20 April 17


NATO is no longer obsolete after Donald Trump first declared it obsolete before changing his opinion .  NATO has not taken any corrective action except to have lightweight Trump talk to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg face to face.  It was Politics 101.  “I said it was obsolete”  Trump said. “It’s no longer obsolete.  He really thinks he is king Trump without an imperial court or queen.

The Republicans are at it again by being Republicans first and Americans second.  They prattle on and on about national security as it relates to any country except Russia or Vladimir Putin.  The House Intelligence Committee is reportedly not spending much time on the Russian Hacking or election interference with no full time workers on the case.  The Republicans will sweep the Russian Influence Investigation under a rug found large enough.  These same House Representatives refuse to subpoena the presidents tax returns.  They see this as too invasive but the Black guy had to produce his birth certificate  before the protests ended.  That protest was led by Donald Trump who has something very damaging in his tax returns.  He gets an “F” grade for lack of transparency due to his withholding his tax returns.  The audit is a lie & excuse!!!

How disingenuous can Trump be to talk about revising the tax code when we have no idea whether his proposals are benefiting him and other billionaires. Congress should not hold a vote or consider this bill until Trump shows his entire history of tax filings including those long past audit; this is just a smokescreen.  The only consolation we have is the fact that the FBI is continuing its investigation; Director Jim Comey will not be able to hide the sky with his hands and pretend the Trump/Russian never occurred.  Trump will not survive the Russian investigation after General Flynn gets squeezed; you only need one domino to fall before cascading dominoes fall.

We must be diligent here in the U. S., not because of national security but we must battle this Republican onslaught with all of our might into the centuries ahead of us.  This administration is careening toward its 100th day in power without anything to show except court embattled executive orders, travel bans, the repealing of every Obama executive order in sight and failure to repeal the ACA.  They have lost in the courts during the first 100 days which according to Trump we should be sick and tired of winning so much.  Well, we see how that is going!!  It apparently does not take much to make America great again as Trump emotes.  He is a nincompoop who thinks the presidency is not subject to checks and balances by the legislature and the Judiciary.  His greatest failure is to prolong a nasty fight with the fourth estate albeit the press.

The tax structure has not been mentioned for the typical Trump voter;  our memory is so short that the Republicans have forgotten that unfunded tax cuts for the rich was partially the reason we are emerging from a deep recession.  The republicans presented one sheet of paper that did not contain plans for revising the thousands of provisions of the Tax Code.  If the effort is to abolish many of the provisions valued by Trump voters and others is the mortgage interest and the deductibility of state and local taxes.  If loop holes are not closed, the same corporations paying zero will continue paying zilch for federal taxes under the new proposal.  The people who voted for trump will be paying more taxes than they do now. The farmers who voted for Trump are now beginning to realize that we need a guest worker program because their crops are taken in by immigrants under harsh conditions which most Americans will avoid. Failure to address the harvest could likely result in higher food prices and I mean level where only the upper middle class can afford.  This class of people did not vote for Donald Trump but his policies will help them but not his constituency in Appalachia.  We will soon face reality.

Trump’s 100th day will occur on Saturday the 29th day of April.  Go to the Penn Relays and be happy.


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