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25 May 17


How are those new manufacturing jobs coming along? I hear a few jobs escaped to Mexico after Trump negotiations which were not negotiations but photo ops.  How about the jobs that are manufacturing Ivanka Trump’s shoes, garments and accessories. It appears that the Trump family is providing more jobs in China than in the United States.  The Trumps have discovered the EB-5 Program which is centered around investment/green cards which encourages Chinese investments of $500,000. or $1,000,000. in a blighted area in the USA.  The Kushner Family in New Jersey have redrawn an ethnic boundary in Jersey City to satisfy the EB-5 requirements. The entire redrawn boundaries are lies and corrupt decisions by the Jersey City Government.

How is the building of those bridges that we classify as dangerous and outdated?  We could assume that repairing and replacing infrastructure will create many jobs but  these workers no longer use shovels and pick axes anymore.  Infrastructure work is no longer labor intensive but it requires skilled machine operators, cement workers, asphalt workers, crane operators, welders, etc. jobs, jobs,jobs.  The Trump program will not work without allowing skill labor to emigrate to the United States.  Welders are in short supply and fully employed today.  This campaign promise was made more than once, how is that going for Trump voters.  No jobs yet but racism binds them to Trump even as they die of Black Lung Disease.

Hey coal miners,  how is your job search for mining working?  I guess you are tired of succeeding by now and being surrounded by opulence.  The main impediment is automation which has diminished the number of jobs significantly.  This is not creating jobs; it is duping the very people who voted for Trump, Stein and Johnson.  The third party candidates helped elect Trump and they are getting zero plus losing their health care for their effort.  The manufacturing sector is not experiencing the deluge of new well paying jobs as promised during the Trump clown parade; NAFTA is still in place so how is that going for you, Trump voter.  Trump is so angry with Germany that he is going to prevent them from selling cars in the U. S.  Little does this knucklehead know that the Germans are manufacturing cars in South Carolina to be sold in the United States without tariffs.  BMW in South Carolina, provides 8,000 jobs and these jobs were there before Trump scammed himself into office.  This was meant to be a slight to Angela Merkel during his “mad bull” tirade after the NATO conference.

How about those jobs relating to the budget cutting conducted with a sledge hammer and a chain saw.  There will be many jobs lost at the local level including areas that voted for Donald Trump such as drivers for the “Meal on Wheels” Program.  People will lose jobs servicing rural hospitals, farms, community colleges.  How about those thousands of jobs building the wall along the Mexican Border; how is that feeding your family these days?  Trump voters must have such a wonderful feeling of fulfillment since their president is singlehandedly solving all of their problems but he will not be able to hold back the tsunami of negative public opinion when his policies fall flat as they have so far.

Trump is busy and personally trying to erase his predecessor’s accomplishments rather than moving forward.  Remember his primary goal is to undo the accomplishments of President Barack Obama who was illegitimate to Donald Trump.  His hatred of Obama and all Black people other than Mike Tyson and Don King is readily apparent.  Heres to you Donald our hate and dislike is mutual and that is one Black man’s opinion.  DONALD TRUMP WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT.

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18 May 17


The Russians are not coming, they are already here and infecting our government including the congress of the United States.  In spite of the intelligence community position that the Russians are guilty of hacking  into and influencing the presidential election of 2016.  All signs, for me, indicate that smoke is followed by combustion.  I have been disturbed by public testimony before congressional committees who are abdicating their responsibility to be a check and balance to the executive branch.  Instead they are operating with under staffing and refusing to issue subpoenas for records, tapes and documents required to follow the trail of evidence where ever it leads.  It is clear that the Republicans are not interested in the truth or governing America;  just Trumps 38% who are so brainwashed by hate that they can’t respect the rights of their fellow Americans.  By the way, they did not receive 10 million votes that went to Hillary, Stein and Johnson.  Remember, the large majority of voters (not Electoral College) voted for someone other than Trump yet he is attempting to govern 38% of the population to the detriment of 62% who did not vote for him.  I think the Democrats should keep the pedal to the floor regarding the Russian hacking.  Why were so many people around Trump before and after his inauguration, meeting with the Russians?  Kisliak is surely the main artery for FSB Intelligence in the United States.  Why were these Russians in the Oval office smiling and grinning with Trump in the absence of the American Press Corp.  I hope they did a security sweep after the Russians left.  Even if the Russians were exonerated, it would not help the Trump surrogates.  Their crime will be Obstruction of Justice; their coverup, amnesia and failure to note their meeting with Russian oligarchs, diplomats and bankers from Sberbank, A Russian Bank.  Remember all money flows back to Vladimir Putin including banking operations.  Why the cascade of lies including Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Roger Stone , Paul Manafort, Mike Pence and James Flynn.

Congressional committees and special prosecutor Muller have an exponential knowledge of classified material.  The public deserves to know the classified material because it is worse than the public knows.  The money trail will yield the irrefutable evidence of how Trump officials were receiving illegal payments from Turkey and Russians.  Trump’s taxes would yield a treasure trove of information re Donald Trump and the Russian money.  Tax reform should not happen until Trump reveals his tax forms for the past 10 years and if that revelation indicates that Trump has no monetary relationship with the Russians, you will not hear another word from this blog.No tax reform because we will have no idea how Trump is benefiting himself and his friends of late, because he was elected by poor gullible people who do not realize that that Trump has staffed his cabinet with millionaires, billionaires and generals.

He proclaimed his first 100 days as the most successful of any past president.  What has he completed since 20 January 17; he is stuck on his Muslim ban from the first day of his occupying the Oval Office.  Trump’s stint has been a horror show followed closely by Independent Prosecutor Muller.  We can go to sleep knowing that Mr. Muller will tell us the bitter truth.  No need to pre-occupy yourself about what the truth is; it is on the way.  We will need to be patient for 18 months, which is my prayer.


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11 May 17


I never imagined that any American president would be so boorish and classless on the world stage as Donald Trump.  The fake president was so smug and condescending in Saudi Arabia and he never uttered the word “human rights” even once; this is a man who chided Democrats for not using the term “Islamic Radicalism” which was his campaign blabber which the dumb ass crackers just loved.  White women who support Donald Trump were strikingly silent about the social status of Saudi women, of course the world would be asking too much by protesting the status of the foreign workers building Saudi Arabia’s towers and palaces; these workers are working under deplorable and dangerous conditions.  Saudis do not indulge in manual labor, that is for brown and Black people.  Trump was met with a cabal of men in white dresses while his wife trailed dutifully behind the king of the USA in the company of the Saudi king.  The real purpose of the butt kissing trip was the sale of 100+ billion  dollars of military hardware to kill more Yemenis.  The major beneficiaries are the stockholders of these defense industries.  The U. S. under Trump is open to selling death.  The jaunt to Saudi Arabia was followed by a trip to Israel where Trump has promised to move the American Embassy; do you notice that this hasn’t happened?  Trump says that peace in the Middle East will be easy; piece of cake.  That is the revealing evidence that Trump is politically ignorant.  The note that he left at the prayer wall is an indication of his vast ignorance and his simplistic vocabulary.  We are burdened by a stupid non centered president and a pseudo-Christian avowed racist, misogynistic and Islamophobic; Pence is Lucifer with white hair and no better bargain than Trump..

His subsequent destination was Brussels where the new NATO Headquarters were being unveiled with a portion of the Berlin Wall and a steel column from the World Trade Center which triggered the first use of Article 5 of the NATO regulations.  No mention of mutual defense; instead the NATO ministers were chided and scolded for not paying into the NATO coffers.  Each member is expected to spend 2% of its GDP to upgrade each member’s military;  this is not membership dues.  Now where would the money be spent ?  The USA defense industries will benefit from every dime spent by the NATO countries therefore the trip to the Mideast was about selling arms to NATO countries and the Saudis.  The trip resulted in arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Israel and 28 NATO counties promising to utilize American manufacturing of defense arms.

We watched this orange clown push past the President of Montenegro in front of the world, what an imbecile and ugly American cracker. The sight of the Trump riding a golf cart while everyone else was walking; his anger and disdain was visible and palpable.  The American King was busy making enemies last week.  The brain dead Republicans lauded the Trump trip abroad as spectacularly 100% successful; I have no idea what planet they are on.  The Trump surrogates check their brain and heart at the white House security gates to be retrieved on their way home at the end of the day.  I feel that the Trump trip to Europe, Israel and the Mideast was a shaming disaster.  But…he is not my president and never will be.

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