24 November 16


The President-Elect is choosing his cabinet and most of them are billionaires, former army generals or Goldman Sach’s  officers after constantly criticizing Hillary Clinton for being paid for speeches by the same Wall Street crowd.  What is the frigging difference.  He railed that the Clinton Initiatives were mainly pay to play and he repeated it ad infinitum.  Without evidence good Americans refused to note that his nominee for the Small Business Administration was a payer to the Trump campaign($7.5 Million) so the fact is; she is now the designee for the Small Business Administration and will play hence she is paid to play.  Wake up people this man is surrounding himself with the former editor of Breitbart so the white supremacists have a direct line to the President Trump of the United States who has been sued  and settled a civil suit for denying Blacks in his and his father’s buildings.

This president elect promised his voters that he is geared to the working man and the economically depressed.  It appears that the solution for “Every Day Man” is to put billionaires in charge of their lives which is akin to the fox watching the chicken coop while licking his chops.

The “smart like” President Elect is considering former Texas governor Rick Perry for Secretary of the EPA; an agency that he pledged to abolish during his run for president in 2012.  He was unable to recall the name of the agency that he wanted to abolish. Rick Perry is an obtuse politician elected governor of the State of Texas; he is a product of Texas unlike Lyndon Johnson or Sam Rayburn.  He predictably will be in above his head from day one.

Similarly, King Trump has chosen a Labor Secretary who is opposed to the existence of the agency that he would be sworn to serve.  This charlatan opposes the $15.00/ hour minimum wage which is thousands of dollars less per hour than he makes.  Many Trump voters need the increased minimum wage but their Secretary of Labor opposes an increase of the minimum wage to $15.00/hour.  He is certainly not a man concerned about the working man in the rust belt.  Beware Trump voters you will have to fight your presi1dent’s administration for fulfillment of Trump’s promise to his supporters.  This man will not lift a finger to help organized labor, many of whom voted for Donald Trump.  There is a sucker born every day

Donald has nominated a woman to be Secretary of Education who is a charter school advocate.  Once again the fox is left to watch the chicken coop; instead of her formulating a platform for improvement, she is in the position to advocate for charter schools to the detriment of local public schools which are populated by Black and Hispanic kids.  I don’t think Donald Trump will ever attempt to do anything that would benefit Black people especially; We Blacks are going to have to suck it up and pay attention to everything and everyone around us.  Blacks cannot get comfortable because Donald Trump was elected to put the genie back in the bottle. Racism is going to rear its ugly head since the Trump Administration is 100% acquiescent and that trend has begun against Muslims and Blacks.  The New York City Police Department has indicated a spike in hate crimes.


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