5 January 17


The Russians have been busy according to an unclassified report which was the product of 14 intelligence agencies; these agencies concluded that the Russian government was indeed guilty of hacking the DNC, RNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. Ironically all of the information concerning John Podesta and DNC was passed on to Wikileaks who released them but no hacked information was released relative to the RNC (Republican National Committee). I wonder why?  The DNC was thrown in turmoil causing its chairwoman to resign amidst an election and the release of hacked information from Wikileaks.  This stolen material was immediately used by the Trump campaign as evidence against Hillary Clinton.  So who is willing to ignore the Russian interference.  President Elect Trump eschews the Russian allegations since he feels that there is no way to trace or ascertain where the hacks came from.  He is obviously ignorant of the fact that all computers have a number incidental to that computer.  The incident of the hacking is very dangerous because intelligence agencies know conclusively where the hacking came from.  The American public does not have security clearances and we cannot be privy to the security protected portion of their report. There is also the need  to always to protect sources and methods of intelligence harvesting.  To have the President-elect ignore the seriousness is very dangerous & non-reactive by saying, off offhandedly “these intelligence agencies alleged that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; they were wrong.  They are right most of the time and they are still the best source that we have at any time.  The Russians allegedly celebrated the election of Trump for what reason?  We can’t tie Trump economically to the Russian hackers, banking institutions, oligarchs or the Russian government because Trumps taxes are being withheld from the American public by due to the fact that IRS is auditing his returns.  For the record, audits do not prevent release of tax filings; that is a lie that Trump has not backed away from.  What is in those tax returns that precludes the American Public, pro-Trump or anti-Trump from knowing the truth.  What could top his previous foibles and miss-steps.  At worst we would find that Donald Trump does not admire Vladimir Putin because Putin is his creditor or benefactor.  No matter what the deal is we need to know the length and breadth of Donald trump’s relationship with Russia.  Much of the attention to Russia is caused by statements by Trump that he trusts Angela Merkle equally to Vladimir Putin.  Well that is strong bromance with a former Russian spymaster by the leader-to-be of the free world. Can America be packaged and sold to the Russians; are American secrets in danger of being shared with Donald Trump and his Russian friends.  Trump is further trending toward the Russians on his stance toward NATO because nobody would want NATO to go away than Vladimir Putin.  So to push for the demise of NATO puts Trump squarely in the Russian tent.  The congress needs to step up and hold hearings on the Russian/Trump love affair.


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Sir James L. Robinson was born on 12 July 40 to Ruby Nell and Willie L. Robinson; he attended high school in Longview,Texas and attended Southern University on a D-1 Football and Baseball scholarship while majoring in Architecture. He graduated in 1964 w/ B. Arch and earned a Master's degree from Pratt Institute in 1974 as a Martin Luther King Fellow after passing the examination for a Licensed Architect in 1972. He formed Vitto Robinson Architects with William Vitto in 1970 and is still CEO of Robinson Legacy Architects, PC and practicing throughout the Continental United States. He has taught Architecture at City University of New York (CCNY) and Pratt Institute Brooklyn and was granted Knighthood in May 1985. he is the proud father of Kenneth, Gudonna, Maria Theresa, Kerstin, Jasmin, Ruby and James II and he is married to Lady Martha Robinson. RLA Architects has completed 1.5 Billion dollars worth of construction over a 44 year period.

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