25 May 17


How are those new manufacturing jobs coming along? I hear a few jobs escaped to Mexico after Trump negotiations which were not negotiations but photo ops.  How about the jobs that are manufacturing Ivanka Trump’s shoes, garments and accessories. It appears that the Trump family is providing more jobs in China than in the United States.  The Trumps have discovered the EB-5 Program which is centered around investment/green cards which encourages Chinese investments of $500,000. or $1,000,000. in a blighted area in the USA.  The Kushner Family in New Jersey have redrawn an ethnic boundary in Jersey City to satisfy the EB-5 requirements. The entire redrawn boundaries are lies and corrupt decisions by the Jersey City Government.

How is the building of those bridges that we classify as dangerous and outdated?  We could assume that repairing and replacing infrastructure will create many jobs but  these workers no longer use shovels and pick axes anymore.  Infrastructure work is no longer labor intensive but it requires skilled machine operators, cement workers, asphalt workers, crane operators, welders, etc. jobs, jobs,jobs.  The Trump program will not work without allowing skill labor to emigrate to the United States.  Welders are in short supply and fully employed today.  This campaign promise was made more than once, how is that going for Trump voters.  No jobs yet but racism binds them to Trump even as they die of Black Lung Disease.

Hey coal miners,  how is your job search for mining working?  I guess you are tired of succeeding by now and being surrounded by opulence.  The main impediment is automation which has diminished the number of jobs significantly.  This is not creating jobs; it is duping the very people who voted for Trump, Stein and Johnson.  The third party candidates helped elect Trump and they are getting zero plus losing their health care for their effort.  The manufacturing sector is not experiencing the deluge of new well paying jobs as promised during the Trump clown parade; NAFTA is still in place so how is that going for you, Trump voter.  Trump is so angry with Germany that he is going to prevent them from selling cars in the U. S.  Little does this knucklehead know that the Germans are manufacturing cars in South Carolina to be sold in the United States without tariffs.  BMW in South Carolina, provides 8,000 jobs and these jobs were there before Trump scammed himself into office.  This was meant to be a slight to Angela Merkel during his “mad bull” tirade after the NATO conference.

How about those jobs relating to the budget cutting conducted with a sledge hammer and a chain saw.  There will be many jobs lost at the local level including areas that voted for Donald Trump such as drivers for the “Meal on Wheels” Program.  People will lose jobs servicing rural hospitals, farms, community colleges.  How about those thousands of jobs building the wall along the Mexican Border; how is that feeding your family these days?  Trump voters must have such a wonderful feeling of fulfillment since their president is singlehandedly solving all of their problems but he will not be able to hold back the tsunami of negative public opinion when his policies fall flat as they have so far.

Trump is busy and personally trying to erase his predecessor’s accomplishments rather than moving forward.  Remember his primary goal is to undo the accomplishments of President Barack Obama who was illegitimate to Donald Trump.  His hatred of Obama and all Black people other than Mike Tyson and Don King is readily apparent.  Heres to you Donald our hate and dislike is mutual and that is one Black man’s opinion.  DONALD TRUMP WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT.

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Sir James L. Robinson was born on 12 July 40 to Ruby Nell and Willie L. Robinson; he attended high school in Longview,Texas and attended Southern University on a D-1 Football and Baseball scholarship while majoring in Architecture. He graduated in 1964 w/ B. Arch and earned a Master's degree from Pratt Institute in 1974 as a Martin Luther King Fellow after passing the examination for a Licensed Architect in 1972. He formed Vitto Robinson Architects with William Vitto in 1970 and is still CEO of Robinson Legacy Architects, PC and practicing throughout the Continental United States. He has taught Architecture at City University of New York (CCNY) and Pratt Institute Brooklyn and was granted Knighthood in May 1985. he is the proud father of Kenneth, Gudonna, Maria Theresa, Kerstin, Jasmin, Ruby and James II and he is married to Lady Martha Robinson. RLA Architects has completed 1.5 Billion dollars worth of construction over a 44 year period.

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