9 March 17


The unfettered investigation of the pro-Russian  activities of the Trump cabinet officials is going to be hard fought because Republicans only had the guts to fight a Black president at every juncture.  They laid down on the job and only arose to go home, they are now trying to fashion a workable health care plan instead of improving what we have now in the ACA.  Why is it okay or prudent to strip 20-25 million Americans off of ACA health care .  They are talking the non-nonsensical health savings plans, tax cuts, for the upper 1% of the American population to be paid for by working class Trump supporters.  Many Trump voters have stated in town hall meetings that they face death upon losing their ACA health coverage and I have heard people saying that at every town hall meeting.  I does not matter that many are in a life or death situation because it is a campaign promise that was irrational at its inception.  The coal miner of West Virginia has been rewarded with an executive order allowing coal ash to be dumped in fresh water streams.  Now, that is horrifying because of the possibility of polluting drinking water.  These good ole boys might find the local fishing holes polluted and fish dying in masse.

The technique for Donald Trump is to always keep sh..t happening and changing the subject daily so yesterday’s idiotic decisions will have a short shelf life.  First, he accused President Obama of tapping his phones but his minions have tried to walk it back to the point that tapping is in quotation marks which was cited as listening in any medium include the microwave spectrum.  That would make President Obama a felon which would please the Trump team.  His contacts with Kremlin operatives is very shaky,  Why were Trump  campaign officials meeting Soviet operatives in various foreign capitals.  There is too much smoke to ignore the underlying fire; the Russian participation in the election hacking is serious and it is so serious that many, many Republican congressmen & congresswomen are not urging the president to reveal his taxes and they definitely are fighting to stymie any investigation of the Trump relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russian Oligarchs.  We will find out in due time just like we did with Watergate despite Richard Nixon’s denial.  Trust your common sense, the Russian interference goes beyond the supplying of prostitutes & drugs.  I guess people realize that they go together.  General Flynn is not an isolated incident since authorities are aware that there were numerous meetings and trysts by several Trump campaign employees.  This cabal is woefully short of experience, moral principles and human decency.  Sadly the most ignorant MoFar is colored and stuck in the early 1900s before his birth.  Dr. Carson is proof that a medical education does not always travel well.  This Stepin’ Fetchit thinks Black people came to America in the bottom hold of a ship looking for opportunities to emigrate to slavery which flourishes today.  A man this dumb should be in the operating room separating co-joined twins.  Dr. Carson thinks that Blacks came to America as immigrants to enjoy the American Dream.  Per Donald Trump “so sad”.

Remember those Wall Street Bankers who Trump connected to Hillary Clinton?  Guess where they work now and for whom; they work in the halls of government which some of them seek to abolish.  Get ready to pretend that everybody who wants health insurance can get it because Trump is committed to honoring his campaign promises even though the vast majority of Americans did not vote for his fallacious nonsense; to hell with governing all of America, Black, Brown, White, Red or Yellow.


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