6 April 17


The Trump Administration is clearly indulging in three card Monte because they are creating diversions daily.  He accused President Obama of wiretapping his telephones at Trump Towers on Fifth Avenue; a charge that was debunked by the FBI and intelligence agencies.  Ironically this knucklehead Trump does not have the balls to say I was wrong, instead he tried to play with semantics by saying he was indeed the victim of surveillance rather than wiretapping which is a radical departure.  It is becoming clearer that something occurred between the Russians and the Trump campaign; why were campaign officials maintaining contact with representatives of the Russian Government?  Why was a United States General Michael Flynn cozy with the Russians?  You can be assured that he knows enough to sink Trump’s boat.  Congress is still not willing to subpoena the IRS for Trump’s tax return; it is a blatant lie that all of his filings are under audit simultaneously forever.  The man who masquerades as president is stonewalling the American public.  How could he justify putting Steve Bannon on the National Security Council; a man pledged to “deconstruct the American bureaucracy” and those are his words?  The Trump strategy is to bait and switch by raising one blockbuster ruse after another to divert our attention from his treasonous association with Russia.

A new Supreme Court justice was confirmed thanks to Democrats like Joe Manchin (D-WV) who often votes Republican. With Joe Manchin as a friend, you don’t need enemies and that is more than I can say for Devin Nunes (R-CA) who sucked up to Trump prompting a chorus of jeers for his complicity and subsequent recusal from any house committee investigation of Trump’s relationship with the Russian Government.

Assad (Syrian) Government apparently dropped bombs on their brothers, sisters and children which was televised as children lay writhing for the world to see.  As a result the United States, after warning the Russians who warned the Syrian military put on a fireworks display by firing 59 Tomahawk missiles that did little damage to the targeted airfield runways.  Allegedly planes were using the runways to takeoff and bomb their citizens repeatedly after the fireworks display.

The White House has virtually isolated some of their own challenged supporters by appearing to govern by executive orders in the face of a draconian budget which I assume is meant to punish everyone who voted against Donald Trump;  apparently none of his voters needs pap smears, breast exams, AIDS testing, examination for uterine or cervical cancer or STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).  If you notice I did not mention  birth control or abortion.  This kind of stance places doctors who perform abortions in mortal danger by the anti-abortion fanatics; they love and treasure their guns and violence but I have never heard a ground swell for adopting the children to lessen abortion, instead the Republicans elect to follow fat Donald into infamy.


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