Democratic elected officials including congressman and believers in the party’s cause.  The highlight was Vice President Biden who wowed the house with his message to working class voters via plain talk that they understand.  He was followed by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and former New York City Republican mayor Michael Bloomberg who pointedly called Donald Trump a dangerous demagogue who is not fit to be president; he knows Trump well from NY politics.  The keynote speaker was President Barack Obama who did not mention Trumps name but we knew who he was referencing.  The president’s speech was electric and to the point.  Trump ain’t it.

The selection of Mr. Kaine for the vice president slot is a very good choice, to me, since he was a civil rights lawyer and has spent time working abroad to make people’s life better and to boot he speaks Spanish fluently so his message will resonate in both languages and he will not build a wall.

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21 July 16


The Republican Party has begun its Presidential Nominating Convention in Cleveland with a parade of undistinguished speakers intent on painting the most negative and bleakest assessment of the United States of America. They have not, so far, offered any solutions to their perceived problems; they feel that America is still in the ditch where they left us.  They complain about low growth while ignoring the fact that the last republican administration left a huge sinkhole that we are trying to fill to this day.  The Republican adopted the most conservative party platform that I have seen.  The Republican Party has not offered one solution but instead have concentrating their efforts on bashing and denigrating Hillary Clinton which is apparently all their supporters demand; red meat and lies. It should more appropriately called the Liars Convention because all of the speakers were creating their own facts and those silly asses in the seats were eating up the gloom and doom which blankets America.  It features the follow provisions:

  • The Republicans defeated the effort to put medical cannabis in the GOP Platform because it was linked to mass killings, the killers must have been high.
  • An RNC delegate stated that “all the mass killings that have taken place, they’re young boys from divorced families and they are smoking pot.
  • A subcommittee backed a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2015 Ogerfell v Hodges decision.  They finally left the decision to each state where nothing will happen.
  • The platform says a home with a mother and father is best to raise a child.  This is anti-gay and LGBTQ so why on earth would any LGBTQ person vote for Donald Trump.  This is a poke in the eye to the gay community.  The Republicans avidly supported the recommendation of conversion therapy for gay men and women, obviously they don’t want this voting block’s support.
  • RNC members voted to strike any mention of LGBTQ individuals targeted by ISIS.
  • The Platform Committee passed a “Build the wall amendment”.  Now we can wait on Mexico to pay for this silly charade.
  • The Obama Administration rule advising schools to allow students to use the bathroom of their gender identity was condemned as “illegal and dangerous” and alien to America’s history and traditions.
  • The Platform Committee apparently believes that all porn is child porn which makes their stance justified.
  • The GOP platform condemns abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest.
  • The GOP platform opposes unmarried couples, including straight one, living together.
  • The GOP platform call for abolition of the IRS.  Such stupid shit and a waste of time.
  • The GOP will protect America from Electromagnetic Pulse attacks from high altitudes.  How do they accomplish this?
  • The Republicans think that the Endangered Species Act should not include prairie chickens, sage grouses and grey wolves.
  • The Republican Party wants the Federal Government to give Public Land back to the states.

Just drape this platform over the fools shoulder who will run with it and hang on for his stupid brain to overload his ugly mouth.  The hardest job in America is being a Trump surrogate like little mousey Katrina Pierson who says the dumbest things out of her nasty undisciplined mouth; she must be desperate for money or exposure.  She is so off the wall that I never see her quoted in print and her TV appearances lack credibility because she will say anything. If I were a reporter on the Trump beat, I would never ever call Katrina Pierson.  They should build a wall around her in Dallas.


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14 July 16


The Republican Party convention will convene on 18 July 16 in Cleveland, Ohio with 2,470 delegates attending; the Black delegates are 18 or 0.73% which is less than 1% and ironically this is the lowest percentage of Blacks in a century of conventions.  This includes a dozen conventions that took place during the era of segregation.

  • Donald Trump registered as a Republican in July 1987 and he remained in the party until October 1999 when he joined the Independence party.
  • In August 2001 he enrolled in the Democratic Party.
  • He left the Democratic Party and enrolled as a Republican in 2009.
  • After two years as a registered Republican he left the party again and in December 2011, he marked a box on the NYC Board of Elections’ form indicating “I do not wish to enroll in a party”.
  • He returned to the GOP in April 2012.

Donald Trump has contributed to many Democratic office holders  including Senator Clinton (D-NY), Charles Rangel (D-NY), Senator Durbin (D-IL).  He also contributed to Senator Specter (R-PA), Representative Andrews (D-NJ), Representative Weiner (D-NY), Senator Shumer (D-NY), The Democratic Committee of NY State,  Senator Gillibrand (D-NY) and Representative Kathleen Hochul (D-NY).  He gave much more money to Republicans.  He chose to run for president after being back in the party since the last presidential election; he ran against a weak and fractured field of 16 Republicans.  Many of those Republicans have been in the party years longer than Trump; instead he vaulted over all of them despite the fact that his plurality has not increased.  His base appears to be in the neighborhood of 29-43% of the Republican Party which is outnumbered by Democrats nationally by head count.  Trump has run a campaign unlike any other Republican President nominee in my memory because he has generated opposition within his own party.  The Republican Party doesn’t hold the reins guiding their candidate during the cycle because they have been hijacked by Donald trump and his Mental Midget Corp whose parents and grandparents probably supported George Wallace for president and I don’t mean the comedian.  Donald Trump’s message about trade is opposite the Republican Party’s recent positions.  Republicans have supported trade but that is not the party line at this time under this candidate.  The Republican party has been hijacked by a nominee who has no idea what he doesn’t know but he knows better than anyone.  Manufacturing jobs will increase but not because they returned to the United States from abroad; that is simply pie in the sky drivel that is dishonest.  The Republican Party Platform was revised to please our Russian opponents.  The traditional Republican Party has not cozied up to Vladimir Putin or his minions but their nominee has verbally kissed Putin’s ass.  The Republican Party has been hijacked by a guy who thinks II Corinthians is two Corinthians; all in the face of Christian Conservatives and Tea Party adherents.  I have not heard a peep from either of those groups.  Conclusive indication that the Republican Party has been hijacked and they can’t blame Hillary for that.

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7 July 16


Normally a candidate who is leading in the primaries begins to tack toward the center of the political spectrum for the general election when he needs to attract Independents, Republicans or Democrats who are on the fence or near the fence.  The wild and inconsistent rhetoric is akin to watching a scarecrow in a watermelon patch; the crow soon realizes that the scare crow is merely an illusion and isn’t real thus allowing the crows to be destructive.  I have never in 56 years of voting, seen an instance where there is open warfare between a candidate and the party that he represents.  The following 10 failures to pivot will cost this knucklehead.

  • Donald Trump failed to apologize to Carly Fiorina after demeaning her looks and her stint as CEO of the Hewlett-Packard Corporation.
  • Donald Trump failed to apologize to any of the people who attempted to protest at his rallies and were abused albeit punched.
  • Donald Trump failed to apologize to Meghan Kelly of FOX News for his racy remarks about her questioning posture during primary debates.
  • Donald Trump failed to apologize to the the physically disabled journalist after making gestures of disdain.
  • Donald Trump failed to apologize to Mexican Americans who are U. S. citizens and serve in the U. S. Armed Services; unlike his lack of service.
  • Donald Trump has failed to apologize for calling women pigs, etc while professing a devout love for the very people whom he disparages.
  • Donald Trump (the imbecile) will not apologize for his opposition to the TTP Trade Agreement while he has moved jobs abroad.  How on earth, can he rail against foreign trade & jobs while manufacturing his suits, ties and furniture outside of the United States.  Guilty of what he opposes, go figure.
  • Donald Trump failed to apologize for insulting Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) by ridiculing the senator’s wife and her appearance plus he never apologized for alleging that Senator Cruz’s father was somehow connected to the assassination of President Kennedy through Jack Ruby.
  • Donald Trump failed to apologize for hiding his taxes under the guise that they cannot be made public while IRS is auditing.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, I know, since I have been audited by IRS on four (4) occasions.  Maybe Donald is hiding something, but what?  Keep in mind that an ongoing audit does not, in any way prevent the publication of a taxpayer’s return.  Let the world see who is crooked Donald, stop hiding behind the fact that the audit is in progress.
  • Donald Trump failed to apologize to Pope Francis for saying he was being used as a pawn by the Mexican Government.
  • Donald trump failed to apologize to the former Republican nominee and war hero Senator John McCain (R-AZ) saying that he respected people who did not get captured .  Therefore John McCain is not worthy of Donald’s admiration since he was captured.
  • Donald Trump failed to apologize for saying “African American youth have reached a point where they just about never been more poorly, there’s killings on an hourly basis virtually in places like Baltimore and Chicago and may other places .  He therefore owes all Black parents, sons and daughters an apology because only a small percentage of Black youth are killers.  There will be killers in the future thanks to the Trump minions’ love for production, sale and the smuggling of guns.  Black youth do not manufacture guns or ammunition.  The NRA will always be available to encourage the commerce in guns.
  • Donald Trump should apologize to Black America for his statement that he would be a better president for Black people than President Obama.  GIVE ME A BREAK.

Last but not least Americans are not lining up to ride in the Trump Clown Car.

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30 June 16


Listen to the Republican Party and you will believe that America is no longer great but it will be again if their slate of candidates are reelected.  Forget about their reckless and selfish act of shutting down the United States Government at a time when the economy was in recovery mode.  Forget their intransigence and stubborn insistence on blocking every move of President Barack Obama.   This is a party addled by hate for the first Black President of the United States of America and all people who resemble him including Michael Steele who was formerly Party Chairman.

  • This is a party whose number one goal was to cause President Barack Obama’s failure, not success for all Americans; their success was to be his failure that never came.
  • This is a party that courts the lowest common denominator among us, for votes.
  • This party allows its nominee to express ugly immoral comments about women especially if they are bleeding from their wherever. He will surely put them back in their places.  Ugly women beware and do not cross the Donald.
  • This is a party that has an Anti-LGBTQ plank in its platform which is written in plain English.
  • This is a party that denies the phenomenon of climate change as a reality, no ice melt, devastating floods, droughts and wild fires.  This party advocates for coal production despite its damage to coal miners’ health and the environment.  It doesn’t occur to these Republican mental midgets that coal miners can be retrained at government expense to manufacture 21st Century energy producing components like solar cells, solar panels, wind mill components, etc.  They do not have to kill themselves below ground mining coal which harms those of us above ground.
  • This is the party that drove our economy into the ditch from which they have tried to block our exit.  They generated all, not some, all of the economic recession that President Obama inherited including two (2) off-budget wars fought simultaneously and costing trillions.  Couple that with devastating tax cuts that were also not paid for.  Now, they are asking for the keys to the car in order to drive it back into the ditch.
  • This is a party deeply and widely involved in voter suppression legislation in many states with the intent of blocking fellow Americans from voting since the Republicans do not expect to gain the vote of minority groups;  therefore, stop them from voting hence exercising their constitutional rights.
  • This is a party that would spark false fears that a president could abolish the 2nd Amendment.  2/3rds of the Senate and House would have to agree and 2/3rds of the state legislatures would have to vote in favor of abolition.  This is the most glaring instance of lying by Republicans when they allege that Hillary wants to take their guns away. HILLARY CLINTON HAS NEVER SAID SHE FAVORED ABOLITION OF THE 2ND AMENDMENT.  This is so silly and ludicrous until I feel compromised to even discuss this; I am 100% in favor of abolishing the 2nd Amendment but I know that will not be done in the next one thousand years.  Americans love their pistols and rapid firing anti-personal weapons.
  • This is a party dedicated to tax cuts which have previously decimated our economy, caused widespread unemployment and they stalled our annual rate of growth.
  • This is a party dedicated to abolishing the Affordable Care Act which covers millions of people for health insurance.  What follows abolition is never discussed so we have no clue what magic elixir Donald Trump and his mad cohorts are dreaming up.  So far they are excited about tearing something down; not building things that benefit American People.
  • This party is Anti-Abortion and dreams of having a U. S. Supreme court that would overturn Roe vs Wade.  Donald Trump presidency has as its centerpiece a chance to name enough Supreme Court justices to roll back many of the decisions that have come from the Roberts Court.
  • This is a party that refuses to consider the Supreme Court nominee put forth by President Obama.  A first refusal to a sitting president.

Do not forget that the above noted provisions will magically turn America into a great nation again; for whom.  You can start believing in Santa Claus again.


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23 June 16


How could pundits predict a close election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?  Uneducated white men, their wives and their extended families are not numerous enough to elect a president of the United States due to today’s demographics.

  • I am extremely proud to be Black (not African-American) because Donald Trump can forget our vote since he has proven attractive to the racist fringe, I am referring to the Ku Klux Klan, white supremacists,  skin heads, David Duke and the weird militia movement.  We could never court or align with these racist motherf………s for we Blacks were never on Trump’s radar.  Now you can see why it is so important for the Republican Party that they suppress the Black, Hispanic, Elderly and the Youth vote.  We will not waste our vote on Jill Stein or Governor Johnson’s Libertarian Party because we died and fought for the right to select the winner not to take a philosophical stance.
  • LGBTQ voters will not and should not vote for Donald Trump since they are widely reviled by the Christian Right and Republican Party policy makers who plan to include Anti-LGBTQ language in the party’s platform.  You can’t make friends by slapping your adversaries. It is clear that the Republicans still believe that a marriage only occurs between a man and a woman and many local Republican officials have refused to uphold their constitutional duties.  Many right wingers have participated in “gay bashing” and other ominous acts of harassment.
  • The promised construction of the wall to keep out the marauding Mexican drug dealers, rapists and thieves from Mexico and Central  America will surely prevent any self respecting Hispanic person from voting for any Republican.  Donald Trump apparently does not understand that American Men and Europeans are not physically or psychologically fit to harvest cabbage, broccoli, peas, berries, fruits and agricultural crops needed to sustain the American People we would starve without farm help.  What happened to the Guest Worker Program?  Nobody in that program is an immigrant or illegal residence.  The  guest worker improves his or her economic status back home.  A win win situation.  You Mr. Trump, can write off the Hispanic vote.
  • The Jewish vote is solidly Democratic and its numbers are expanded by hate speech because Jews know the consequences of unbridled hate speech.  Mr. Trump’s position regarding Israel and the Middle East is not what Benjamin Netanyahu had hoped for, the fact that the Trump candidacy has attracted the supporters of the Ku Klux Plan, David Duke and organizations which are listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Jewish people are too grounded and aware of all of their historical victimization to fall for Donald Trump’s babble.  His embrace of Vladimir Putin’s warm words makes everybody with a stake in the world order, shudder.  There is a high, high level of college educated Jews who will not vote for Donald Trump; even in New York State including Brooklyn and New City, NY.
  • The Muslim population has been specifically targeted as being unwelcome in America until we begin to vet people.  Knucklehead Trump does not realize that there is no typical Muslim since they arrive from Indonesia, as well as The Gambia, West Africa.  Never mind they are unwelcome to come for any reason until they are properly vetted.  The Islamic vote will not go for Donald Trump because he wants to insult all Muslims with a religious test or a loyalty pledge however insecure.  How, then, can any lucid Muslim cast a vote for Trump for any office including the School Board.  Have you noticed he hasn’t mentioned Saudi Arabia who spawned most of the 911 terrorists, I wonder why?
  • Asians will not vote for Donald Trump because what they hear is crazy and impossible to achieve plans featuring his dictating to China and other Pacific Rim countries including higher tariffs on goods manufactured in China, Mexico, Turkey et. al,  Sounds like the Fox wants to watch the chicken coop for us, alone. Could he have investments in Saudi Arabia?
  • Veterans will not support Donald Trump who utilized all of his deferments to avoid military service to his country.  This is a military which that he thinks is weakened and under siege.  Trump would be a man out of step with general officers because he knows more than they do, in spite of their being in the Intelligence Loop.  I wonder where or when he studied Military Science & Tactics.  He cannot be allowed by us veterans to utter our name in vain.  He has no idea as to what is happening in VA Hospitals nationwide nor do I but I know the East Orange Veterans Administration Medical center meets or exceeds my expectations month after month and year after year.  Sympathy for the vets is not warranted..  No votes here, chump Trump.

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