1 December 17


I have been completely turned off by the antics of the 45 pretender and his cabal of stooges including the “spook who sat by the door” not knowing what his agency does or doesn’t do.  Having grown up in the segregated south of the 40s, 50s and 60s, I know the dog whistles when I hear them.  45 is the most openly racist president that this country has ever seen or will ever see.  I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop on the Trump boys,  Gorka, Leewandowski, Miller and all of the other criminals.  We should sit tight and wait for the full story to come from Special Counsel Mueller because congress is just pretending to be involved in investigating Trump.  The only chance America, the 65%, has of knowing what these rascals have been up to is to wait for Robert Muellers Grand Jury.  As a Black man, I knew Trump was going to be a complete lunatic who has poor reading skills, lacks the ability to deliver a public speech and he is full of hatred for everybody but the blind ignorant and racist followers whom he speaks to with dog whistles but he does not realize that we all here him loud and clearly.  The task after Robert Mueller will be to restore America’s status throughout the world.  Our relationship with countries along the Pacific Rim is frayed due to his myopic trade policies, our relationships in the Middle East are illustrated by the street uprising that we see today.  We are the only country on earth outside of the Paris Climate Agreement where we were a leader and innovator. This man is too ignorant and uninformed to realize that moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem was an irresponsible and reckless thing to do.  The European Union had advised him against the reckless declaration in Israel;  Trump and Netanyahu deserve each other.  Mark my word, the truth will point to conspiring with Vladimir Putin which would make his actions more akin to treason.  Trump is clearly in above his head and capability coupled with his treasonous activity.  If we think it has been bad, guess what the classified picture looks like;  guess what Mr. Mueller knows.  I wonder who is wearing a wire at this time?  What must General Flynn be singing about to save his own ass and his misguided son.  Lock him up is my only wish so he gets a feeling for Ms. Clinton’s humanity.  Lock him up, lock him up.  As a Black American, I am not averse to any punishment that Trump may suffer, my dislike for Trump is directly proportional to his hate for me and all Black people save the few Stepin’ Fetchits that he has in his administration.  Someone should buy Steve Bannon a bar of soap and a washboard to clean up his clothes and outer appearance; then again you cannot de-vein a skunk without activating the smell hence Bannon will always be a skunk and a cracker. Trumps assertion that he has been the most productive president shows you how dysfunctional he is because he thought he was being elected king in spite of the judiciary and legislative branches.  His demise will certainly signal that America is becoming great again. 45 IS NOT MY PRESIDENT


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About Sir James

Sir James L. Robinson was born on 12 July 40 to Ruby Nell and Willie L. Robinson; he attended high school in Longview,Texas and attended Southern University on a D-1 Football and Baseball scholarship while majoring in Architecture. He graduated in 1964 w/ B. Arch and earned a Master's degree from Pratt Institute in 1974 as a Martin Luther King Fellow after passing the examination for a Licensed Architect in 1972. He formed Vitto Robinson Architects with William Vitto in 1970 and is still CEO of Robinson Legacy Architects, PC and practicing throughout the Continental United States. He has taught Architecture at City University of New York (CCNY) and Pratt Institute Brooklyn and was granted Knighthood in May 1985. he is the proud father of Kenneth, Gudonna, Maria Theresa, Kerstin, Jasmin, Ruby and James II and he is married to Lady Martha Robinson. RLA Architects has completed 1.5 Billion dollars worth of construction over a 44 year period.

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