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3 June 11


  • How quickly good deeds are forgotten  and relegated to obscurity.  During the Bosnia War  (1992-1995) we fought and died on the side of the Muslims. Have our Muslim brothers forgotten or ignored the death of American soldiers in reaction to Ethnic Cleansing which was captained by one, General Ratko Mladic.  Yes, we were fighting on the Muslim side years before our payback on 9/11/2001 at the World Trade Center.  The star catalyst of this horror was General Ratko Mladic who was born on 12 March 1942; he is an accused war criminal and he has been extradited to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former State of Yugoslavia (ITCY).  General Mladic was indicted by ITCY for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity; he stands accused of being responsible for the siege of Sarajevo.  Further more he engineered the Srebrenica Massacre which was the largest mass murder since World War II.  It is estimated that 8,372 Bosniak men and boys were killed in and around the towns of Srebrenica and Herzgovina by units of the Army of Republika Srpska, the Scorpions and the Greek Volunteer Guard.  Coincidently, all of these units were under the command of General Ratko Mladic.  They stripped male Muslim prisoners, military, civilian, elderly and young of their personal belongings and identification and proceeded to kill them solely on the basis of their ethnic identity.  General Mladic was a fugitive for 16 years until Thursday 26 May 2011 in Lazarevo, Serbia.  General Mladic is being held in the Hague Netherlands.  Now what do you think should happen to him?  What does his justice look like?  Should the state of his health be a part of the justice equation?  Should he rot in solitary confinement a la Adolph Eichmann?  How in the world do you apply justice for the deaths of 8,372 human beings; they were helpless and defenseless men and boys, who were probably terrified and were summarily killed?  We must be diligent against the contorted idea of Ethnic Cleansing anywhere and at anytime.  The case against General Mladic will be compelling since he gave them a 16 year headway to collect evidence.  Frankly they should throw the book, furniture and any thing left loose in the court room at him.  Shame, shame, shame on the youthful hooligans  who protected, aided and abetted him; their guilt is real .  Let the world Muslims oppose General Mladic while realizing that we are on the same side of this administration of justice.


  • The forecasted housing double dip is upon us and the deadly torrent of foreclosures continues unabated and I know how foreclosure feels.  My wife and I purchased a six-story loft building in Tribeca (New York City) in 1979 for an inflated  price of $350K.  Tribeca did not have a name at this time and we were labeled fools for buying in a sparsely populated area with no shopping or services.   We were leasing  2,500 SF under long term leases on six floors .  They same thing that will make laugh will also make you cry.  The low monthly rent made us feel like geniuses; having so much space for so little money.  We entertained a proposal from the landlord to purchase the building and become the tenant/landlord.  Once we took possession  of the building the same low rents brought tears from our eyes.  My first official act was to grant myself a $1.00/year lease but I had to add money to the rent collection to pay the mortgage each month because we were under water.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was the rent strike by our fellow tenants .  The building went into foreclosure ; I have never been sadder or more helpless. Every day I see people facing foreclosure  & dislocation and I know what a wrenching feeling it is. I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to suffer such debilitating pain which occupies 100% of your mind and concentration.  Most people, like me, have lived in their home while rearing children with all of the familial connections.  Finally, I gathered the energy to move out in the middle of the night  after 19 years of occupancy.  Since I took raw space and built it at my expense and to my design, I would have been more comforted if the building had fallen to a tornado.  I thought about many scenarios but they all ended in foreclosure which is often viewed as a failure like divorce.  The passage of time and the present economic malaise made the (sic) divorce appear to be an opportunity to re-group or re-focus.  Turning a negative into a positive .  For all Americans in foreclosure who feel their world is ending, remember, you didn’t come into the world with a house.  If your health is good that’s all you will need for life because no one is getting out of here alive!!!!


  • What is wrong with a society that doesn’t get it.  We never learn do we?  The Prohibition Era lasted from 1920 through 1933.  A constitutional amendment was required to enact (18th Amendment) it and another one was required to repeal. Enter new types of crime because of the attempt to decrease the “evils”  of alcohol.  The creeping tide of anti-alcohol was ramping up after the Lever Food and Fuel Control Act of 1917.  It argued that the grains needed to distill alcohol were needed as food and were in short supply because of the needs of the War.  This effectively shut down the country’s breweries and distilleries temporarily.  It was claimed that the nation’s health would improve dramatically without alcohol, that crime would drop, even milk sales were expected to fill the void left by the absence of alcohol.  Those knuckleheads believed that worker productivity would increase and that juvenile delinquency would be eliminated.  The repeal of the 18th amendment was prompted and energized because the illegal manufacturing of alcohol filled part of the void but these illegal products were often dangerous and of much higher alcohol content than the beer, wine and spirits that they replaced.  Crime increased and criminal activity became organized and led to the formation of powerful crime syndicates that used murder, bribery of public officials and law enforcement officers to get their wishes fulfilled.  Worker productivity did not increase; drug use increased with drugs taking the place of alcohol.  Jails were filled with people convicted of minor infractions of the Alcohol Ban.  Enforcement of the ban on alcohol was very costly to continue.  Passage of the 21st Amendment occurred in 1933.  As a result of Alcohol Legalization, crime was reduced and many new jobs were created by the expansion of the liquor industry.  I am appalled that all of the arguments during and after Prohibition are fallaciously being used against Marijuana and the War on Drugs.  Folks the War on Drugs is lost and is a colossal waste of money.


  • Our next door neighbor, Mexico is in the middle of a blood bath with thousands of Federales, civilians and local officials losing their lives.  Public officials are either bribed, told to abdicate their positions or killed.  Legalization of marijuana would replace the need to murder and these cartels would be repositioned as businessmen; they would become lawful legitimate international importers. Today you can not send a 15 year old out to buy a liter of liquor but that same 15 year old could buy an ounce of marijuana.  Just like the Era of prohibition, the jails are filled with non-violent marijuana conviction casualties whose lives are destroyed by their conviction.  It cost more to house an inmate in prison for a year than it would cost to send them to Harvard and guess what Harvard would not be a stretch for many of these men and women.  Please excuse me for ignoring the fact that many small towns thrive off the incarceration industry of human filing cabinets; they, in fact depend on these prisons to survive.  This protracted War on Drugs has produced nothing due to the ever increasing demands of the United States and Europe.  these societies might be sanctimonious but they are rife with weed heads.  The Medical Marijuana Industry is gaining momentum in several states as I write but the US Justice Department  has notified those states that the department will raid dispensaries and confiscate drugs (States Rights argument) and generally create mayhem.  Watch out you glaucoma suffers, chemotherapy patients, chronic nausea sufferers and the legion of high blood pressure sufferers.  The president couldn’t possibly agree with me and get re-elected but I am not running for public office, this all seems simple to me.  The Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929 is a syllogism of the massacre in Mexico that continues today.  Marijuana will be legalized in the future for the wrong reason because it can produce enormous tax revenue just like liquor does.  Our greed will sober us up!!!  Meanwhile stay tuned for the next flurry of executions by the Mexican Cartels.  What’s your solution? Ask the parents of an Iowa teenager who died this week from smoking a synthetic substance called K2.  Would you prefer a killer synthetic? Would you?
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28 May 11


  • Let me tell you about a young boy whom I knew.  He spent part of his early life toiling in the hot sun of East Texas chopping and hoeing cotton while wearing shirts fashioned from 50 lb. floral decorated flour sacks.  He marveled at the calm and serenity of farm  life but he detested the early 4 AM wake up calls.  This was not a culture of total deprivation since the pear, peach and plum orchards were in full bloom and production and the 3,000 SF garden was rife with vegetables and legumes.  This was not a bucolic life for him therefore going to college was his only avenue of escape.  Sports was a constant activity in spite of the balls being fashioned from yarn with a black walnut core; the bats were hewed limbs off of trees.  They move to the nearest town, with his parents, introduced him to organized sports where he excelled in Little League, Pony League and high school baseball as a left hand power hitting catcher.  He starred for Longview Negro High School for four seasons in baseball and he started 3 years as a tackle in football while achieving All District honors in both sports.  Of course this young boy’s dream was to play for the University of Texas UT since the eyes of Texas were upon them all the live long day.  Unfortunately, Southwest Conference and Southeast Conference teams did not recruit Black athletes.  He accepted a Division 1 dual scholarship to play baseball at Southern University  A & M College located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  There he played sports and earned a B. Arch degree (1964) in Architecture with the distinction of being the second graduate from Southern University School of Architecture (SUSA).  Finding no jobs in the South he migrated to New York City where he found tertiary work as a surveyor assistant.  He worked for a succession of Architects before earning his Master”s Degree from Pratt Institute.  This was preceded by his passing of the New York State Board of Architects licensing exam and he opened his office employing 18 people.  His office has been providing continuous service to the public for 42 years and has completed $875,000,000. worth of work.  The proudest day of his life was not the birth of his children, college graduation, Architectural Licensing, knighthood but it was the day his grandmother handed him the reins to the mule and plow. That is the real coming of age because he could contribute like a man. This country boy has served on the Board of Directors of Boys Club of America, has been an Arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association, granted Knighthood by the Knights of Malta, Adjunct professor at City College of New York (CUNY) and Pratt Institute (Brooklyn) and many Who’s Who.  This young man was far from perfect having been married five times with four ending in amicable divorces.  The quiet farm life led him to be an inveterate traveler to Europe including Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo, London, Rome, Beijing and Fujian (China).  By now you must have guessed that that country boy is me, not was me but is me.  I still wish for the day when we are indivisible with liberty and justice for all, success does not dull that desire.


  • In the recent past, before the 24 hour news cycle, our source of news was the Saturday Evening post, Pittsburg Courier, Jet Magazine, Ebony, Newsweek, Times Magazine, etc.  We were made aware of tragedy and good deeds in far away places after the fact.  We ere horrified or exalted while reading about the events of the day.  Well times have changed to the extent that we now witness plane crashes, Tsunamis, televised wars, civil uprisings, earthquakes, floods and all manner of earth shattering events.  We are transported to the scene by television using video feeds, cell phone transmissions and digital cameras.  Our hearts were wrenched by the tsunami in Japan with its cascading total destruction and its runaway nuclear reactors; not to mention its desolate wasteland.  Take a deep breath and exhale because such major destruction did not begin or end in Tuscaloosa, Alabama but it has continued unabated in Tornado Alley in the USA including but not limited to Joplin, Missouri.  The sight of the devastation leads me to believe that future built homes should have a reinforced concrete room with a vault type door.  This room should be in the middle of the house and structurally independent.  Can you imagine how much debris needs to be removed to garbage fills and what do you do with all of that fill? Do you try to recycle wood or other re-usable materials?  My and our hearts should be dismayed by seeing such total destruction amid the tears of losing family members or searching for missing family members.  Let us pray for their recovery, let us assist in any way that we can, let us honor all of their requests.  My entire nuclear family (father, sisters and cousins) still live in East Texas which is smack in Tornado Alley.  We are fortunate to be Americans and there is only one America in spite of our deep divisions.  Our challenge is to honor our integrity in spite of said divisions.  PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!!!!!


  • Remember the portrait of the two New York City policemen who were consorts in the rape trial.  If you remember they returned repeatedly to her apartment; this is their own admission.  Guess what!!! They were found Not Guilty of rape but guilty of Official Misconduct for which they were immediately fired by the NYPD.  They were spared by a jury of their peers and I will not feign shock or surprise because juries find cops Not Guilty routinely in this country.  They are not totally in the clear because sentencing on the Official Misconduct conviction will be administered next month by Judge Gregory Carro.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for jail time in this case but they are facing 2 years in prison.  They were acquitted (according to jurors interviewed) because there was no forensic evidence to support the woman’s claim. The officer Moreno did admit to using a condom; if that is not a damaging admission then I don’t know what is.  So, condoms have a new use that of rape without evidence or a cops word against a drunk female.  This unpopular verdict was protested by  two separate groups at City Hall and the Court House.  It is an outrage, I repeat, it is an outrage and a black mark against the NYPD.  Here’s the good news, they will never represent the NYPD again, never.  Let’s pray that they never get back into law enforcement and the applause that you hear is for the loss of their pensions.  Bad Guys!!!
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22 May 11


  • Meet Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn who is the Managing Director of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) who is a French citizen living in Washington, DC.  Mr. Strauss-Kahn is married to Ann Sinclair, a television commentator and he was projected as the leading candidate for president of France replacing the sitting president Sarkozy in 2012.  Mr. Strauss-Kahn was arrested in New York City Last week in John F. Kennedy Airport aboard an Air France aircraft headed for Paris; he was accosted in his First Class seat just before the doors closed.  He was staying at the Sofitel Hotel located in Times Square in New York City; in a $3,000. per night suite but under a promotional program he paid $500. for his nights stay.  The saga begins when the chambermaid let herself into the suite, occupied by Mr. Strauss-Kahn, to tidy up the suite only to find him emerging nude from the  shower.  She alleged that Mr. Strauss-Kahn forced her into the bedroom and made her perform a sexual act on him in the bathroom.  She escaped to  report the encounter to the NYPD who caught him at the airport. He also left his cell phone in the room and on his way to the airport he had talked to the hotel staff about retrieving his phone at a later date.  So I guess he was there.  He then spent the night in lock up at the Special Victims Unit in East Harlem.  He is charged with Unlawful Imprisonment, Attempted Rape and Assault.  What, please tell me would cause a man to want a chamber maid when he could pick up the phone and requisition a fancy New York Call Girl?  You just can’t be cheap!! This man has fallen from grace as the world’s banker and probably will not granted bail because he was making a run for the exit when he was arrested.  If he makes it to France, he might never appear in an American Court.  Without our knowledge, Mr. Strauss-Kahn has had a checkered past including rumors of Sexual Harassment and an extramarital affair with a subordinate.  IMF has announced that the #2 man (An American) John Lipsky will take the reins.  Another one bites the dust and the alibi does not include drugs, alcohol or entrapment;  Mr. Strauss-Kahn did this to himself whether he is found guilty or not. Help me, what was he thinking; not in New York City?  Mr. Strauss-Kahn was  held without bail in the notorious Rikers Island City Jail after arraignment to allow for a possible bail release.  The denial of bond was based on the fact that he was fleeing to France.  Remember Roman Polanski and you then realize that the USA does not have an Extradition Treaty with our friend France.  Mr. Strauss-Kahn has been released on bail with an Electronic Monitoring Cuff, he is surrounded with Armed Guards at all times at his expense and he can have no more than four visitors at any one time in the Woolworth Building.  To the French I say “the same thing that will make you laugh will also make you cry. No Extradition Treaty? I will stay on top of this.


  • The United States has formerly declared war eleven separate times with Germany being the one country targeted twice.  Each time the declaration was requested by the president in person before a joint session of congress or in writing.  The United States has not declared war against any nation since 5 June 42 and Congress has not exercised its constitutional right to declare war since World War II.  Instead congress authorized the the President to use force via a “Joint Resolution”.  A Joint Resolution.  A Declaration of War by the  United States is the statement of congress to engage military force against another nation.  Congress reasoned ” why be held accountable when the President can take the heat.  Public Law (93-148) limits the power of the President of the United States to wage war without the approval of congress.  Since World War II, not once has the president gone before congress to request a “Declaration of War” against any nation.  James Madison got the war of 1812 declared, James Polk got the Mexican American War declared, William McKinley got the Spanish-American War declared, Woodrow Wilson got World War I (two) declared and Franklin Roosevelt got six World War II declarations.  The opponents of the War Power Resolution point to Article I of the Constitution which reads “the congress shall have the power to declare war”.  Instead of formal War Declarations,  The United States Congress has issued Authorizations of Force including the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and the recent “Use of Force Resolution” that started the 2003 Gulf War.  Proponents argue that declarations keep the administration honest by laying their case to the American Public; opponents argue that Americans should support their president and question not military actions.  In practice presidents have the power to commit forces with congressional approval but without a Declaration of War.  Republicans want to wrest these powers from President Obama who is new to this long presidental congo line.  Why is it just now important to limit the president and that President happens to be Barack H. Obama???


  • WHAT WAS HE THINKING!!!! The “He” in this case is Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger born on 30 July 47  in Thal, Austria to local police chief Gustav Schwarzenegger and Aurelia Schwarzenegger.  His father served in the German Army and was discharged in 1943 after a bout with malaria fever; Arnold commissioned the Simon Wiesenthal Center to research his father’s wartime record which came up with no evidence of atrocities.  Apparently there was no love lost between father Gustav and son Arnold; money was always an issue in the family.  Arnold Schwarzenegger served one year in the Austrian Army as required of all 18 year old males.  He won the Junior Mr. Europe title in 1965 and was subsequently voted the best built man in Europe.  His moved to London where the Mr. Universe Title would be his ticket to America .  In 1967 he became the youngest Mr. Universe ever at age 20 years; he went on to win 3 more times.  He overcame a thick Austrian accent and transcended the unlikely background of body building to become the biggest movie star in the world in the 1990s.  He met Maria Shriver at the Robert F Kennedy Tennis Tournament in August 1978 and later married her.  Mr. Schwarzenegger has been a Registered Republican; his political views were well known because they contrasted with other prominent Liberal and Democratic leaning Hollywood Stars.  When you think about his journey, how do you explain the schtupping of the maid under your wife’s nose, over your children’s heads and past the gaze of fellow elected officials?  Arnold did not fool himself but he sure did deceive the world.  Please advise him that birth control is available and was available; his integrity must have been on hiatus.  Can you hide a child for long? My opinion is no; because you can’t hide an illegitimate child forever ask Senator Strom Thurman.  Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger has proven that immorality doe not play well on Center Stage.  No integrity Arnold!!!!
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16 May 11


  • Beware of the image you project when its underpinnings are immoral.  Focus your attention for a moment on the good State of Nevada.  Sure the state is known for Las Vegas with its flashy casinos, Reno with its legal brothels and of course bucolic Lake Tahoe.  Last year congressional elections in Nevada focused on the Senior Senator and Senate Leader Harry Reed (D-NV) who won against the wishes of the Republican Conservatives.  It appears that the conservatives  were misplaced in their concentration on Harry Reed because their Junior Senator and fellow conservative was imploding due to his blatant adultery.  That Junior Senator John Ensign (R-NV) resigned from the Senate last week due to the following follies.  He employed on his staff a husband and wife team; the husband described Senator Ensign as his brother in Christ.  This team Mr. & Ms. Hampton went to the airport to pick up a Hampton son and Senator Ensign in a separate vehicle went at the same time  to greet the Hampton son.  Ms. Hampton got out of the car and left her cell phone behind whereas her husband intercepted a amorous text message from the Senator to his wife.   What would Christ have his followers do?  Upon Ms. Hampton’s return to the car Mr. Hampton confronted his wife by saying ” I know what you and John have been doing”; he then proceeded to chase the Senator Engel in the parking lot with his allegations or discoveries.  Ms Hampton alleged that she was forced by the Senator to reserve hotel rooms and to be available for numerous trysts.  No, rape is not alleged by either side.  The Senator is alleged to have stopped paying the school tuition for the Hampton children and he summarily fired their father Doug Hampton, his brother in Christ. Don’t leave, it gets dicier.  Mr. Hampton received a gift check in the amount of $96,000. from the father of Senator Ensign.  All of this was apparently mediated by Senator Tom Coburn; additionally these men live together in the “C” Street Lair in Washington, DC.  This involvement has Senator Coburn’s integrity in question and has Senator Ensign in the cross-hairs of the Senate Ethics Committee; he has violated Campaign Finance Laws and was ticketed for expulsion.  He quit and hied out of Dodge (DC) hopefully never to be heard or seen again.  That pile of debris that you see is the remains of two devastated families and many careers.  What would Christ do?  Mr. Hampton has filed for bankruptcy and is going through a divorce from his wife.  The Senate’s report indicates that when the senator was caught in a Nevada hotel room with Ms. Hampton after he had vowed to end the affair, he received an angry call from Timothy Coe (a conservative advisor) telling him “I know what you are doing, put your pants on and go home. Enough said!!!


  • Does Insider Trading pay albeit does crime pay?  To me Insider Trading is synonymous to a runner at second base relaying the catcher’s signals to the batter and this is not without risk but the batter is not as good a hitter as generally thought.  This Insider Trading case involves a hedge fund billionaire Raj Rajaratnam who was found guilty of all 14 counts of Fraud and Conspiracy.  I have often suspected that many many rich people have made their money illegally and should not be proud or boastful of their accomplishments.  It is still true that the best way to rob a bank is to become its president.  Mr. Rajaratnam was accused of using fraud to reap profits or avoid 60 million in losses.  The prosecution secretly made recordings of Mr. Rajaratnam’s calls to his alleged tipsters.  Forget about his guilt or innocence.  What must it feel like to have unlimited luxury then no chauffeur, no maids, no underlings, to have a reputation shattered and to be exposed as a two bit lying criminal? How is he going to mesh with prison life of underlying violence, total loss of freedom and being powerless after being powerful?  How will he live in austerity after a life of posh luxury? Being blessed to have to have Raj’s monetary success, I wouldn’t even jay walk (an infraction that the NYPD ignores).  There will be others accused of Insider Trading because they will have devised another ruse and the money to be made is astronomical.  35 people have been convicted of Insider Trading in the Southern District in the past year and a half.  The question for me is how heart wrenching is the transition from real privilege and enormous wealth.  He should out live his prison sentence and resurrect his billions.  Crime does not pay in any currency.


  • This is an update on the New York City Policemen who are on trial for the alleged rape of an inebriated young East Village Damsel.  My last post contained the testimony of Officer Mata who was complicit while Officer Moreno allegedly raped the young repeatedly in her apartment.  Officer Moreno has testified and his lawyer has  presented his summation. Moreno’s Attorney Tacopina told the jury “he is a simpleton not a predator.  When Officer Moreno was asked under oath “did you have sex with the accuser”; his answer was “I don’t kiss and tell”!!Officer Moreno testified that the victim tried to seduce him.  The prosecution’s evidence includes a recording that the victim made where Officer Morena assured her that he wore a condom.  There is absolutely no semen, no semen whatsoever.  The 29 year old GAP executive testified that she blacked out several times that night but she clearly recalls “she woke up being penetrated from behind.  Defense lawyer Tacopina dismissed the red mark that the hospital found on the woman’s cervix as “meaningless redness.  Could penetration cause the meaningless redness?  According to the defense attorney Tacopina, Moreno does not act like a rapist because you don’t ask your victim out on a date if you are a true  rapist.  And lastly, Officer Moreno offered during during his testimony that he spooned with the near naked woman in his uniform in her bed and sang a Bon Jovi song to her.  These officers are facing up to 25 years in prison.  Sta tuned.
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10 May 11


  • We applaud our heroes as we steadily destroy them.  War has never settled an issue but has raised many.  All the combatant countries and I mean both sides, receives thousands of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) sufferers from generals down to privates.  Some men are so mentally damaged by the deeds that they perpetrated or suffered that they will never ever be the same.  Why is there a rash of these men killing their wives?  The first cause is the fact that they are well trained killing machines poised to settle any confrontation with violence.  A previous post on this blog reasons that these men are homeless and jobless because there is no MOS (mode of service) for a civilian skilled at killing.  Why are so many active duty soldiers killing themselves; committing suicide?  Alarmingly the numbers have been increasing; is suicide seen as a way out or as a solution?  A way out or solution to what? We must include in this national and international train wreck, the men who live through the trauma and tragedy of dismemberment, disfiguration, etc..  These healthy and vital young men are victims in the prime of their lives economically, physically, socially and educationally;  add the suffix ly to any noun and you would be accurate.  The government of combative nations are self-saddled with medical and rehabilitation costs for generations; many of these men can no longer contribute to the society that they live in and fought for.  The last thought to be embraced by combative nations is the death of thousands upon thousands of young prime of life men (on both sides) survived by wives, children, parents,  friends and extended families; a gaping hole is left in each heart.  Purple Hearts and Medals of Honor don’t begin to heal that aforementioned hole.  I guess the factors of population control such as disease, war, pestilence and starvation are still as true as Laws of Physics.  Can’t we just live together and not let religion be such a lightening rod or divider?  believe me there is nothing wrong with loving oneself thence your fellow human beings.  We extend unconditional love to animals; why not our fellow human beings.


  • More questions for Pakistan.  Were you derelict in performing your sovereign duties?  The three principal branches of the Pakistani Government are the Civil Government, Military (who receives billions in aid from America- this is why I have an opinion because my money was sent to the military) and the ISI or Intelligence Service.  In question is the fact that the Bin Laden compound was in plain view so who knew what and when did they know .  This is compounded by the fact that the Pakistani Authorities (all branches included) did not know that the CIA Safe house was in the very same neighborhood and the Pakistanis did not know they were there; it appears that they were capable of dereliction of duty.  On the other hand one or all of the three branches  of the Pakistani Government could have been duplicitous by providing assistance to Osama Bin Laden.  One of the worst circumstance a human being can get mired in is a partnership where you can’t trust your partner.  When you can’t share intelligence with your partner that a bad guy is on his soil and will be taken out by you then something is seriously amiss.  Bet your rent that, notification of the raid to the Pakistani authorities would have resulted in Mr. Bin Laden not being home to host the raid.  Everybody reading this knows that there is a sordid story but we just can’t pinpoint the location of the smell; but there is a stench.  Imagine how difficult it would be to establish a three story house in close proximity to West Point the US Military Academy.  I would say the chances a zero unless you were a Rockefeller, Vanderbilt or Madame C.J. Walker.  Go Figure!!!!


  • The previously published blog dated 25 March 11 posed the question of how two of New York Finest could agree to consort in the rape of an intoxicated young woman; the police were initially called by a taxi driver to aid a severely inebriated and immobile female.  The Policemen are on trial now so I must inform you of one of the officers’ testimony under oath.  Please remove all removable dentures before you read this because it is jaw dropping as a defense.  Listen to this!!!!  Officer Moreno (accused rapist) made the bogus 911 call as an excuse for the duo to return to the building where the woman had allegedly been raped earlier; evidence indicates that he told a tenant, in the building, that he was looking for a man reportedly in the rear yard, but he wasn’t.  This was converted into an opportunity for the duo to return to the woman’s apartment; they returned three times to check on the well being of the victim.  Officer Mata (the lookout) testified that the victim and Officer Moreno were building a rapport….they were getting to know each other…..building a relationship.  How do you build a rapport with a women who is puking during every visit by the cops.  Officer Mata testified that he turned on the TV and fell asleep on the couch while Officer Moreno was with the victim in another room.  Mata admitted that he lounged in the apartment and that his partner was “flirty” with the woman while they should have been on patrol but he testified that he did not see Officer commit a crime that night.  Oops can you see the opening.  Let us see whether cops can get away with rape due to a jury verdict so please stay tuned.
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3 May 11


  • Politics in America has always been a rough and tumble contact sport.  We have occasionally treated our presidents with disrespect.  For instance Herbert Hoover was accused of being a British Subject which was a bad thing in those days; Abraham Lincoln was reported to be part gorilla because of his hairiness (remember there was no photo media); Andrew Jackson was accused of being a womanizer to the extent that his wife suffered a nervous breakdown; Thomas Jefferson was peppered with accusations that he fathered children with the slave woman Sally Hemmings; it was feared that John F. Kennedy, who was a devout Catholic Irish-American who would surely hand the reins of government over to the Pope (the USA would be run by the Vatican); Lyndon Baines Johnson was whispered as part of the conspiracy to murder John F. Kennedy and President Barack Obama is being projected as an alien.  Yet, no matter how rough and tumble it got  not one of these men was asked to produce a birth certificate until President Obama came along.  What an insult?  First, the Certificate of Live Birth, which Hawaii uses universally, was unacceptable.  This resulted in a call for the Long Form which is no longer used and the forms are kept in a vault and is only released under the Freedom of Information Act.  The drum major of this sorry epis0de was none other than Donald Trump acting like a circus barker bent on making a spectacle of himself.  The president (unannounced) made the Long Form of his Birth Certificate available, it indicated that the president was born on 4 August.  In addition to this several Hawaiian officials have indicated that they were aware of the president’s birth.  Still this nebulous story has a life of its own because there are Americans who will never ever accept a Black president under any circumstances.  Can you pronounce the work Racism, Tea Party or Republican Party?  Did you ever hear the Tea Partyers use the term “take our country back”? I wonder who has taken their country from them? They rail against the deficit that they created; never allow the guy who drove the car into the ditch, to drive it out of the ditch.


  • With friends like Pakistan, we don’t need enemies.  How can the largest most fortified house in the neighborhood elude the question of who lives there and why.  In New York City every block in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens or Staten Island would be able to inform police as to who moved in and when.  You cannot hide in full view in NYC.  How can an upscale house in Abbottabad go unnoticed throughout its six year existence.  No Building Department or tax bureau I guess!!!  Popular lore had Bin Laden living in or near the caves of Toro Boro and living a spartan life.  Instead he was living better than most of us in a garrison mansion with 11 to 18 foot high walls that were topped with barbed wire; this was just outside of the Capital of Islamabad among a retired military population.  Guess what, Pakistan is pissing on our legs and trying to convince us that it is raining.  My Family and I lived in the shadow of the World Trade Center approximately 1,000 feet North of the entrance; our children played in the spacious plaza; concerts were held in the plaza (Joe Sample) and the concourse was pulsing with revelers every work night.  The collapse of the 28 million square feet of space left a huge hole in our neighborhood that exists to this day.  Streets and infrastructure is still being built, rebuilt or re-routed and normalcy is still a far ahead of us. Mr. Bin Laden taunted us and was smug in his triumphant murder of 3,500+ people in three fell swoops; we must include the first responders who worked on the steel pile who have died and those who are dying right now due to the toxicity of the materials in the collapse.  Bin Laden’s death to me was a powerful vindication and frankly I wanted revenge as much as any of my neighbors.  Yes this one was personal.  believe it or not, now is the fertile time for the conspiracy theorists to spout their utter nonsense about whether Osama Bin Laden is dead or alive.  Of course President Obama can not do anything right as far as his detractors are concerned.  I wonder how they will explain Osama’s perpetual silence; probably suffering a prolonged throat lock.  Remember with friends like Pakistan we don’t need enemies.


  • Rashard Mendenhall is a fourth year running back with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League; he was drafted out of the University of Illinois in 2008.  Mr. Mendenhall tweeted today that he does not understand why people would be gleeful about the death of Osama Bin Laden.  Maybe he doesn’t read the Holy Bible where it advocates sorrow at birth and happiness at death (see Ecclesiastes 7-1).  This is a difficult provision to adopt because we are all guilty of the reverse by crying at death and rejoicing at birth.  I can clearly understand his opinion, although I disagree, he has a right to his own opinion.  he further questions how the World Trade Center could be demolished by airplanes crashing into the towers.  Well, Mr. Mendenhall you don’t have a right to your own facts; just your own opinion.  I have no idea what Mr. Mendenhall’s major was but his course study apparently did not include Statics, Metallurgy, Strength of Materials, Thermodynamics or Logic.  Mr. Mendenhall please be advised that the World Trade Center did not collapse due to the impact of the planes but due to the fact that jet fuel after ignition burns at super high temperatures.  Structural steel loses its  load bearing capacity at a much lower temperature hence the collapse of the majestic Yamasaki towers and low rise buildings.  Due to the laws of Physics, the World Trade Center, after the jet fuel ignition, could not survive.  If the center had toppled rather than pancake many more thousands of people would have died in the congested Wall Street Area.  This does conclusively prove that Mr. Mendenhall harbors stupid, stupid thoughts; lets hope that he keeps his other dimwitted thoughts to himself.  He should always wear a helmet.  If the University of Illinois equipped a man to reason like this, then they should shut their doors.
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29 April 11


  • Have you ever heard of Benton Harbor, Michigan?  Benton Harbor evolved from Brunson Harbor in 1865 and was incorporated as a village in 1866.  The canal which opened in 1862 made Benton Harbor a lake port and by 1870 freight was flooding the town.  After establishing a high school, street railway, a college, an opera house and a National Bank,  The village was incorporated as a city in 1891.  The Roaring Twenties saw a boom and influenced the building  of churches, office buildings, schools and new hotels however the 1960s saw a steep decline.  Industries and residents fled the encroaching inner city environment even after the town was designated as an Enterprise Zone (3% Sales Tax) in 1986.  Today it is a Black town that has fallen on bad times ; so bad that Governor Snyder of Michigan has appointed an Emergency Manager who is running the town.  This Emergency Manager has the power to fire elected city officials and to override their powers.  In fact the Emergency Manager can void all contracts including ones with labor unions; looks like Republican”Union Busting” to me .  Next victim could be the City of Detroit which has a deficit of 150 million dollars and this could be seriously exacerbated by State of Michigan is withholding 170 million dollars making Detroit’s shortfall 320 million dollars which would trigger seizure and oversight by an Emergency Manager.  Lots of union members in Detroit for the Republicans to feast on.  Middle class remove your blinders you are under siege.


  • D id you ever hear of the State Policy Network?  It was founded in 1992 by Tom Roe; the network helps to identify and develop leadership talent needed to stall state  based market-oriented right wing think tanks.  They are committed to the Federalist System (States Rights).  Many people think the Civil War is over but it appears that it is only over for the dead.  There are 58 right wing think tanks who are attacking education, advocating the laying off of teachers, getting rid of Collective Bargaining by labor unions and privatizing of Medicare.  Are they nuts?  Yes, a resounding yes.  To prove my point they favor tax cuts for the rich; government is okay as long as their wants are satisfied.  Does less government mean less FEMA ; remember the South has been devastated by tornadoes, so do we need government for dealing with Acts of God only?  Be careful what you pray for.  The Republican view hinges on the fact that the the increased levy on wealthy individuals would hinder the creation of Jobs.  Any nut case knows that small corporations (like mine) creates most of the jobs in this country and the head of these firms are not yet millionaires.  The upwardly mobile middle class creates jobs.  Just beware of  SPN (State Policy Network) for it is a deleterious factor no matter who you are.  They do not mean us any good .  A flat tax should be wished upon them.


  • New York City is surreptitiously collecting revenues through marijuana arrests.  New York State’s Marijuana Laws have been decriminalized for possession of 7/8 of an ounce or less; anyone caught smoking or displaying marijuana in public view is a misdemeanor like a traffic violation or an Environmental Control Bureau (ECB) violation.  The City of New York has a vaunted Stop & Frisk Program and it means just that; you can be stopped and frisked for no reason; needless to say, this program is particularly active in Ghetto and poor areas.  Young Black and Hispanic men constitute the largest groups of men frisked .  A typical situation happens like this; police, for no other reason except wrong color, wrong place and wrong time (night time) stop and frisk these young men.  Remember the weed must be in public view so once the cop discovers the weed in your socks and removes it, it is then displayed publicly.  This is then an illegal search because the weed was not in public view until the search.  Remember it is okay to have it hidden on your body and will yield a violation or desk ticket.  Last year (2010) had a total of arrests at 15,000 resulting in 15 million dollars for the city treasury.  Why does this happen?  The average New Yorker is smart enough to know that you don’t give an unsolicited law lecture to arresting officers because that could result in an old time NYPD ass kicking complete with a nightstick applied somewhere on or in your body.  Ironically no one appeals their violation because that would take at least 1.5 years, 6-10 return court visits where you wait for your case to be called only to be told that the People’s Case is not ready to proceed or a vacant courtroom could not be found elsewhere.  Who among us can take off from work for 6-10 days when the fine is $100. or the cheaper way to go.  Hence the City of New York is making money off these people who now have a police record.   Albeit a misdemeanor.  The driving engine is increasing City income through a ticket writing quota system because  more arrests make the police look more productive  and the 15 million is a big help.  No war on drugs here!!!  The Court of Last resort is called the Civilian Complaint Review Board which is an independent board formed in 1993 to monitor police misconduct.  Only 3% of officers, accused of illegal search and seizure, were disciplined.  The public don’t stand a chance because this 13 member board consists of 5 members appointed by the mayor; 5 members are appointed by the City Council and 3 members are police officers. Does that look slanted or skewed to you?
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24 April 11 (Easter)


  • Have you noticed that Republican leaders like John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell criss crossed the country railing about job creation last fall during the mid-term elections?  They have been in the majority for four (4) months and have not proposed or passed one piece of legislation that creates one (1) job.  They have produced nothing but anxiety. Instead they have used their feeble minds to lower taxes on the rich, defund NPR (National Public Radio), defund Planned  Parenthood institute cuts to Medicare and to attempt to rollback the newly enacted medical program which they cynically call Obamacare for lack of a better plan of their own. Any elected idiot can destroy or tear something down.  They have blind sided all of the Civil Service workers who voted them into office.  I don’t remember any candidate campaigning to eliminate Collective Bargaining.  Is it true that you get what you wish for and oftentimes you get what you vote for?  Fortunately this is America and we will vote in droves against our benevolent Tea Partyers.  We must consign them to the caves where their primitive thinking will be an asset.  I said it and I meant it.  Anybody who ignores the economic progress is not myopic but also blind.  Who is Michael Steele?


  • Marilyn Davenport is an Orange County Republican Committee member who sent out an e-mail, to her friends and other elected officials, with President Obama’s head superimposed on a chimpanzee who was flanked on one side by two monkeys; probably Republicans.  We have Ms. Davenport, who is a Tea Party Activist, to thank.  We always smelled the racism clouding their presentations and protestations.  I am okay with her portraying President Obama, disrespectfully, as a chimpanzee flanked by two monkeys because she is being brutally honest.  Are they Justice Thomas and Michael Steele? She (Davenport) portrays herself as an imperfect Christian who strives to live a Christ-like life.  I don’t want to go to her heaven; she opined that she would never do anything to harm or berate another ethnicity.  Well she sure insulted another race; maybe she doesn’t know the difference between a race and an ethnic group.  Black people beware of Republicans today for these are not Abraham Lincoln Republicans but Dixiecrats in Republican disguises, numb sculls, haters and racists who would gleefully ship all Blacks back to Africa including President Obama.  This photo of the president,s head on a chimpanzee is indicative what they think of us to a man, woman or child.  This was a private e-mail sent to dozens of friends and several of her fellow elected officials; this was to be a private inane guffaw that was between peckerwoods only.  Did she send an e-mail to John Boehner (The Chairmen of the Horde) and Eric Cantor.


  • Did you know that a group of 200 millionaires have communicated to president Obama that they believe their taxes should be increased.  These  men are true patriots because they are willing to put their money where their mouth is.  Don’t surmise that Donald Trump, Mitt Romney, et al are on this list.  Really we ought to find out the names of the organization or corporation that each one  heads ; we should buy from and patronize these men because they are what we would like to be; rich but willing to bear our part of the cross.  In this cross bearing  season we should adorn ourselves in humility, love and be willing to share the weight of the cross.  It is confirmed that there is no such thing as a free lunch in America so when a tax cut is instituted who pays for lunch.  A tax cut eliminates income that has to replaced by guess who?


  • The vote is a duty and not a privilege for every citizen who has not been disenfranchised by law.  In our recent past Messrs. Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney bravely gave their lives in a Voters Rights Campaign in the State of Mississippi.  Dr. King was a catalyst in the Mississippi Voter Rights campaign.  Why doesn’t every Black person vote after learning about the bloody Voters Rights campaigns throughout the South in the 1960s.  We got our asses handed to us in many places before we prevailed.  Does the name Medgar Evers ring a bell?  Therefore, not voting is unconscionable.  The New York City Board of, yesterday, reported that the venerable Donald Trump has not voted in a primary election in two decades; their words.  For me that translates into 20 years and that he did not vote in the last general elections.  Does that sound like political apathy for many, many years?  Now he wants to run for president; why would support a non voter to govern this nation hence the free world.  Unconscionable is the only conclusion.  Case closed on Donald Trump; his bankruptcies and divorces have served him well.
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19 April 11


  • Happy eighth (8) wedding anniversary to my wonderful, wonderful wife; the tranquility that we share has brought me here.  Our previous 27 years together and apart led us hither. YOU ARE MY GIRL.


  • Meet Kenneth Ungarelli AKA Kenny; the originator of the Ungarellis in Sverige (Sweden).  Our story begins with Kenny and his mother Barbro Ohlsson in 1967.  I immediately fell in love with Kenny and his mom and I subsequently married Kenny and his mom in 1968.  I am not his birth father but I am his daddy and my love for him grows each day.  He is now the father of three (3) children Jimmy James, Jenifer and Joseph and two grand children.  Kenny has the most inquisitive mind that I have ever encountered.  He is married to a princess of a Swedish woman who is physically and spiritually beautiful; she makes me proud to say I am her father-in-law.  Kenny has amassed knowledge of the digital technology and through his own company he is installing centrally controlled menu boards in eating establishments throughout Sweden.  Kenny resides in Marsta (near Stockholm) with his wife and all of the family is nearby.  We shall see him soon.  Kenny your daddy loves you with all of his heart.  Med hela mitt hjarta!!!  He will always be my boy @ 54 years of age.  If I were allowed to design the ideal son for me, Kenny would be  it.


  • Congratulations to the Texas A & M University’s women’s basketball team and program for winning the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship in 2011.  I would not have picked any team other than the University of Connecticut but for Connecticut to defeat Notre Dame 3 out of 3 games this season was against the mathematical odds.  Anybody who professes to know what will happen tomorrow is a pathological liar and that is precisely the reason that I have not and would never bet on sports; that means all sports.  Let’s hope Connecticut is in the mix next year.


  • THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: Please be advised that there is no single voice called THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and anybody who uses the term “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” is a confirmed liar who doesn’t have truth in him or her.  I feel like vomiting every time one of the DC yokels quotes THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  There is only one fact that you can apply to  “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” and that is ; we are all going to die.  That is the only unifying fact in this great land of ours.  State officials, local officials and congressman were elected by a local constituency not THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. America is virtually split 52/48 with the waffling independents making that a winning ratio.  Remember there was one (1) congressman who voted against declaring war on Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor so you see there is always dissent on every issue.  Why haven’t I or anyone whom I know been solicited for information by any of the politicians speaking for THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Aren’t we the most diverse population on the face of the Earth so get out of our way, stop  thinking for us, stop lying to yourselves.  THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.


  • Where oh where does defeated Ivory Coast President Gbagbo go from here?  As of today he has been captured beneath the presidential palace hence the country can get on with the people’s business that was too long delayed.  Why have a vote when the loser is unwilling to leave office?  This megalomaniac obviously considered himself president for life; many African leaders, throughout the continent, have plundered the treasury of their countries and their wives are the darlings of the shopkeepers on Fleet Street (London), Paris and Lisbon.  Sooner or later someone in this coterie makes his or her way to Zurich to snuggle with their Swiss Banker in secrecy.  The new president and electoral victor was Mr. Victor Alassane Outtara; please sir take care of your people and they will take care of you.  Civil Service is not about money but about serving the the Civilian population.  Steer the Ivory Coast into still waters and your reward here on earth will be commensurate.
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14 April 11


  • 11 April 11 was a violent day in New York City for two women were murdered by their Common Law husbands on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and Park Slope.  Both neighborhoods were recently voted, one (Lower East Side) and two (Park Slope) as New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods.  The first tragedy involved Raul Barrera (33 years old) who is accused of killing Sara Coit (23 years old) who was an employee of a tony retail outlet and a former Hunter College student.  The accused is a public relations worker who was freelancing for an entertainment corporate group who’s president described Mr. Barrera as “a cool chill guy”, that he wasn’t a monster, that he was ambitious and not the kind of guy who goes around hacking people.  By the way she was planning to leave him the next day.  What happened or why did this happen?  He was making a run for Penn Station when he called his father who convinced him to turn around and turn himself in.  He did.
  • The second tragedy occurred in Park Slope and involved Daniel Elias (28 years old) who is accused of choking to death Cynthia Lopez (29 years old) after she returned home @ 4:30 AM after a night of partying.  This carnage occurred as their daughter Destiny slept in the apartment.  Mr. Elias, who is a hospital orderly, left the premises only to return later at which time he was arrested.  His aunt is quoted as having said he loved her and wanted the family to be together allowing the child child to grow up with both parents.  By the way he was on medications for depression and is now in jail without bail.
  • As the father of five (5) daughters, the above noted tragedies haunt me continuously.  Are you aware that men who hit, assault and murder women are the weakest of the male species?  These stupid bastards think there is only one woman for them and no one else exists.  How farcical of a man to think there is only one woman in the whole wide world for  him and he is not in control of the situation.  These are men who don’t love themselves so how could they possibly love a woman.  They prove my point by destroying their lives, the victim’s life and the lives of the families, friends, colleagues and neighbors.  Once again “they think they are in love, how preposterous.


  • The term homeless veteran is an oxymoron to be dealt with.  I am a Vietnam Era veteran who was drafted to serve, I had no choice. Contrast that with today’s veterans who choose to serve our country in the armed forces while risking loss of limb, loss of life and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) .  War oftentimes never ends for the veterans who were on the ground; psychological problems ensue.  Why were veterans of the Vietnam War showing up in homeless shelters 10 years after discharge?  Contrast that to this;  veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are showing up at homeless shelters one (1) year after discharge?  Why would we (USA) allow men who fought for our freedom sink into the abyss of homelessness.  Shame shame America.  Many of these soldiers, especially Army Reservists who are serving mandatory tours, were fighting for America while their homes were going into foreclosure.  These men are returning home with our thanks and pseudo laurels prior to becoming homeless hence dreamless; is this our underbelly?  We sleep in our mini-mansions, our condos and our apartments while our heroes sleep beneath expressways, train stations, under buildings, shelters, etc.


  • In 1712 Willie Lynch declared that the slave was an important asset who shouldn’t be allowed free speech or free thought; the slave was too valuable to hang from trees or to be lynched.  He set out to teach slave owners that the key was to control the slaves’ mind and that the slave should be loyal to the Slave Owner only; make sure the young and old clash,  males and females should clash and light skinned Negros should clash with  with their dark skinned brothers.  Lynch opined that if his system was installed the control would last at least a three hundred years (300) and we have just completed 299 years.  Is the carnage in Chicago an indication of this self -hate?  146 students have been shot in Chicago this year. Why is this Black on Black blood bath continuing? Is this related to the fact that residents  lived in large and ugly human file cabinets called projects ie. Cabrini Greens?  Why are Black men in their 40s and 50s participating in gangs?  The dispersal of poor Blacks and Hispanics households, with their gang affiliation into the surrounding suburbs causes friction with gangs on their existing gang territory.  Is this bad and myopic social planning or is this no plan at all?  Chicago is cocking its firearms and once again a gun does not make one safe.  Is Black on Black crime tolerated  as population control.


  • April 15 is Emancipation Day marking the day Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves; in Texas slaves were not informed of their freedom until the crop had been taken in, on the 19 of June.  Popularly call Juneteenth.
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