17 November 16


Why did Donald Trump win when all of the pundits thought he would suffer a drubbing.  In fact the Black vote did not turn out as expected because many Black voters were supportive of Bernie Sanders and did not bother to show up to vote for Hillary Clinton because of the animus generated against Hillary by Bernie Sanders.  These Black voters were more interested in Bernie’s sack of goodies and would not vote for a white female over a white haired independent who was a new Democrat.  Therefore Black people have absolutely no right to complain during the Trump years.  The electoral map shows Clinton on the East & West Coast with Alabama in between while voting like Alabama.

There are indications that Donald Trump won 28% of the Hispanic vote despite Trump’s disparaging remarks about Mexicans. I guess Hispanics have thicker skin than the rest of our population.  I suspect many of the Hispanic voters are evangelical voters who support a man who alludes that two Corinthians is his favorite Biblical passages.  He was bullshitting but his voters made the adaptation.

The women’s vote and working white people was above the prediction of Donald Trump’s vote.  How on earth could any sane woman vote for Donald Trump unless groping is her thing hence okay.  Some things we will never know.

The Hispanic vote failed us but what can Hispanics get for their vote; as promised for South Florida or is continued coldness toward Cuba more important.  Did hate for Fidel Castro and Barack Obama propel the Florida Cubans to vote overwhelmingly for Donald Trump.  The states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan & Wisconsin are lining up to be recipients of Donald Trump’s empty promises.  He manufactures his products in Vietnam, China, Turkey and God knows where else.  The American Electorate has naively elected a man whose tax returns are secret as well as disclosure of his business affairs.  We do not know what this means since no candidate was refused to reveal his tax returns albeit his liabilities.

The Comey Affair is partly responsible for skewing the election toward Donald Trump by violating the policy to not reveal sensitive information 60 days before an election much less five days prior.  The questionable e-mails turned out to be non-confirming of wrong doing.  The timing by the FBI director was a definite factor in the defeat of Hillary Clinton and you can count your mortgage on this.

The hacking of the DNC is suspected of the Russians by 12 intelligence agencies and you can hang your hat on that.  Because of Trump’s affinity for Vladimir Putin, the hack by the Russians and the distribution by Wikileaks means the U. S. Voters allowed their decision based on stolen and ill gotten information; they should never have released the hacked information because that was very, very wrong.  This will only encourage the Russians to hack their nemesis candidate when ever they want to in the future.

All of these factors include the ugly ogre called racist.  I will not carelessly allow myself to be victimized by the newly emboldened racists due to Trump being elected CHIEF RACIST.


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Sir James L. Robinson was born on 12 July 40 to Ruby Nell and Willie L. Robinson; he attended high school in Longview,Texas and attended Southern University on a D-1 Football and Baseball scholarship while majoring in Architecture. He graduated in 1964 w/ B. Arch and earned a Master's degree from Pratt Institute in 1974 as a Martin Luther King Fellow after passing the examination for a Licensed Architect in 1972. He formed Vitto Robinson Architects with William Vitto in 1970 and is still CEO of Robinson Legacy Architects, PC and practicing throughout the Continental United States. He has taught Architecture at City University of New York (CCNY) and Pratt Institute Brooklyn and was granted Knighthood in May 1985. he is the proud father of Kenneth, Gudonna, Maria Theresa, Kerstin, Jasmin, Ruby and James II and he is married to Lady Martha Robinson. RLA Architects has completed 1.5 Billion dollars worth of construction over a 44 year period.

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