9 April 11


  • Ms. Vy Higgenson was an on air radio personality here in New York City for a station known as WBLS-FM a black owned radio station.  She has always appeared to be a multi-tasker by keeping many balls in the air including theatrical productions, books, etc.  60 Minutes (CBS) showed America a side that we knew not of; she founded a program called Gospel for Teens in a brownstone in Harlem, USA.  She takes young teens from the five boroughs, Long Island and Westchester and educates them about our Gospel heritage while molding their voices and presentation.  For an instance during introductions the students speak loudly  and clearly.  She incorporates dealing with their own baggage after initially barring the inclusion of their baggage.  She is dealing with the total student including warts and pimples.  Her enthusiasm is effusive and infectious.  Ms. Higgenson is aware that Gospel Music is fading fast but it is our root music.  The music of  joy, pain, sadness and waiting for just reward in Heaven


  • Reverse Migration: Reverse migration is indeed a factual happening in the United States.  In the 30s, 40s & 50s of last century 6,000,000 Negroes left the largely Agrarian South for major cities in the North, Midwest and West.  This mass migration was caused by the legal segregation, lack of economic opportunity and dangerous social conditions which rendered a Negro’s life valueless.  Everybody who could leave left and they left a hate intoxicated society dominated by Southern Democrats AKA Dixicrats.  Where we could vote our choice was dictated by the candidate who screamed Nigger the softest or veered into Nigra for feigned politeness.  Today the children and grandchildren of the aforementioned migrants are moving back to the South, totally smitten by the weather, jobs in government and private enterprise.  Many of the reverse migrants have college degrees and/or specialized skills.  Some of these jobs are real jobs like politicians, Architects, Engineers and Doctors (who are allowed hospital privileges), policemen, etc.  My hat is off to the reverse migrants but I could never ever join their exodus because I knew and experienced a different South. . Segregation was legal Apartheid at its worst; worst than South Africa because the most powerful country on Earth was the perpetrator and enforcer.  Why does Reconstruction ring such a bell in my head?  Southern Hospitality is tempered by the laws on the books and nothing else.  Thanks for the Tea Party because it reminds us not to trust or relax with Conservatives.  Remember Racism is a known factor in this equation.  I thought legal segregation would never end but it has gone covert.


  • Who among us can endorse guns on college campuses.  The Texas Legislature has proposed just that.  First of all the premise that guns make you safer must ring hollow with the Police and Mafia widows; both sides had guns. To make this even more ludicrous is the fact that these legal firearms must be checked at the door since they can not be carried into the classrooms.  Should we trust guns where emotions run high and often times amok.  The students at Virginia Tech would not have been any safer than they were.  Remember President Reagan was shot while guns surrounded him with no effect on his vulnerability.  From what I have garnered, freshman, sophomores and juniors will not be allowed to carry guns but only seniors will, making them the big men on campus.  The Texas legislature is the seed of this idea apparently without remembering the blood bath at the clock tower on the University of Texas campus.  This questioned legislature meets every two years and that might be too frequent since their session embraces mayhem.


  • Will the uncompromising Republicans gleefully shut down the government.  I double dare them and I advise you never stand too close to one of these Republicans for fear of getting struck by lightening.  Who will be courageous enough to look at the revenue side by encouraging every American and Corporation to pay their fair share.  That is what it means to be an American.  Flat Tax!!!!!!
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4 April 11


  • Improving the educational system appears to be a priority in many jurisdictions.  Guess who is always, I mean always left out of the education equation?  Parents.  How can anybody expect to improve education without parent participation.  My brother Willie Earl was 4 years younger than I was and he was 4 years older than my Sister Marva Nell therefore the three of us were in high school over a span of twelve (12) years.  Our father was president of the PTA (Parents Teachers Association) for all of those 12 years and when we graduated he graduated and probably never went to another meeting.  What did his presence and advocacy accomplish?  He inspired us to two (2) ABDs (All But Dissertation), three (3) Master’s Degrees. three (3) Bachelors Degrees, a Licensed Pharmacist, a Registered Architect and a Folk Artist. Should we consider some kind of aid, baby sitting fees, transportation, Saturday meetings, a stipend?  It is easy to say no to any and all of these but don’t mistake no for progress and no certainly is not catalytic.  Why cease parenting by handing your child over to anybody for 7-8 hours each day of the year.  You should know what he or she is learning and why; home must be an extension of the academic environment.  Money and reform talk won’t solve the problem any more than money having provided the Cancer cure.  Just suppose the parents learned also?


  • Somebody, please give those Libyans a hoe to chop that snake’s head off because it contains venom.  Even after it molts, it is still a SNAKE.


  • Why am I watching the Republicans shooting themselves in the foot.  It is about time they show the Labor Unions albeit Middle Class who their friends really are.  If the actions, of the Wisconsin and Ohio Governors are not enough, you can buy your Reconstruction T-Shirts that were originally meant for 1867-1877.  2012 elections will be a clarion wake-up call to everyone including the vaunted Independents.  To Independents, be careful who you sleep with in politics; you won’t get Aids but you surely won’t get AID..  Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Mike Hucklebee, Donald Trump, Mitt Romney and Rudolph Guliano (another former wig wearer) will all suffer from hoof and mouth disease.  Yes, Tea Party shut down the government 19 months before 2012 elections and we will vote early and often.  We shall not forget the whole Cabal.


  • Welcome home New York’s Yankees for there are more thrills in store for us devotees.  Our loyalty is cemented in time for  history has been kind to us.  We have so much to look forward to including Derek Jeter’s quest for 3000 hits (he is 72 short), A-Rods entry into the 700 home run club and Mariano Rivers pursuit of the all-time record for saves.


  • The practice of choosing Boys over Girls has come home to bite the Chinese and Indians;  due to the improvement of the clarity of the Amniocentesis and the availability of safe abortions.  The following statistics apply, in India per the birth of 1000 boys only 914 girls are born leaving an inbalance of 86 girls/1000 boys.  Now these college educated upwardly mobile men have to go to rural areas or catalyze female trafficking.  In China prostitutes from the rural areas fill the Pleasure Void and they are not as underground as they are in the USA.  Remember, Eliot Spitzer did not invent prostitution he just became a victim of Pseudo American Piety.
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30 March 11


  • Donald Trump for President!!!!!! Who among us can vote for a man who cant accept the personal fact of his baldness.  I, truly, am not jealous of Mr. Trump because I can’t brush, comb or otherwise cajole my hair from front to back.  His Anti-Obama stance is shallow akin to most Republican protestations.  The Nincompoops calling themselves Republican can only adhere to the Party Line; switch from channel to channel and only the faces change because they utter the same ole tired B.S.  Not an original thought (a thought that originated in their head) from the entire Cabal.  Has Obama done anything right since his inauguration?  But what can you expect from a City that names its airport after the worst president that Blacks have experienced in the past 70 years.  There, I said it and I meant it.  Remember One nation under God with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL  (NOT SOME BUT ALL).


  • While talking about the giants of the Republican Party we must not forget Newt Gingrich and his lack of piety.  Have you ever seen a catfish flopping and flapping after they are out of the water?  If you have, Newt Gingrich will bear a stark resemblance to that catfish.  He has flipped and flopped mightily on Libya and the “No Fly Zone”.  He has struggled to be on the opposite side of Obama.  It must be awful to have a Black president cut from the different cloth of Justice Clarence Thomas.  I, so, sympathize because I felt the same way about Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan and the Bushes.  We were lucky to survive the named gentlemen because collectively they did nothing for Blacks after Little Rock and New Orleans desegregation crises.


  • Have you heard of Waterproof, Louisiana?  I have, because I worked in the United States Post Office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a Clerk-Carrier.  Racism is thriving, healthy and official in this hell hole of a hamlet.  Waterproof suffered and I do mean suffered, the election of a Black Mayor -Robert Higginbotham who appointed a Black Police named Miles Jenkins.

a.  The State of Louisiana’s audit found irregularities in the town’s record keeping.

b.  The Mayor testified that the problems predated his term and corrective steps were taken.

c.  Opponents claimed that he stole from the town by illegally increasing his salary.

d.  It appears that the town aldermen voted to give the mayor a raise.

The Police chief  Jenkins faces charges stemming from enforcement of traffic tickets.

e.  The Town is 60% black yet Mayor Higginbotham had only one Black juror.  Question this!!!

f.   The Mayor’s counsel was disqualified by the white DA. Question This!!!

g.  The resultant counsel was a Public defender who was disqualified because of Conflict of


h.  10 boxes of files were transferred to the mayor 2 days before the commencement of his

his trial and his request for a delay was denied. Too ridiculous.

Both Men are in jail & denied bail.  I wonder whether they are flight risks.

Stay tuned for Waterproof’s Millennium Celebration marking its entrance into the 21st Century.


  • FLAT TAX!!!!!!  Are we really serious about leaving a better economic model for our descendants?  Surely not when our present tax system is evaded, yes evaded, by major US Corporations who move their corporate headquarters to Switzerland and Ireland where the corporate tax is 15-20% or less.  Many of these (sic) headquarters are just name plates on a door,  a mailbox or lightly staffed offices.  These companies include Cisco, Merck, Google, Weatherford, GE  and many notables too numerous to name here.  The profits accumulated do not come back to the United States (Tax Evasion) while accruing in Europe for the creation of more jobs abroad. Estimated @ 1.5 Trillion. Can you spell Deficit Reduction?  Why not have a Flat Tax, hence no deductions for anybody, while everybody pays their fair share of 19% including GE.  This practice is unamerican, the headquarter is in Switzerland or Ireland while each corporation’s employees in the US are utilizing police protection, sanitation, fire protection, emergency medical services, etc. for which they don’t pay a dime except State or Local Taxes.  As a Social Security recipient , I am strongly in favor of means testing.   The solution to America’s problem is simple but we must be unselfish in the face of greed.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE LUNCH IN AMERICA.
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23 March 11


  • Growing up in the cotton fields of East Texas in rattlesnake infested farm land we learned that you chop off the head of a snake in order to kill it.  This strategy was 100% effective so why not chop off the head of Snake Gadhafi in Libya and end his craziness.  Gadhafi has not been targeted to date ; why not?  I hope to live to see the War Crimes Tribunal take over his life.  He makes poor Noriega look like a misdemeanor criminal compared to Colonel Gadhafi.  What do you think of his Gadhafi’s sons who appear to be chips off the old block?  Take their compliant criminal inhuman asses out also; maybe they could get a family discount before the International Tribunals!!!


  • Please tell me how two New York City Policemen, known as New York’s finest could consort to commit rape?  They are accused of raping an intoxicated woman not once but they returned for seconds, thirds and fourths.  These are men who have been through the NYC Police Academy, arguably one of the world’s finest; they knew the parameters of police work which might encompass murder bur never rape.  These are men who normally do not establish eye contact with normal New Yorkers unless said New Yorker is a beautiful woman,  but rape?  It is alleged that they were in uniform and on duty their return rape episodes.  I am personally awed and stunned that two men could agree to rape a woman who was severely intoxicated instead of calling an ambulance. Was their lawyer quoted correctly as saying that his name is Joseph Tacopina and he believes the return trips were to check whether the victim was okay.  Oh yes, only one cop physically committed rape; the other cop was the lookout and expressed concern that his accomplice used a condom.  He also is offering a discount on the purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge.


  • Kudos to the young boy who after being smashed (I do mean smashed) in the face and taunted further, picked his tormentor up and smashed his little ass on what appeared to be concrete.  I wonder whether that was a teachable moment.  Bullies thrive in schools, government, politics, churches , bars, etc.  every day so don’t accommodate them for one nano second.


  • R.I.P. Dame Elizabeth Taylor; she outlasted most of her husbands and thrived in spite of many serious medical and surgical procedures.  I hope I make 79.


  • Do you think that the course toward improving education should first include a) the engagement of parents, b) eliminate waste, eliminate redundant administrators; all of this should occur before eliminating teachers.  As a former college teacher and I say former; many teachers should be retrained to do something else.  Teaching is not a universal talent.  Cutting the budget is possible and the enhancement of education  is possible by getting more bang for the buck.


  • Abolish federal funding for NPR? Where in hell did that stupid idea come from?  As a daily listener, I wonder whether “On the Media”, “The Takeaway”, “All Things Considered”‘ , Click and Clack Tapit or maybe they don’t like Lake Woebegone.  The NPR Network appears to be objective to me;  Just give us the facts and we make up our minds, pro or con.  Could it be because NPR News accesses The BBC and the NY Times.  Every yes vote for defunding NPR will reflect that person as a 21st Century Neanderthal who doesn’t have a chance in hell to change.  The truth makes Republicans/Conservatives go glass eyed over the wonderful past when only the elite was informed and forward looking not backward looking.  The budget cutting psychopathic bastard Republicans don’t have the balls to cut entitlements; that is where the action is.  If they cut earmarks who is going to take the bacon home?  Why do you think that most major military installations are in the South? Ask the Dixiecrats who are now Republican and still Racists, not haters because some of them fathered Black children.  I didn’t make that up.


  • What’s up with the pursuit of Barry Bonds? How do they get in his head to decipher whether he knew flax seed oil?  I took flax seed oil and it didn’t help my hand to eye coordination.  Then again there is no research proving that hand to eye coordination has been improved by taking any kind of steroid.  Our concerns should be the future health of all athletes and not whether their records have an asterisk beside them. Remember Lyle Alzado!!!
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18 March 11


  • Bad news; housing starts and building permits dropped 22% and 8% respectively in the month of February 2011.  Why hasn’t the NYC Buildings Department and the banks found a way to restart the many buildings in NYC and especially Greenpoint and North Williamsburg?  Many, many jobs could be recreated immediately;  I am talking 3-5,000 jobs and hundreds of indirect jobs. The vacant unfinished buildings have a blighting effect on this thriving neighborhood.


  • I cannot rid my mind of the horrible images coming out of Japan; watching the Tsunami move inland was absolutely mind boggling because you were not reading a month later that this event happened, we were all but there. Isn’t it numbing to see pain and suffering by our fellow human beings in Japan?  I feel utterly helpless and I am.  Imagine for a moment, 9.0 Earthquake on the Richter Scale, Killer Tsunami, Runaway Nuclear Plant and winter weather juxtaposed on the homeless, how much can one group of people shoulder.  In spite of their tragic misfortune and with their Japanese resolve they remain subdued and elegant.


  • I have been in Chinatown every day of every week for 13 years and counting but I have never ever seen a Black person driving a Chinese Bus. To non New Yorkers these are buses that load at the curb from various storefronts, some have waiting seating and some don’t.  They kick the economic shit out of the corporate bus companies and they arrive in Chinatowns of Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Richmond, etc.  Guess what, Chinatowns are always close to or downtown.  How did that illegal, shadowy Black ex-con get a job driving a Chinese bus? Go figure!
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11 March 11


  • A shout out to the 12 million cancer survivors, you are our real heroes.  I am 12 years post cancer with a reverence for every day that I witness on this earth.  Early detection is item one of my story; my life has long since returned to normalcy and my dreams are thriving and vibrant.  Black men get your prostate checked because you are statistically vulnerable.


  • Made in America is obscured by the fact that most Americans could not afford products produced in America with our high labor costs.  We must face reality or go naked.  How about naked airline flights for people who don’t want to dither with the TSA Security Agents and have nothing to hide.  I’m just saying.


  • Is Representative Peter King an asshole or patriot?  If he is a patriot he will hold house hearings on the Armed Militants, Ku Klux Klan,  Tea Party, etc.  When I look at his self righteous peckerwood face I am reminded of a southern sheriff (circa 1940) who has no answers and only mundane questions.  He probably has militants right under his nose.  I wonder if he reflects the mindset of his constituency.  You know it feels like Mississippi (circa 1960) when you are Black on Long island.  Is he angling to be Hayley Barber’s running mate? The Tea Party is too white to ever succeed in this country.


  • Can you imagine what would happen if the elite Black athletes went to HBCUs ?  The HBCUs would be in control of the NCAA Tournament seedings  and the bowl picture would be completely different.  When I was recruited in 1958 Black people and Black athletes  were not allowed to attend the LSUs, Rice, Univ. Texas, Tennessee games or classes.  I feel like puking when I see Black people raising the flags and banners of our recent oppressors; integration has been the double sided sword.  Sure most guys go to white colleges thinking this is the road to the pros.  Pro scouts will find you wherever you are if you have the talent.  Do the names of Ernie Ladd, Willie Davis, Richard Dent, Pete Barnes, Robert Hayes, Doug Williams and Joe Gilliam ring a bell.  How many of these sport slaves even get a college degree?  Finish your eligibility and take your ass back to the hood because your expiration date has passed and you are of no further use to us?  Can you imagine that the  trail of television money would subsidize faculty recruitment, research labs, engineering research, etc.  We could be in the driver’s seat instead of the rear seat. Talking to myself because I will never ever forget the past.
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7 March 11


  • All these years, I thought the oil that we use today was purchased on the futures market (Commodity Market) so who anticipated the Middle East crisis last year.  Does the crisis mean that oil costs more at the well head?  Is it costing more to transport?  Is it costing more to refine?  Open the spigot on the Strategic Oil Reserves.  Can you smell gouging speculators.


  • Are you ready for some blood letting in the NFL Billionaire vs Neomillionaires negotiations.  I pray none of the players are living paycheck to paycheck or will face foreclosure on their homes thus rendering them human like the rest of us.  Jemarcus Russell is a potential poster boy.  Too many piglets sucking on a sow can take her down.


  • Why is the payback of the Stimulus Funds ignored while the expenditure is vilified by the Republican Conservatives?  Why is the interest income made on the Stimulus Loans not recognized by the Republican Conservatives as income which lessened the deficit.


  • Bet your rent that the Republican Party will try to take credit for the rebounding and improving economy because of tax cuts for the wealthy.  Suffice it to say most wealthy people would have to be advised by their CPA as to whether a change occurred.  Someday we will mature as a nation and people and levy a flat tax program.  Someday a Flat Tax will occur after the Snake Oil Salesmen exit the stage and we will all shoulder the burden of being American.  We will see all foundations and corporations paying taxes; not just the salaried bloke.


  • Does Colonel Moammar Khadafy have nine lives?  If so how many does he have left?  If he fled Libya for American would that make him an African American?  That’s all we need is another nut to roil the melting pot.  Moammar must be on drugs but, surprise, Charlie Sheen is not.


  • Nothing feels better than having the Knicks win while Miami is losing on the same day.  Too bad they don’t play with three (3) basketballs.  Oh its just a game with huge highly paid men in droopy ill fitting shorts.
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3 March 11


  • I wonder how long Mr. Galliano (House of Dior) has felt anti-semitic sentiments.  His supporters should remember that alcohol does not compose such rants  but emboldens them.  I shudder to think  of how he must feel about Black people.  It is difficult to  apologize for venomous rants in the service of alcohol, just ask Mel Gibson.


  • Shout out to Serena Williams ; our positive vibes and wishes are for your speedy recovery.  We anticipate your triumphant return to Tennis.


  • Does the German gunman, who killed two American soldiers and injured 2 others at the Frankfort Germany Airport, realize that US soldiers fought and died for their Muslim brothers in Kosovo.  How quickly a friend can be forgotten.  This young man is originally from Kosovo and is a Muslim additionally.


  • Thank God only Brigham Young University (BYU) takes a stand against premarital sex since there are recruits who are already married including me.  BYU’s Center on the basketball team is guilty of sex with his girlfriend.  I am tempted to turn myself in to prove it isn’t a death sentence.


  • Shout out to Tom Joyner for his unceasing support of HBCUs.  He is a lighthouse among us in spite of our being surrounded by many Willie Lynch adherents.
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1 March 11

  • Is it true that Mayor Bloomberg has never encountered a user fee that he disliked?  You can’t say he raised taxes or can you.
  • Who is easiest to understand, Charlie Sheen or Colonel  Moammar Khadafy.  They both sound drug addled but at least Charlie Sheen has not killed anyone including himself.
  • I wonder how many Wisconsin protesters voted for the esteemed Governor Walker or how many sat on their complacent asses and did not vote against said governor?  Well folks you got what you wanted and deserved.  All hands head for the trenches.
  • To the Texas group who placed the four story billboard at the corner of, Watts Street and Avenue of the Americas, consult Emmit Tills mother about the dangers to black people outside the womb.  The real danger to black people is the fact that such groups exist.  It is perfectly normal to eschew abortion for ones self but why not support your fellow American’s right and freedom to have an abortion.
  • What does Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall have in common?  Answer: Both were Supreme Court Justices and the comparison ends there since one was a human being.
  • Did you notice ?  Very few black people in the Oscar telecast on all levels.  Whats that about?
  • According to Colonel Khadafy, we are on the same side with Alcaida.  No opposition is apparent to him.  I will take a pound of what he is smoking or otherwise ingesting
  • Could not contain my anxiety in watching the Knicks beat Pat Riley and the Miami Heat in that order.  I kept wondering how the Knicks would screw it up. Such a believer!!!
  • Isn’t it amazing how Harlem USA has and is being rebuilt by white developers, architects and contractors without without a peep from politicians, community activist, black architects or Black contractors.  I guess we knew nothing would change because the world’s preeminent city not only has an unlevel playing field, the gate to the field is padlocked.  This is not the result of an omission, it is the absence of black from the equation.  New York City is plagued by racism not hate;  remember racism ends in ism.
  • When will someone have the guts to say that the November vote was no more than a HATE VOTE.  I wonder if the Anti-Obama venom is aimed at his mother and her family?  Just saying.
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Hello everyone!

Welcome to The Long View. This is my new blog!

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