2 March 17


Donald Trump has apparently forgotten that his mother albeit Ivanka’s grandmother arrived in the United States on 17 May 1930 at the age of 18.  Her father Malcolm was a fisherman on the Isles of Lewis where he raised a large family.  Trump’s mother’s name was Mary Anne MacLeod; she met Frederick Christ Trump whom she married in 1936.  She became a naturalized citizen on 10 March 1942 after which they settled in Jamaica , Queens which has a haven for Western European immigrants. Donald Trump’s grandfather emigrated to the United States in 1885 from the Kingdom of Bavaria where he made a fortune in the Klondike Gold Rush.  So you see Donald Trump is a first generation American hence it is so strange to see his stance on immigration.  His family members are direct descendants of recent immigrants.  I suspect Trump has no problem anticipating the influx of Northern Europeans.

The word immigrant has been skewed to mean undocumented Mexicans or people from Central America.  They are considered perilous, criminals and rapists; the same was said of Irishmen when they were the niggers of the Northeast hence any Irishman who is racist has forgotten his Irish History like Donald Trump has forgotten or never knew that Irishmen and women were unable to find decent work, housing or recreation in a decent non-Irish neighborhood.  It always amazes me how groups of people become assimilated and forget where they came from in spite of the trials and tribulations.  Whoopee!!!  The Muslim Ban has been challenged and soundly defeated only to be rewritten containing the same ole bulls…t.  Muslims are not nearly as violent as the Christian Right who burns Black churches with impunity while leaving Trump graffiti.  They are daring America!!  The unbridled terrorists are right here in the good old USA in full view of federal and state enforcement officials.  The new Muslim ban will not make Black people safer because we are the victims of white terrorism and white supremacists who have a representative sitting next to the most incompetent, ill-tempered nincompoop  to ever occupy the Oval Office.  Hey Trump voters, what are you going to do when Trump and republicans repeal the America Care Act.  How is that Medicare going to serve you in the future, especially when you cannot afford this wonderful unbelievable health care .  You Trumpers must be ecstatic that you can buy insurance across state lines similar to auto insurance which is mandatory without complaint; you must be excited to fund another tax cut for the rich Trump cabinet; how is the bromance with Wall Street now that Hillary Clinton has faded into the shadows.  The billionaire cabinet will surely look out for their friends; no regulations here, just the Wild Wild West.

How many Trump voters benefited from the job increase in February 17, 2017, but who cares because Donald is sure the job number is fake news.  The unemployment number is 4.6% which is a number disdained by Trump as false or misleading, of course since they are positive Donald Trump will be lapping up the notoriety.  Donald Trump’s support in West Virginia will be a barometer of his support which will hover around 39% and those are dyed in the wool supporters down into the embers.


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