1 December 16


The notion that President-elect Trump has nominated Dr. Ben Carson as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  This agency was initially administered by Dr. Robert C. Weaver who was an economist, academic and political administrator; he was a graduate of Harvard and was the first black person to be named to a cabinet position. He served in the John F. Kennedy Administration, New York State Government and in high New York City Government.  He served 24 months and was succeeded by George Romney.

George Romney was an American businessman who was chairman and president of the American Motors Corporation for eight (8) years and he was governor of Michigan for six (6) years.  Romney was a strong civil rights supporter who had ambitious plans to increase housing production  for the poor and he had plans for “open housing” to desegregate the suburbs but the Nixon Administration was not friendly or enabling to Black or Hispanic Americans.  He was succeeded by James T. Lynn after serving 48 months.

James T. Lynn was a Harvard Law School graduate who joined Jones, Day, Cockley and Reavis and became a partner in 1960 followed by his appointment as General Counsel to the Department of Commerce.  He was Secretary of HUD for 20 months before he was named Director of the Office of Management and Budget by President Gerald Ford.  He was succeeded by Carla Hills.

Carla Hills was the first woman to serve as Secretary of HUD and she was the third woman to be a cabinet officer.  She was educated as a lawyer at Yale University.  She also served as a United States Assistant Attorney General of the U. S. Department of Justice before being named Secretary of Housing and Urban Development after which she became the U. S. Trade Representative. She was succeeded by Patricia Harris after serving 22 months.

Patricia Harris was the first Black woman to serve in the United States  Cabinet after President Lyndon Baines Johnson appointed this former dean of Howard University Law School, to be the first Black envoy to Luxembourg where she served for 24 months.  She was chosen by President Carter to be the Secretary of HUD where she served for 33 months and this was followed by her service as Secretary of Health and Human Services for 24 months.  She brought many years of responsible jobs into government service.  She was succeeded by Moon Landrieu.

Moon Landrieu is a legendary Louisiana politician who graduated from Loyola University Law School after which he became mayor of New Orleans.  He was first elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives  thence he was elected to the New Orleans City Council as an at-large member.  This was followed by eight (8) years serving as the mayor while opposing segregation and the display of the Confederate Flag in the council chambers.  He was named HUD Secretary by President Jimmy Carter.  He served 16 months and was succeeded by Samuel Pierce.

Samuel Pierce was an Assistant United States Attorney after which he became an Assistant Under Secretary of Labor, thence he became a judge in New York City.  This was followed by his ground breaking achievement of being the first Black man to become a partner in a major New York law firm.  Mr. Pierce was General Counsel to the Treasury Department.  In 1981 Pierce became the Secretary of HUD under President Reagan; he was the only Black member of the Reagan cabinet and the longest serving member – 96 months.  During his tenure, the appropriation for low income housing was cut by 50% all but ending new housing production.  He was succeeded by Jack Kemp.

Jack F. Kemp was an American politician and professional football player who sometimes acted like he played without a helmet too long.  After retiring 13 years into his AFL/NFL he became a representative in the U. S, Congress from the State of New York for 18 years.  He was Secretary of HUD for 47 months.  He was a candidate for vice-president on the ticket with Bob Dole in 1996.

Tell me: does Dr. Ben Carson measure up to any or these prior secretaries of both parties.


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