13 April 17


We are treated to the disgusting specter of Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer who inspires even the most jaded to watch his silly and incomprehensible statements in defense of his boss’ foibles thus magnifying the collective stupidity and ineptness.  he thinks Adolph Hitler was not as cruel as Assad because Hitler did not use chemical agents on his own people.  He is apparently unaware that there were Jews native to Germany and Austria.  He said” instead Hitler brought the Jews into holocaust centers; how civilized?

Donald Trump flip flopped by his actions in Syria since he publicly said ” What I am saying is stay out of Syria and this was his advice to President Obama.  This is just one of his flip flops since he stated that NATO is obsolete and out of step in these troubled times; he stated this idiocy more than once only to eat his words after meeting with the Secretary-General of NATO who apparently deprogrammed a president who has no moral compass.  He had railed against China being a currency manipulator but all was forgiven and forgotten after sitting for dinner with Xi Jinping at his Mar-Largo Club.  They are no longer currency manipulators.  This is just a smoke screen since many of his products are made in China, Mexico and other countries.  So I guess he wants the Chinese to buy American because he is not a generator of American products going to China from the U. S.  He is a f..king hypocrite of the worst kind since he is saying one thing and violating that public stance.

In keeping with his flip flopping, he changed his mind about Janet Yellin as the chair of the Federal Reserve Bank after disparaging her earlier.  He also flip flopped on North Korea after a lesson from Xi Jinping about the history of Korea and China; information in the State Department which was readily available to him.  He changes his stupid mind based on the last person that he talked to.  He truly did not understand that North Korea is not a puppet and therefore not easy to control by anybody.  We have a clown driving the clown car with a Learner’s Permit. He has no clue to what he is doing or what he is responsible for.

The Senate confirmed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court after employing the “nuclear option” which requires a majority vote rather than a 60 vote threshold.  This will surely backfire on Republicans if Democrats assume control of the Senate in the future.  Most Democrats strongly opposed Gorsuch out of fear of holding on to their seats like Joe Manchin (D-WV).  In a little publicized action, Trump ended the Bar Association’s role of evaluating judges for the Federal Court system giving Trump free reign to stuff the court with unqualified and un-vetted judges

As Trump stumbles around looking for a cause, his travel bans will cost America 7.0 to 8.0 Billion in revenues which will cause loss of jobs in the hospitality industry; that will represent job losses by a president who is going to create so many jobs until we will be awash in jobs, while claiming he has already created 600,000 jobs; a number pulled out of his ass.  I guess global warming is still a hoax perpetuated by China.  The United Sates is “being run by an idiot” according to ISIS and I wholeheartedly agree as much as it pains me to agree with a horde of assh..les.


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