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17 January 18


The pendulum is swinging against all of the Trump Russian Sycophants and it appears that the only people in the United States who have not been repulsed by Donald Trump are those who form his base and pure home  bred racists.  The onerous racists have been energized by the White House itself as Steve Bannon has publicly stated that he is committed to the deconstruction of the government which would feed into Vladimir Putin’s wheelhouse.  Deconstruct means that the goal is to tear down or destroy American institutions because he can.  It appears that Donald Trump does not have the mental acumen to adjust to the limited power a United States President has; he has looming problems with the Federal Courts and Attorney’s Generals from Maryland and Washington, DC.  The storm clouds grow darker by the day as the Trump lackeys work to erase the Obama legacy through empty Executive actions.  It appears that the focus is to destroy any positive step taken by the Obama Administration.  The Republicans are squeezing the ACA so that they can unanimously repeat the same talking points; it does not matter that they lie blatantly on the record where their lies can be “truth tested”.  The Trump Administration has normalized the practice of blatant lying to their base while we stand agape.

The presidential pretender is pissing on our legs and trying to convince us that it is raining in a deluge.  We are not fooled for one minute; if you feel public disclosure of the Trump /Russian courtship meetings in clandestine circumstances while while all of these meetings escaped all of their recollection.  This alone shows you how stupid and inexperienced the Trump crew is ; maybe it is just raw arrogance.  Any bumpkin would know that the Russians are being watched more than they know.  A positive occurred when the U. S. Senate passed a bill 98-2 to restrain Trump and the Republicans from lifting the Russian Sanctions.

The firing of James Comey and the rumored firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a stupid and ill-fated action by Trump.  The biggest problem has to hang on to, is his television appearance  for an interview wit Lester Holt where he admitted in plain English that he fired Comey to get rid of “that Russian thing”.  Well that thing could lead to obstruction of Justice and lying under oath.

Shout out to Ms. Ling Zheng my colleague.

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