12 January 17


The Russians have interfered with the American democratic process and they have corrupted our government throughout the top Republican pig sty, and it stinks to high heaven.  The trump love affair with the Russians is very suspicious to me.  The House and the Senate Republicans are in a stupor that does not allow for independent reasoning.  Trump thinks his admiration for Vladimir Putin is consistent with making America great again which is a bulls…t basis without sound reasoning.  The old Southern adage “things done in the dark will always come to light” believe me, always.  You can rest assured that our ultimate security is to listen or record every important Russian official called from the United States  and other points of interest.  Be assured that the intelligence agencies have conversations digitally and in writing; they know what was said or alluded to .  We had better keep our seat belts buckled because the second shoe is going to fall and the weight of that shoe will will cause a seismic reaction in the White House.  The Russians were intimately involved in skewing the election in favor of Donald Trump, if this is untrue, why is General Flynn so Pro-Putin; he has been photographed at a Russian State dinner (he wasn’t a tourist).  When Trump was asked whether he is going to roll-back the latest round of sanctions.  His reply to Putin was that ” things will be better after 20 January 17.  Trump heaped praise on Putin for his restraint after the diplomats in the spy nest on the Chesapeake were evicted to Russia along with other spies.  The Trump promise was that after the inauguration President Obama’s Russian sanctions would be rolled back and repealed.  The Russians are guilty of hacking the DNC (Democratic National Committee) and passing the information on to Wikileaks which is a sieve.  They, of course, were eager to spread the anti-Hillary information although they refused to reveal information garnered from the RNC (Republican National Committee).  A blind man can see the direct connection and that parties were not treated the same.  Of course Trump continues to find ways to keep himself in the news whether is is good or bad news.  We have a time honored custom of one president at a time.  Donald Trump is trying to undermine the sitting president by his antics and stupidity.  The task before Democrats is to force revelation of the trump Tax returns because they can’t be audited forever.  The tax return will be interesting in revealing Trump liabilities and contractual obligations.  His gross income should not be a factor; his income is not of interest to me but who he owes is very important to every American.  When we realized that American banks would no longer lend money to Donald Trump ventures, our next question should have been  “who is lending money to Donald Trump” maybe he owes El Chapo, the German State Bank or a Russian oligarch.  We just don’t know because of the tax dodge.  Last but not least when is Trump going to reveal the divestiture of his business from the presidency.  I think he is thumbing his nose at the majority of Americans who did not vote for him; keep in mind that Hillary Clinton, Julie Stein and Gary Johnson amassed 10 million votes more than Donal Trump.  He has no semblance of a mandate.  I, for one, am clear that Trump is not, and will never be my President. Never Trump!!!


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About Sir James

Sir James L. Robinson was born on 12 July 40 to Ruby Nell and Willie L. Robinson; he attended high school in Longview,Texas and attended Southern University on a D-1 Football and Baseball scholarship while majoring in Architecture. He graduated in 1964 w/ B. Arch and earned a Master's degree from Pratt Institute in 1974 as a Martin Luther King Fellow after passing the examination for a Licensed Architect in 1972. He formed Vitto Robinson Architects with William Vitto in 1970 and is still CEO of Robinson Legacy Architects, PC and practicing throughout the Continental United States. He has taught Architecture at City University of New York (CCNY) and Pratt Institute Brooklyn and was granted Knighthood in May 1985. he is the proud father of Kenneth, Gudonna, Maria Theresa, Kerstin, Jasmin, Ruby and James II and he is married to Lady Martha Robinson. RLA Architects has completed 1.5 Billion dollars worth of construction over a 44 year period.

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