5 January 17


The Russians have been busy according to an unclassified report which was the product of 14 intelligence agencies; these agencies concluded that the Russian government was indeed guilty of hacking the DNC, RNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. Ironically all of the information concerning John Podesta and DNC was passed on to Wikileaks who released them but no hacked information was released relative to the RNC (Republican National Committee). I wonder why?  The DNC was thrown in turmoil causing its chairwoman to resign amidst an election and the release of hacked information from Wikileaks.  This stolen material was immediately used by the Trump campaign as evidence against Hillary Clinton.  So who is willing to ignore the Russian interference.  President Elect Trump eschews the Russian allegations since he feels that there is no way to trace or ascertain where the hacks came from.  He is obviously ignorant of the fact that all computers have a number incidental to that computer.  The incident of the hacking is very dangerous because intelligence agencies know conclusively where the hacking came from.  The American public does not have security clearances and we cannot be privy to the security protected portion of their report. There is also the need  to always to protect sources and methods of intelligence harvesting.  To have the President-elect ignore the seriousness is very dangerous & non-reactive by saying, off offhandedly “these intelligence agencies alleged that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; they were wrong.  They are right most of the time and they are still the best source that we have at any time.  The Russians allegedly celebrated the election of Trump for what reason?  We can’t tie Trump economically to the Russian hackers, banking institutions, oligarchs or the Russian government because Trumps taxes are being withheld from the American public by due to the fact that IRS is auditing his returns.  For the record, audits do not prevent release of tax filings; that is a lie that Trump has not backed away from.  What is in those tax returns that precludes the American Public, pro-Trump or anti-Trump from knowing the truth.  What could top his previous foibles and miss-steps.  At worst we would find that Donald Trump does not admire Vladimir Putin because Putin is his creditor or benefactor.  No matter what the deal is we need to know the length and breadth of Donald trump’s relationship with Russia.  Much of the attention to Russia is caused by statements by Trump that he trusts Angela Merkle equally to Vladimir Putin.  Well that is strong bromance with a former Russian spymaster by the leader-to-be of the free world. Can America be packaged and sold to the Russians; are American secrets in danger of being shared with Donald Trump and his Russian friends.  Trump is further trending toward the Russians on his stance toward NATO because nobody would want NATO to go away than Vladimir Putin.  So to push for the demise of NATO puts Trump squarely in the Russian tent.  The congress needs to step up and hold hearings on the Russian/Trump love affair.


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29 December 16


I am astounded that Trump has nominated so many retired generals, together with several billionaires to fulfill his cabinet and there is one colored guy and no Hispanics.  He has chosen a real committed cracker in the person of Jefferson Sessions who probably looks at Alabama Crimson Tide players as the only worthy Negroes in the State of Alabama.  He has stated that Dominicans bring nothing of value to the United States which means he is not a baseball fan obviously and he doesn’t like Dominican music.  Civil Rights be damn since this cracker will never rule in our favor.

He nominated John F. Kelly, a four star marine general as Homeland Security Secretary to make good on his promises of mass deportation and building the wall bordering Mexico.  He nominated Rex Tillerson who is president of Exxon Mobil who was honored by the Russian government with a Medal of Honor.  He nominated General James N. Mattis to be the Defense Secretary even though he supports NATO and the Iran nuclear agreement and he is not a wuss on Russia.  He nominated Ben Carson to be HUD Secretary which is his strangest and only colored appointment.  Dr. Carson feels that individual effort, not government, is the key to overcoming poverty.  The best nominee matched to the job is Mike Pompeo who is a distinguished graduate of West Point who promises to pursue information about Russian interference into the American election.  Ryan Zinke from Montana is a one time Navy Seal commander (not a general) who, like his boss, does not believe in climate change. He will have to deal with Obama rules that stopped public land development, promote wind & solar power to the detriment of oil, gas and coal.  He nominated a woman to head the Education Department who advocates the abolition of the very department that she heads.  She wants to privatize public education and provide vouchers and charter schools.  Trump nominated Tom Price from Georgia who has spent so much time trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act in congress; now the fox is in charge of the chicken coop.  Does he eat the chicken whole or in bits and pieces.  His role will be as the henchman for Donald Trumps central campaign theme.  Trump nominated Scott Pruitt to be EPA Administrator despite his close alliance with the fossil fuel industry.  He has sued EPA 14 times in the past and is in favor of dismantling the agency.  Go figure!!! Trump nominated Rick Perry to head up an agency that he advocated dismantling while apparently not realizing that his agency has stewardship of America’s nuclear arsenal and the disposal of nuclear waste.  He has apologized for his blatant ignorance and he is now a tepid global warming believer.  Go figure!! Trump nominated Andrew F. Puzder to be the Labor Secretary after his stint of running CKE Restaurants while criticizing President Obama’s rules covering the vast workforce.  When you look at these men and women you should recognize that they do not typify Trump voters; they are mostly rich people who don’t have a feel for the grass roots man, women or children and they have nothing in common.  Maybe they knew billionaires would nurture Trump voters without their knowing they have been had.


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22 December 16


Donald Trump assumes that all Black people live in the inner cities that he cites as seething sties, crime infested, causing police brutality to ourselves.  Mr. Trump will, by some unknown, cause gangs to cease gang banging, all of the pistols and weapons are going to disappear under Donald Trump this is measurable but bluster.  Mothers can forego the pain of burying their children before their time.  The police will be encouraged in their brutality like the War on Drugs, all promise and no solutions.  Black people are going to line up to get their kids in Trump inspired schools.  If Secretary of Education Ms. Vos is confirmed we will have mostly charter schools in the inner cities or vouchers will be handed out to poor deserving parents who don’t have money for charter schools.  Somehow the drugs are going to disappear because there will be a new sheriff Trump in town.  Keep in mind that the plight of the Black professional will not brighten due to the normalization of the ghetto life where where people can thrive without health care or preventive medicine such as free physical exams for the elderly.  What does Black people have to lose?  Black lives could be lost, their mental health could be compromised or their physical health could be destroyed.  The current story says that the Republicans will repeal Obamacare which is thought to be separate from the Affordable Care Act by many Trump voters who cut their noses off to spite their faces.  Under Trump, inner cities will not be plagued by unemployment because low skilled jobs will return from Mexico, China or Vietnam.  The police will have their license to kill with immunity as long as a Nigger is the victim and the killer is in blue.  The food deserts will continue because the ghetto will be off limits and a poor investment.  These cauldrons of Black vice called inner cities will still be marked by vacant and underutilized buildings, vacant lots and underutilized infrastructure including buckling sidewalks and pot hole streets especially since HUD will probably be headed by a know-nothing colored Uncle Tom neurosurgeon whose experience in the housing industry goes back to his days living in public housing in Detroit.  Therefore we won’t see any housing production program to solve homelessness or catalyze production of new housing; we won’t see any, not any urban development under this Secretary of HUD.  Maybe the plan for HUD is to do nothing therefore you can see a know-nothing jackass to be in charge.  The people who voted for Trump will not experience physical and economic revitalization of their rural hamlets.  These hamlets will be just as decimated and barren in 4 years as they are today and as they were 30 years ago.  Trump’s HUD will do nothing to make life better for red county voters.  Have you noticed that you have heard nothing of criminal justice reform therefore their plan must be to incarcerate their way out of the inner city problems.  Just throw the Nigger boys and men in jail and you clean up the ghetto after draining the swamps; break up families and remove bread winners.  If you believe Donald Trump will lift a finger to help inner cities (forget about rural Blacks), I would like to sell you a recently renovated bridge that spans from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Does this make you want to live in the inner city Trump Paradise..  WE ARE IN FOR A BAD TIME!!


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15 December 16

Trump-Mental Midget!!!

The Trump mirage is alive and well because he is constantly saying outrageous and stupid things like “the United Nations is a club that provides for talk and good times”.  In spit of all economic statistics indicating many months of job growth,  he has convinced his constituency that jobs are leaving since President Obama rode into town.  He will be bringing jobs back from abroad so some poor smucks in Ohio, W Va, Pennsylvania and Michigan are waiting for those jobs to land on our shores.  As Trump says “so sad”.  As the President-elect, Trump has trod on the principle that America has only one president at a time, he has begun meddling in the Israel/US relationship by stoking the hatred that Benjamin Netanyahu has for president Obama hence me.  As President-Elect Trump is selectively running around taking credit for saving 8,000 jobs which is wide open to questioning.  8,000 jobs pales when compared to 13 million jobs created during the Obama Administration.  Thank God we have a yardstick to measure Trump’s job production against.  At the same time his nominee for the Secretary of Labor is on record as opposing a minimum wage increase to $15./hr let’s see what happens.  Inaction is inexcusable since we know what is happening today with the status quo.  As complicated as these issues are, Donald Trump’s simple and third grade vocabulary does not succeed in enlightening the red state working class voters, who form his core, are going to be hurting if Trump follows through on his campaign rhetoric.  The irony is the fact that there are thousands of jobs that the rural Trump voter is not qualified to fill.  No mention of retraining because technology has caught up with many workers and their jobs have have fallen to robotics or artificial intelligence.  The old factory job is never ever coming back therefore it is dishonest to harvest votes on the basis of a lie.  Republicans are anti-minimum wage so where does that leave the Trump core voter who is not a skinhead, Ku Klux Klan, white supremacists or militiamen.  Oops, he has voted against his best interest proudly and  defiantly.  I will sit back on my perch to attack unequal pay for women, a Muslim directory, a wall on the Southern Border paid for Americans of which I am one and the repeal of Affordable Care Act, the privatization of Medicare and irrational attack on Planned Parenthood.  Much of the slashing and burning will hurt the same people who voted for Trump.  His voters will live to regret their vote because they have been sold a bill of goods but no goods to be had.


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8 December 16


Henry Cisneros is an American businessman and politician who served as Mayor of San Antonio; he was the first Hispanic Mayor of San Antonio since 1842.  He served as Mayor of San Antonio for a period of 96 months after which he was chosen to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development by President Bill Clinton.  He brought a passion for dealing with low income housing and homelessness.  Under his watch HUD advanced a long way in expanding home ownership for young adults, minorities and low income families.  He brought great experience to the job.  He was succeeded by Andrew Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo is an American democratic politician who has been the 56th governor of New York; he is a graduate of the Albany Law School and was appointed chair of the New York Homeless Commission.  He joined the Clinton Administration as Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development in the U. S. Department of HUD.  This was followed by his appointment as Secretary of HUD in 1997 by President Bill Clinton.  Cuomo had served in the agency before he took charge in stark contrast to Dr. Ben Carson being nominated by Donald Trump.  Cuomo served for 48 months and he was succeeded by Mel Martinez.

Mel Martinez is an American lobbyist and politician from Florida where he was a senator for four (4) years before President George W. Bush appointed him as Secretary of HUD.  He was HUD Secretary for 35 months and his stint was largely undistinguished because HUD was no longer catalyzing housing that was affordable or directed to poor families.  He was a do-nothing who was succeeded by Alphonse Jackson.

Alphonse Jackson served as the 13th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and he was nominated by George W. Bush; he was the fourth Black Secretary of HUD.  He first joined the Bush Administration in 2001 as deputy Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of the United States Department of HUD where he managed the day to day operations of HUD.  When Mel Martinez left to run for the U. S. Senate, Jackson was appointed Secretary of HUD.  He had solid experience before becoming HUD Secretary; he served 25 months.  He was succeeded by Steve Preston.

Steve Preston served as the 22nd administrator of the Small Business Administration and with nine months left in the Bush Administration, George Bush named Steve Preston Secretary of HUD where he remained 7 months until the Bush term ended.  This man brought solid financial knowledge to the job and his successor was Shaun Donovan.

Shaun Donovan is presently serving as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget after being Secretary of HUD. Donovan has a Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard, a Masters of Public Administration and a Master of Architecture.  He was the Commissioner of Housing, Preservation and Development of the City of New York; this agency produces more housing than any agency in the continental USA.  This man came to this agency with impeccable experience and he brought architectural sensitivity.  Mr. Donovan served 30 months and was succeeded by Julian Castro.

Julian Castro is an American Democratic politician who has been the United States Secretary of HUD since 28 July 14.  Secretary Castro has served as mayor of San Antonio for a period of five (5) years until President Obama invited him to join his cabinet.  The secretary brought the experience of running a major American city successfully.  He will be succeeded by Ben Carson, MD.

Ben Carson, MD is an American retired surgeon who had a distinguished career in medicine making him better suited for Surgeon General not Secretary of HUD.  His alleged housing knowledge is traced to his having lived in public housing.  This is a stupid and disrespectful nominee who is one of millions who have grown up living in public housing.  Can’t understand this one.


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1 December 16


The notion that President-elect Trump has nominated Dr. Ben Carson as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  This agency was initially administered by Dr. Robert C. Weaver who was an economist, academic and political administrator; he was a graduate of Harvard and was the first black person to be named to a cabinet position. He served in the John F. Kennedy Administration, New York State Government and in high New York City Government.  He served 24 months and was succeeded by George Romney.

George Romney was an American businessman who was chairman and president of the American Motors Corporation for eight (8) years and he was governor of Michigan for six (6) years.  Romney was a strong civil rights supporter who had ambitious plans to increase housing production  for the poor and he had plans for “open housing” to desegregate the suburbs but the Nixon Administration was not friendly or enabling to Black or Hispanic Americans.  He was succeeded by James T. Lynn after serving 48 months.

James T. Lynn was a Harvard Law School graduate who joined Jones, Day, Cockley and Reavis and became a partner in 1960 followed by his appointment as General Counsel to the Department of Commerce.  He was Secretary of HUD for 20 months before he was named Director of the Office of Management and Budget by President Gerald Ford.  He was succeeded by Carla Hills.

Carla Hills was the first woman to serve as Secretary of HUD and she was the third woman to be a cabinet officer.  She was educated as a lawyer at Yale University.  She also served as a United States Assistant Attorney General of the U. S. Department of Justice before being named Secretary of Housing and Urban Development after which she became the U. S. Trade Representative. She was succeeded by Patricia Harris after serving 22 months.

Patricia Harris was the first Black woman to serve in the United States  Cabinet after President Lyndon Baines Johnson appointed this former dean of Howard University Law School, to be the first Black envoy to Luxembourg where she served for 24 months.  She was chosen by President Carter to be the Secretary of HUD where she served for 33 months and this was followed by her service as Secretary of Health and Human Services for 24 months.  She brought many years of responsible jobs into government service.  She was succeeded by Moon Landrieu.

Moon Landrieu is a legendary Louisiana politician who graduated from Loyola University Law School after which he became mayor of New Orleans.  He was first elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives  thence he was elected to the New Orleans City Council as an at-large member.  This was followed by eight (8) years serving as the mayor while opposing segregation and the display of the Confederate Flag in the council chambers.  He was named HUD Secretary by President Jimmy Carter.  He served 16 months and was succeeded by Samuel Pierce.

Samuel Pierce was an Assistant United States Attorney after which he became an Assistant Under Secretary of Labor, thence he became a judge in New York City.  This was followed by his ground breaking achievement of being the first Black man to become a partner in a major New York law firm.  Mr. Pierce was General Counsel to the Treasury Department.  In 1981 Pierce became the Secretary of HUD under President Reagan; he was the only Black member of the Reagan cabinet and the longest serving member – 96 months.  During his tenure, the appropriation for low income housing was cut by 50% all but ending new housing production.  He was succeeded by Jack Kemp.

Jack F. Kemp was an American politician and professional football player who sometimes acted like he played without a helmet too long.  After retiring 13 years into his AFL/NFL he became a representative in the U. S, Congress from the State of New York for 18 years.  He was Secretary of HUD for 47 months.  He was a candidate for vice-president on the ticket with Bob Dole in 1996.

Tell me: does Dr. Ben Carson measure up to any or these prior secretaries of both parties.


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24 November 16


The President-Elect is choosing his cabinet and most of them are billionaires, former army generals or Goldman Sach’s  officers after constantly criticizing Hillary Clinton for being paid for speeches by the same Wall Street crowd.  What is the frigging difference.  He railed that the Clinton Initiatives were mainly pay to play and he repeated it ad infinitum.  Without evidence good Americans refused to note that his nominee for the Small Business Administration was a payer to the Trump campaign($7.5 Million) so the fact is; she is now the designee for the Small Business Administration and will play hence she is paid to play.  Wake up people this man is surrounding himself with the former editor of Breitbart so the white supremacists have a direct line to the President Trump of the United States who has been sued  and settled a civil suit for denying Blacks in his and his father’s buildings.

This president elect promised his voters that he is geared to the working man and the economically depressed.  It appears that the solution for “Every Day Man” is to put billionaires in charge of their lives which is akin to the fox watching the chicken coop while licking his chops.

The “smart like” President Elect is considering former Texas governor Rick Perry for Secretary of the EPA; an agency that he pledged to abolish during his run for president in 2012.  He was unable to recall the name of the agency that he wanted to abolish. Rick Perry is an obtuse politician elected governor of the State of Texas; he is a product of Texas unlike Lyndon Johnson or Sam Rayburn.  He predictably will be in above his head from day one.

Similarly, King Trump has chosen a Labor Secretary who is opposed to the existence of the agency that he would be sworn to serve.  This charlatan opposes the $15.00/ hour minimum wage which is thousands of dollars less per hour than he makes.  Many Trump voters need the increased minimum wage but their Secretary of Labor opposes an increase of the minimum wage to $15.00/hour.  He is certainly not a man concerned about the working man in the rust belt.  Beware Trump voters you will have to fight your presi1dent’s administration for fulfillment of Trump’s promise to his supporters.  This man will not lift a finger to help organized labor, many of whom voted for Donald Trump.  There is a sucker born every day

Donald has nominated a woman to be Secretary of Education who is a charter school advocate.  Once again the fox is left to watch the chicken coop; instead of her formulating a platform for improvement, she is in the position to advocate for charter schools to the detriment of local public schools which are populated by Black and Hispanic kids.  I don’t think Donald Trump will ever attempt to do anything that would benefit Black people especially; We Blacks are going to have to suck it up and pay attention to everything and everyone around us.  Blacks cannot get comfortable because Donald Trump was elected to put the genie back in the bottle. Racism is going to rear its ugly head since the Trump Administration is 100% acquiescent and that trend has begun against Muslims and Blacks.  The New York City Police Department has indicated a spike in hate crimes.


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17 November 16


Why did Donald Trump win when all of the pundits thought he would suffer a drubbing.  In fact the Black vote did not turn out as expected because many Black voters were supportive of Bernie Sanders and did not bother to show up to vote for Hillary Clinton because of the animus generated against Hillary by Bernie Sanders.  These Black voters were more interested in Bernie’s sack of goodies and would not vote for a white female over a white haired independent who was a new Democrat.  Therefore Black people have absolutely no right to complain during the Trump years.  The electoral map shows Clinton on the East & West Coast with Alabama in between while voting like Alabama.

There are indications that Donald Trump won 28% of the Hispanic vote despite Trump’s disparaging remarks about Mexicans. I guess Hispanics have thicker skin than the rest of our population.  I suspect many of the Hispanic voters are evangelical voters who support a man who alludes that two Corinthians is his favorite Biblical passages.  He was bullshitting but his voters made the adaptation.

The women’s vote and working white people was above the prediction of Donald Trump’s vote.  How on earth could any sane woman vote for Donald Trump unless groping is her thing hence okay.  Some things we will never know.

The Hispanic vote failed us but what can Hispanics get for their vote; as promised for South Florida or is continued coldness toward Cuba more important.  Did hate for Fidel Castro and Barack Obama propel the Florida Cubans to vote overwhelmingly for Donald Trump.  The states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan & Wisconsin are lining up to be recipients of Donald Trump’s empty promises.  He manufactures his products in Vietnam, China, Turkey and God knows where else.  The American Electorate has naively elected a man whose tax returns are secret as well as disclosure of his business affairs.  We do not know what this means since no candidate was refused to reveal his tax returns albeit his liabilities.

The Comey Affair is partly responsible for skewing the election toward Donald Trump by violating the policy to not reveal sensitive information 60 days before an election much less five days prior.  The questionable e-mails turned out to be non-confirming of wrong doing.  The timing by the FBI director was a definite factor in the defeat of Hillary Clinton and you can count your mortgage on this.

The hacking of the DNC is suspected of the Russians by 12 intelligence agencies and you can hang your hat on that.  Because of Trump’s affinity for Vladimir Putin, the hack by the Russians and the distribution by Wikileaks means the U. S. Voters allowed their decision based on stolen and ill gotten information; they should never have released the hacked information because that was very, very wrong.  This will only encourage the Russians to hack their nemesis candidate when ever they want to in the future.

All of these factors include the ugly ogre called racist.  I will not carelessly allow myself to be victimized by the newly emboldened racists due to Trump being elected CHIEF RACIST.


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10 November 16


Donald Trump has won the Electoral College and will be our president for at least four (4) years.  To say I am stunned does not come close to expressing my disappointment, I felt similar when Ronald Reagan won the presidency. Congratulations to Americas’ racists, xenophobes, and malcontents.  I shall take a large chair and watch every move made by this administration as they strut and preen over their narrow victory.  Their chance to govern is coming and I hope Trump voters get everything that they voted for.



3 November 16


My wife and I have just returned from a 4,135 mile cross country road trip to East Texas, Houston and Baton Rouge, La.  This is a trip that we have taken many times on the same route, through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana.  The drive was marred by the continuing and accelerated deterioration of the interstate highways and the small towns along the interstate.  I was struck by the fact that many of the small towns that we passed through have remained the same or deteriorated beyond repair, there are little towns like Waskom, Texas, Atlanta, Texas, Henderson Texas, Lufkin Texas, Port Allen, Louisiana.  Many of these small towns contain one traffic light, a motel, a fast food restaurant, a service station and little else.  Everybody congregates at the fast food for morning coffee and gossip; there is no evidence that the economy is charging forward as we see in the Metropolitan New York City Area where there are cranes dotting the urban landscape in every direction.  These towns are occupied by poor white rural voters who have not experienced the frantic construction economy that we are accustomed to seeing every day leading us to believe that the economic progress is inclusive of all Americans.  Nothing is better for them than yesterday and these are the Trump voters who think that the jobs that fled their areas are going to magically return under the aegis of Donald Trump as America becomes great again.  Realistically this is not going to happen because these people have witnessed stagnation while New York and other Eastern cities are experiencing a tremendous upsurge of the economy that is likely felt on the West Coast but not in rural America.  In spite of the decay, every establishment had posted signs advertising for help wanted.  We stopped in an Arby’s restaurant where all of the employees were Mexican or Central American.  Apparently there are no Americans to take those jobs; this is only solved by hiring immigrants.  The Hispanic populations is exploding and preventing the Deep South from economic disaster yet these voters are opposed to immigration.

These people will probably vote for Donald Trump because he has promised to bring jobs back to the United States from wherever and they believe him.  These are voters who like the brashness of Donald Trump’s rhetoric because he sounds like them in their relaxed or unguarded moments.  He is not politically correct and his constituents are inspired by that fact.  No matter what trump says or does, his voters are obstinate and have no place to go except Donald Trump.  Trump voters are not deterred by the fact that he has shown Xenophobia, racism and bigotry. The Ku Klux Klan, white supremacy advocates, state militias and David Dukes have taken racism mainstream because Donald Trump appeals to them; anybody except Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  The polls are so fluid and kinetic; not to be believed even beyond the margin of error.  I am personally concerned by the fact that the economic boom going on in New York City is not being felt everywhere.  There are areas within the city limits of Houston that are 21st Century examples of “Buttermilk Bottom”.  The jobs that are available like welding or computer coding greatly out number the qualified labor pool.  Yet, these unprepared workers are dreaming of jobs returning to America from abroad as the Republicans promise.  The vote is next week so stay tuned and vote.

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